War is Peace, Failure is Success!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Watch closely, it will be something you can tell your grandkids about. “Climb upon my knee, yes I remember the Republican Party.”  Always there is ebb and flow in politics, after Reagan was elected. Democrats literally hid from the local electorate so bamboozled and enamored of the gipper. They were dark days, but I never at anytime thought it to be the end of the Democratic Party. Democrats were not done, just out of office. Then after Bibles and birthday cakes were sent to the Ayatollah with warm birthday greetings along with clandestine Israeli anti-tank weapons. Here’s the best part; Reagan gave missiles to the Iranians at war with Iraq, while we were supposedly siding with Iraq.

The voter’s ardor cooled under Bush the Elder. And the Democrats reformed as “New Democrats!” AKA moderate Republicans. “Yeah, I think charter schools are a good Idea too! We need to get after these super predators, reform welfare and cut taxes!” I won’t say I liked it, but I understood the man was trying to get elected by saying, “me too.” Better a “New” Democrat than an old Republican, better half a loaf than none.

But if the Republican Party were a bottle rocket it went “Pop!” on January 6th and now tumbles helplessly back towards the earth. The old car on the side of the road broke down with black smoke boiling out from under the hood. Kevin McCarthy stands on the side of the road and blames Joe Biden for the loss of one million “Energy” jobs. A barrel of crude is about $68 today and the cost to produce a barrel of “Fracked” oil is about $75 a barrel. It wasn’t Biden it was Trump, and it wasn’t even Trump. It’s like a Steve Reeves Hercules movie. As all the pillars of Republicanism are being pulled down as the crowd scurries, like roaches in the kitchen after lights come on.

Leaving out the comic relief wing of the Republican Party. We have, Trump-Russia, Rudy-Russia, NRA-Russia, Kushner-Russia, Conservative Media-Russia and Dana Rohrabacher, better known as Putin’s Congressman. The time has come to no longer question their intentions, intelligence or motives, but rather to question their loyalty to the nation. Twelve Republicans voted against giving gold medals to the Capitol Police because they didn’t like the way the proclamation was characterized as an insurrection. Calling it an insurrection meant the Republicans were filthy fucking criminals treasonous in the nation’s hour of need.

Instead call it a quilting bee gone wrong, just White folks out having a picnic blamed because of the rain and the ants. A political Party dies when it operates against its own organizing principles. The Party of Law and Order just killed a policeman, injured fifty more and votes against thanking the very police that defended them. Because supporting the police condemns themselves and their followers. They aren’t on that side, they are on the other side.

In Texas, after a winter storm paralyzed the energy grid causing power outages leading to deaths and billions of dollars in damages. The Republican legislators have proposed a new anti-abortion bill. Way to get after it fellas. Got their finger on the pulse of Texas, they do! I’ve got a ten-thousand-dollar power bill; my drywall is ruined, and I’ve lost my job, but thank goodness someone still understands priorities around here! I vote we rearrange the deck chairs and change the doilies.

After Stacy Abrams did a masterful job in Georgia registering voters. The Republican Georgia legislature responds with legislation attempting to limit voting. Racist voter suppression, just like his daddy and his daddy before him. Lester Maddox sleeps comfortably with his ax handle as the Republican Party in Georgia looks to undo half a Century of Civil Rights progress. “Hi, remember me? I’m the Republican Party in Georgia, from 1955. Back then we used flaming crosses with hoods and white sheets, yelling all sorts of vile and ugly atrocities trying to stop Black people from voting. We’ve changed! We use the Internet now!”

The orange Apocalypse bankrupted the Republican Parties Ideological wing and left only the three Trump guiding principles: mouth, money and dick. Talk it up, spend it up and fuck it up! Stripped even of the illusion of principle, they wander the countryside like a flea looking for a new dog. Senator Ron Johnson makes some of the most racist statements made in the Senate chamber since reconstruction. And then plays dumb, but he’s not playing, he doesn’t get it. His idea of minority outreach is calling the police. You see to Johnson, if you’re White it’s alright, but if you’re Black, get back. Same as it ever was 1955 or 2021.

Stripped of principles or the orange toy soldier to lead them they wander, making up their own ideas and chewing off the bark from the trees. The Republicans voted against gold medals for the police because that is the other side. Those cops were working with Democrats trying to stop a Coup De Tat that the Republicans had started, making those cops their enemies. These Republicans don’t see the insurrection as over, but simply on hold. Their intent is clear and unapologetic, to make war on the Democrats and to make war upon the American people. To fight to their last breath any way possible, relief for the American people.

Welcome to the War Zone, the Republican bombers fly over your house tonight. With no solutions to offer except maybe thoughts and prayers, they fight against equal access to the ballot box, a founding principle of our nation. They fight against equal rights, another founding principle. They fight against public education, puppies, and birthday parties. And make a mockery of themselves, as they try to advance the parade without a marching band. Bumping into each other and becoming a jumble. In unison they vote against the stimulus, because it might help. These aren’t obstructionist Republicans these are destructionist Republicans. They are no longer the loyal opposition, just the opposition. Their goal is to torpedo Joe Biden, and to take as many of you down with him as possible.

War is Peace, Failure is Success.

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