The Truth About Them

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I think one of my most stressful adventures involved an employer wanting news copy now in a world that refused to cooperate. This was a Liberal publication with a strict code of journalistic ethics and required some or all parts of every news story to be at least somewhat true and correct. Sometimes I would sit at my desk and dream of how easy it must be for the Reich wing brethren. “A four-alarm fire broke out today at the Acme Appliance Factory. Fire fighters were called to the scene and doused the blaze within an hour. No injuries were reported, and the cause of the fire is suspected to be Illegal immigration and government over regulation.” I’m going to lunch boss!

So, when I read this story it piqued my curiosity for two reasons. One as listed above, an intern trying not to disappoint his parents by getting fired on the first day. And two, because it is insanely stupid enough to get an intern fired the first day or promoted to senior editor with a private office next to the boss! Newsmax, that pillar of Journalistic of excellence stunned the Internet word with shocking revelations of animal maltreatment by Joe and Jill Biden.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly says, “Did you see the dog?” Kelly asked, referring to the Biden’s twelve-year-old dog Champ. “Doesn’t he look a little, uh, a little rough? I love dogs, but this dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care. I’ve never seen a dog in the White House like this.”

Never mind that there hasn’t been a four-legged dog in the White House in four years. Kelly’s memory into Presidential dog grooming rivals the Amazing Kreskin. Newsmax guest Craig Shirley goes further, Champ looked “very dirty and disheveled and very unlike a presidential dog like Millie or Victory or any other dog that I’ve seen in the White House.” This is the point where the editor throws down your copy and screams, “Who do you think you are Van Gogh? Out to win a Pulitzer on your first day? You weren’t hired to paint pictures; you’re paid to write copy!”

This is a slow news day story, if I’ve ever seen one. They opened up the Big Blue Book of the Newsmax Code of Ethics; Is it true? “No.” Is it fair? “No.” Is it insanely partisan and laughable on it’s face? “Yes!” GO WITH IT!!! Let’s give her the old smell test.  What are the chances the Biden’s got Jethro to unload the truck and he spiked the dogs down with ten foot of cow chain and an old packing crate on a pallet for a doghouse behind the White House? See, the Biden’s are such awful people they can’t even take care of a dog. They probably put their new TV set on top of their old TV set and have 63 Chrysler Imperial jacked up and disassembled in the White House driveway. Yellow journalism so yellow, that Crayola ain’t even got a crayon that color yellow.

Partisan attack is nothing new and while some former Presidents were counterpunchers, one former President in particular was a fencer. Reporters soon learned that when crossing swords with FDR they best carry a box of band aides and a number for the Red Cross.

“We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace—business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remember that speech next time someone says bipartisan to you or mentions reaching across the aisle. He spoke like this all the time. The public elected this guy four times! FDR owned a dog too. A little Scottish terrier dog named Fala. Well, it was must have been a slow news day and so this publican fabricated a story that Fala had been left behind on an Island and FDR had sent a destroyer back at a cost of three million dollars to get him. Think about it, the President takes his dog on board a big Navy ship and then gives the dog the run of the island. A President so cold and callus as to have left his dog behind. A President so reckless and careless to spend our money like water. And it was going rather good until FDR unsheathed his blade.

“These Republican leaders have not been content with attacks on me, or my wife, or on my sons. No, not content with that, they now include my little dog, Fala. Well, of course, I don’t resent attacks, and my family doesn’t resent attacks, but Fala does resent them. You know, Fala is Scotch, and being a Scottie, as soon as he learned that the Republican fiction writers in Congress and out had concocted a story that I had left him behind on the Aleutian Islands and had sent a destroyer back to find him – at a cost to the taxpayers of two or three, or eight or twenty million dollars- his Scotch soul was furious. He has not been the same dog since. I am accustomed to hearing malicious falsehoods about myself – such as that old, worm-eaten chestnut that I have represented myself as indispensable. But I think I have a right to resent, to object to libelous statements about my dog.”Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Fala story died an ignominious death. Fake news had been assassinated by pointed truth. Or as Adlai Stevenson put it, “I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.”

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