A Pen and Faux News

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

My father was a World War two veteran. His favorite movie of the era was, “The Best Years of our Lives” which illustrated the troubles of returning veterans to civilian life. He went to college on the G.I. Bill. He explained it wasn’t too long before magazines were running stories, “Will returning G.I.s ruin the college experience?” From hero to zero in six months, and the only college experience he saw a G.I. ruin was telling Biff to shut the hell up so he could hear the lecture. The point being no matter what you do someone will demonize and criticize. Sure, you lived in the mud for several years with people trying to kill you, but perhaps now you’ve become too crude for polite society.

Jesus was crucified before the critics could get their hands on him. Faux News would have ripped him to shreds. “Alleged holy man, flips out destroying local banking facility.” Religious nut arrested for practicing medicine without a license.  But the media is the media, you can do a story on who won the World Series, or you can do a story on who lost the World Series. Just pick out a scape goat and ride them to glory. Jesus only healed a couple of lepers and a blind man. When he could have done like Oprah and said, “You’re all healed! You’re healed and you’re healed, praise god! Seems kind of miserly, telling some poor suffering sap, your faith wasn’t strong enough. Better luck next messiah and thanks for playing.

Ted Cruz blames the phony crisis at the border on 59 days of Joe Biden’s policies. Mitch McConnell whines like a four-year-old that the Democrats won’t let him be charge now that he’s no longer in charge. But to quote Simon & Garfunkel you can hear the Sounds of Silence. Go to sleep everyone and just forget the insanity. The criminality and the reprehensible behavior of the orange apocalypse and his administration of lobbyists, cranks, and cutthroat pirates of froggy bottom.

They want you to forget about a criminal insurrection and the attempt to destroy American Democracy. Professional clown and amateur comedian, Ron Johnson said there was no violence on his side of the Capitol. “Hey, my end of the boat’s not sinking!” It’s okay to try and overthrow the government if you’re polite about it. The Trumpmare promised an even better healthcare plan as they systematically tried to dismantle Obamacare. Four years later, nada zip zero! Not even a barebones outline, because it was all bullshit. The last Republican to introduce a comprehensive healthcare plan was Richard Nixon, need I say more? Four years of farce, failure and fiasco with a spiffy tax cut for the 1%. An Education Secretary out to destroy public education and a HUD Secretary out to raise the rent on the very poorest Americans.

The orange bubblehead more concerned about his golf score than the health of the American population. This is the dickweed that wanted everyone in church on Easter Sunday as the death toll rose. We need to open up the economy no matter how many needlessly die. Mask? You don’t need no stinking mask. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell was holding up stimulus legislation trying to slip in a provision that employers couldn’t be sued if their negligence led to the death of an employee. Take your chances, death or unemployment? Gee folks, why wouldn’t you vote Republican?

Currently, Republicans balk at raising the obscene minimum wage that forced millions of Americans into horrific poverty, not unlike the dark ages. Technically, it is against conservative Republican philosophy to support a minimum wage so low, the government must subsidize their workers existence. The largest Welfare Queen in America is Walmart. This whole pull yourself up by your bootstraps junk rings pretty hollow as a they hold the heads of the desperate underwater. In a show of Republican unity, not one voted for the stimulus package. (Hey America! Fuck you! Signed Republicans.) We have Covid vaccinations opening up faster then Don Jr. could snort an eight ball of coke and what do the Republicans have to say about that? Crickets.

Their plan is to criticize every breath Joe Biden takes. To live their lives on Faux News complaining about some nonsense or other. Joe Biden released healthcare money to Puerto Rico held up by the orange nightmare because he got his feelings hurt. A tiny souled miserable excuse of a man willing to let children suffer because his ego was bruised. Willing to let tens of thousands of Americans die to keep from admitting he was wrong… about…everything. His mercenary mercantile mindset is nothing short of mass murder and his Republican co-conspirators are his accomplices. Sadly, in light of Republican sedition, murder by Covid becomes a second-tier issue.

If Republicans ruled the country, you’d have no Social Security. No Medicare or Medicaid. No Voting Rights act. George Wallace would have stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama, and the Republicans would have cheered, “Damn Straight! You tell em George!” No LBGQ legislation. A women’s reproductive health would be between her and her Republican Congressman. No TVA, Tennessee a bastion of Republicanism would still be an impoverished hole suffering scurvy and malaria.  LSU would not have a medical school, and Louisiana wouldn’t have any bridges or highways. And the public education of America’s children would be a shriveled raisin in the sun. And if you think we would have landed on the moon or landed a probe on Mars, think again.

It is almost as if the Republicans are at war with the American people out to commit sedition and mass murder, armed with greed, bigotry and gun rights. They don’t want to hurt the unborn, but after the birth its fine. A shit life, uneducated living on peon wages without healthcare or retirement. “looking for a new career choice? Consider sharecropping.” Bridges falling down and the postal service out of business. You can’t put a probe on Mars until you put a kid through college. Republicans protect gun rights for their adherents, but not for themselves. When Republicans in Congress plan mass murder and mayhem, they don’t use an AR-15. They use a pen and Faux News.

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