A Racist Party

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The old adage goes, not everyone in the Republican Party is in the Ku Klux Klan. But everyone in the Ku Klux Klan is a Republican. That Birth of a Nation defect where, by day we’re just fiscal conservatives but don’t come around when the boys go to whispering after dark. Racist? “Oh no ma’am, this is the White Citizen’s council and neighborhood benevolence society.” That drunken uncle who shows up for the baby shower and wants to do his impression of Pauly Shore for the ladies. Changing the name changes the game, voter suppression? No! We just want to stamp out voter fraud, in certain “urban” districts.

No matter how they polish this turd or cover it in bright ribbons they cannot escape the smell of themselves. Never mind who comes in the front door look who is coming in the back. Never mind fiscal policy or tax relief this is a party which from its modern foundation is a racist party. Nixon’s Southern Strategy as a working operating machine. You can put David Duke in a suit and tie, but he still wears a Klan hood. White folks can see it and Black folks can see it too, but when you mention it are told, “He doesn’t represent our party.” But he’s in your Party and he thinks he represent it! And because he is accepted as a member of your party, he does represent it.

Martin Luther King had a staffer who had joined the Communist Party while in college. He had to go; King couldn’t be in any way affiliated with the Communist Party. Yet the Republican Party has a big tent approach. It doesn’t matter who you hate, come on in you’re welcome here! You can even hate things that don’t exist. Like a Build a Bear Workshop only with hatred. “And see, I put this smock on him cause he works in a Pizza Parlor. Then I put this shirt on him cause he’s an illegal Immigrant. And I put these shoes on him because he’s Gay. You might call him crazy racist dickhead bear, but the Republicans call him border security family rights bear. And did you notice the kippah on the back of his head? Nod, nod, wink, wink, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Because religion generally requires suspension of logical thought, pretty much any old nonsense theory can be made to fly. CPAC (Conservative Pathetic Angry Crowd) has canceled Young Pharaoh as a speaker. Life hack if you get kicked out of CPAC for being too extreme? It is time for a life evaluation. “I don’t know what it is, but the other Nazi’s won’t play with me!” But Pharaoh isn’t being canceled for his views. He is being canceled for bringing his views to the public’s attention. The Republicans don’t disagree with his views, they just don’t want you to know that they agree. Pharaoh claims, Judaism is a fake religion. One of my favorites, because if Judaism is a fake religion then Christianity is a double fake religion. And the Klansman march in front of their illuminated cross saying, “I think that boy’s on to something! He makes good sense to me.” Like going through life wearing a kick me sign.

So CPAC becomes a cross between the racist Woodstock and a Masquerade ball. Waiting for midnight to see who they really are. “Oh, it’s just the Klan! But I like the new names, “Proud Boys and Oath Keepers!” Other than your Whiteness, what are you so proud about? The Republican duality of “Good people on both sides” but I don’t know any of those guys chanting, “Jews will not replace us! I might tell them to stand down and standby, but only generically. I’ve never actually heard of them and yes, I am the President. I do get reports but not in Faux News fanciful America. In Faux News fanciful America, Democrats are picking on Ted Cruz for taking his kids to the beach…can you believe that?

There is a fundamental flaw in Conservatism. Their views are unpopular with the general public, so they must be painted up in patriotism, bottle rockets and misdirection. “Sure, I’m unpopular but look at Colin Kaepernick!” They can’t ever tell the truth about themselves without losing the election. “If elected, I promise voter suppression and tax cuts for the politically well connected! A chicken in every pot and every government office! I’m running on a platform of government doesn’t work. Elect me, and I’ll prove it to you! Yeah right, Neil Armstrong walked to the moon. Those two hundred TVA dams just built themselves and the Interstate Highway system happened by magic. Their pro-business side encourages raising load limits for trucking companies, but their fiscal conservative side, won’t allow them to burden the taxpayer for increased road maintenance spending.

Theoretically, we live under a belief in one person one vote. E Pluribus Unum – From many one. No matter where you come from or your color or your religion, you are a full and equal American. A major or formerly major political Party in the United States only pays lip service to this belief. It’s not that they dislike public education so much as they just dislike it for those kids. You know who I’m talking about. But those kids know, they get the real American education. They know why their school is dilapidated and falling in.

“And these children that you spit on and say, try to change their world. Are immune to your consultations, they are quite aware of what they’re going through.” – David Bowie

The antithetical Party, in favor of voter suppression and gerrymandering. Against the proper of support of public schools because they help minorities. The Pro-life Party says, “That aborted baby might have grown up to cure cancer. The Black kid sitting in an East Cleveland school today might cure cancer too, but without a decent education we will never find out. The un-American party that doesn’t believe in free elections. The un-American Party that doesn’t believe in equal opportunity. Whatever the Republican Party once was, it is no more. Today it is a neo-fascist Party that calls sedition and insurrection, just another point of view. Just being a Republican doesn’t automatically make you a racist, just a person willing to work with racists, inside of a racist Political party.

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