Everyone is a Liberal When the Kids are Hungry

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Robespierre said, “The King must die so France may live.” Well, sure enough. The King died and France lived. They used to say politics ends at the water’s edge. Today they say politics ends when I strangle your mother with my bare hands plant drugs on your children and call the FBI on your brother. They used to use terms like loyal opposition, but today the term is actually a joke. The Republican Party must die so that the United States may live. The good news…it’s already dying. If it was a doggie, it would have already gone sleepy town by now.

The bad news…the new opposition will come from inside the Democratic Party. As Republican nut ball extremism fades to a painful memory and Goldie moves on to that great golf course in the sky. The Democratic Party will split like a Hydra with moderate Democrats filling the empty seats and intellectual space of the soon to be extinct nut ball Republicans.

Joe Manchin is exactly what a Republican used to be, oh so long ago. Today Manchin is a Conservative Democrat. In 1960, John Kennedy was a Conservative Democrat. Harry Truman didn’t like him much, thought him too young and too Conservative. Truth was Truman didn’t like Kennedy’s old man. Harry Truman was a Liberal, he was on the left and Kennedy was on the right side of the Party. Truman proposed National Healthcare Kennedy did not. Lyndon Johnson was a Liberal. He pushed through Medicare and The Great Society programs, but Vietnam scuttled most of it. It just shows the political drift in a country where drinking fountains are now considered Socialism rather than an amenity.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has moved to adjourn the House six times. She has become the Congressional equivalent of Arnold Horshack making noises in the back of the classroom. “Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Kotter!” In a childish game of “I’m not touching you!” Thrown off her committees, Greene will now make herself a perpetual pain in the ass for everyone involved. Each time she moves to adjourn everyone Republican, and Democrat alike must drop what they’re doing and return to the floor and vote. She’s pulling the fire alarm and laughing. The whole concept of loyal opposition is out the window when even adult maturity is questionable. She is working on a daily basis to obstruct the Federal Government of the United States.

A gang of the usual Republican suspects is working to delay the outcome of Merrick’s Garland’s Confirmation. The outcome is preordained, but let’s just delay it as long as we can anyway hmmm? Traditionally, cabinet appointments were perfunctory, if the nominee didn’t have two heads a criminal record or a girlfriend in Moscow, they were in. Let the President choose his own team.  The Republicans say they don’t like Garland’s answers to some of their questions.  But throwing rocks and having hissy fits might be good for the six o’clock news but when the power goes out the voters can’t see them.  Busted pipes, unemployment, and eviction, top political stunts like rock breaks scissors.

Of course, no one expects Republicans to jump on the bipartisan choo choo to Sunshine Valley, but we are in an emergency here. The house is on fire, and the Republicans propose to block the doorways. They plan to stifle Joe Biden’s agenda, no matter how many Americans must suffer and die. American men women and children sacrificed on the altar of “Look at Me! I’m on Faux News!” Imagine, “We think that FDR’s war declaration against the Japanese premature. We propose a study group to issue a report in no less than six months.” Food banks are being swamped people are going hungry and the waters are rising. From Main Street to Wall Street, there is a serious storm a brewing as the Republicans counter with, “Watch me twirl my baton daddy!”

Rand Paul would probably immediately defect to the Japanese and Gym Jordan would insist with righteous indignation that we listen to the Japanese side of the argument. Lindsey Graham would be for the war and then against it and then for it again, before finally coming out against it. Lauren Bobert would insist there was no such place as Japan. It was a made-up country used by George Soros and the Rothschilds to start a war with the Space Aliens and implant everyone with microchips. It is hyperbole but it is not.

“I do understand as Governor of Texas that our tourism and business development board probably have a budget of millions of dollars per year. And after the massive power failure the state suffered a black eye which undid at least a decade of that work.” Anyone thinking of moving to Texas has just cancelled the U-Haul. But the Republican Governor asks, “How can I make this worse?”

The world has turned many times; people know now that eliminating the mask mandate is a bad idea. We all watched every night on the news as the body count rose. Against all medical recommendation, Governor Killavolt will now do for healthcare what he did for electricity and people will die needlessly. The head lemming shouts, “Over this way fellas! Follow me!” It is rare that a state wants to be affiliated with Mississippi. I lived in Alabama; Mississippi bumped up our education scores otherwise we’d have been last in the nation! But like I say, no one wants to be mentioned in the same breath as states like Texas and Mississippi. That continual punching of oneself in the face and being your own worst enemy. High taxes can be rough, but at least the place doesn’t fall to pieces in a biblical apocalyptic end of the world movie scenario, just because it snowed.

Already Texas businesses have said, “Pay no attention to Governor Tom Edison, keep your masks on.” He is not leading, he’s stunting.  But if he set his hair on fire and claimed to worship the devil, he could do no worse.  The are no conservatives in food banks, everyone is a liberal when the kids are hungry.

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