Good Has Nothing to Do With It

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Do you ever wonder what it is like to be a top-level Fortune 500 C.E.O.? To lead a team, build a corporation generating profits for the stockholders while amassing a private fortune at home. To keep your finger on the pulse of the economy. To do market research and study consumer trends and to remain oblivious.  As the governor of the state heads the ship of state straight for the rocks of shame and public humiliation. Only two or so weeks into Brian Kemp’s turning Georgia into a national laughingstock the CEOs of Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola awake from their slumber.

#Boycott Delta and #Boycott Coca-Cola has gotten their attention. They’ve awoke to find themselves being assassinated by one of their own. Apparently, terms like “Jim Crow Legislation” just slipped past their radar. They’re too busy with airplanes and soda pop to concern themselves with voter suppression. Nod, nod, wink, wink, they are surprised and now, that the public is outraged find themselves as the public face of Georgia racism. Somehow it eluded them that marching Georgia back to 1955 could have negative repercussions for business. Market research with charts and graphs explaining African Americans like soft drinks and flying on airliners…just not yours.

Coca-Cola spends hundreds of millions of dollars in national advertising. Brian Kemp just delivered them a punch in the nose and a Klan hood. A billion dollars in bad press free gratis! If they didn’t know about the legislation before hand they should have. They knew but didn’t think there would be this much bad press about it. Now they crank up “I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!” Mrs. Johnson, bring in the righteous indignation paperwork please. The harder they go the worser they get.

I want to make a correction to yesterday’s article. I inadvertently posted a picture of Eddy Munster as played by actor Butch Patrick for Florida Representative Matt Gaetz. I wish to sincerely apologize to Mr. Patrick for this unintentional slander. But come on, when you see this child of conservatism with more DUI stops than a Mormon Bishop has wives. A big mouth bomb thrower disliked by his own side as much as ours. Daddy’s little boy has now been given enough rope to hang himself. But this is like the finale of a fireworks show and I’m gonna take a minute to ooh and ah at the display.

Matt has a pal named Joel, and they’re buds. Joel is under indictment for sex trafficking a minor and some major financial crimes. It looks like Joel will be working on his tan in the exercise yard for many years to come. Joel is accused of having sugar daddy relationship with a minor, and Matt is his best friend. They go everywhere together even the White House. Federal Prosecutors have been asking Joel if he knows anything interesting about his pal Matt Gaetz, and apparently he does!

Joel rats out Matt and Matt tries to drag Tucker Carlson into the fray. “You remember that don’t you Tucker, that time I brought that women to dinner with you and your wife?” No, I don’t know you! Who are you? How did you get on my show? Tucker goes out of his way with a disclaimer, “Boy that was a weird interview.” And you should have seen it from this side!  Gaetz claims it’s all an extortion scheme. Someone is trying to extort money from Gaetz by threatening to expose his affairs with Juveniles, and he is just the victim. God damned extortionists! My having sex with Juveniles is merely a plot to extort money!

Entitlement, I can get away with DUI stops and sleep with little girls. They can pretend they didn’t notice what the Governor is doing to the state and acted shocked and unaware at what is going on. Let’s pretend Mr. Potter had no influence in Bedford Falls. He was just an innocent amongst the Baily Brother wolves. “What…? Voter suppression? Why you know better than that!”

Corporate Fascism perfectly content to quietly allow a law on the books that helps candidates with a pro-business mind set get elected even if it disenfranchises the electorate. To play dumb, “we’re good Germans we don’t know anything about that camp in the woods.” All rise for our National anthem. What good Americans they are. Great corporate citizens, willing to allow Jim Crow to return and never say a word. Until they got caught napping by public opinion and pretend, they didn’t know any better.

They’ve all been caught with their dicks out peeing on the front lawn. To know better and do it anyway.

I suppose Coca-Cola or Delta does not have any lobbyists in the Georgia State House. No attorneys on staff to explain pending legislation. No conception of national outrage. An ambitious politician has put them on the road to ruin. He gets the headlines they get the blowback.  A C.E.O. is like the Pope they aren’t allowed to be wrong, ever. There are no mulligans in corporate America. I would wager their chances of being C.E.O. next year would be about the same as mine.

From bad seed comes bad fruit and a crooked stick cannot be made straight. You can’t un-fuck a teenager or a state.

Harry Truman was asked, what motivated him? Money, power, women? Truman replied, “I don’t need money, I’ve got power and the women are up at the house.” Knowing the difference between the levers of power and the trappings of power. Knowing that good doesn’t always triumph over evil, sometimes evil just destroys itself and good has nothing to do with it.  

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