Rich White Guy Justice

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In the classic film “Animal House” at the culmination of the destruction scene, Hoover grabs the baton from the marching band leader and marches the band into a dead-end alley. They look ridiculous as the musical instruments play off notes and are bumping into each other. It is art imitating life as in this version the orange one who shall not be named marches the Republican Party down a blind alley. Obergruppen Fuhrer Josh Hawley is the one dissenting vote against the Asian-American anti-hate bill. Pure Republicanism, “If I do something stupid today maybe you’ll forget the stupid thing I did yesterday.” It’s known on Capitol Hill as the Ted Cruz defense.

Hawley would like us to forget that he was a ringleader of the January 6th insurrection against the Federal Government by championing his objection to anti-hate legislation. This putting Hawley squarely as a leader in the Pro-hate and anti-law and order camp of the Republican Party. But it was bound to come to this. This is the only marching band the Republicans have fielded. Get on, get off or get out. To catch the attention of the walk-in bathtub purchaser or average Faux News viewer you must out extreme the extremists. Talking about tax reform might have worked in the good ole days of “Well, there you go again.” But today, it’s the Fredonian School of political thought, “Whatever it is, I’m against it!”

Joe Biden could propose flowers for Mother’s Day and free puppies for school children. The Republicans would wet themselves for a chance to tell America how much they hate their mothers…and puppies. “I had a puppy once! Chewed my shoe! Are we ready to inflict that on American school children? A generation of young Americans walking around in a chewed-up shoes! This country leads the world in unchewed shoes are we willing to risk that lead?” Marjorie Taylor Greene (cue Gilligan’s Island theme music) has challenged Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to a debate on her Green New Deal. Which Greene incorrectly refers to as the “Communists Manifesto”. Greene says she’ll be prepared to debate as soon as she finishes reading the 14-page bill. What with all the big words in there do we really have that kind of time?

Then if she were to actually read the Communist Manifesto, she might accidently know what she’s talking about. That could take years. But it is the ole Republican buzz word buzz bomb. If you can’t argue the point, paint it red. It is only Communism when they want to give you something. When they want to take something away or build a wall or buy a jet plane that can fly pretty good when it’s not broken, that’s good government.  Senator John (Chicken plucker from Baton Rouge) Kennedy unwisely asked Stacey Abrams what she didn’t like about the new Georgia voting law. Ms. Abrams then proceeded to put Kennedy in a virtual headlock until he screamed uncle. But not to worry Senator Chicken plucker, there’s always tomorrow, the Ted Cruz defense was made for you.

Supreme Court corruptor Brent Kavanagh is in the news. He wrote the opinion that there is nothing wrong with sentencing a juvenile to life in prison without parole. They must learn from their mistakes. The ultimate rich White guy from a privileged background issuing plantation justice to the poor and unfortunate, in a crime precipitated by a patient off his meds. Sentenced as a juvenile to life in prison while also being mentally ill in a country which makes obtaining medicine difficult. It is almost Jean Valjean if he had diabetes maybe he’d have got the chair. The guy who once said don’t judge me on my youthful indiscretions and rape allegations, now says, He’s not me! He’s not a rich White guy like me! Fuck em!

Kavanaugh has successfully illustrated the difference between law and justice. Under law, if your stepfather beats you with blunt objects the state will step into protect that child. If the child needs medicine the state will arrange for it unless the system is overwhelmed or under-funded. Then tragedies occur, and the state will spend tens of thousands of dollars it claims it doesn’t have to put a juvenile in a prison cell for life and take that case all the way to the Extreme Court. The state should be charged as an accessory to the crime.  

Let’s recap, the Republican’s are anti-Green New Deal and pro fossil fuel pollution. God, apple pie and Exxon. “What if we spend these billions of dollars, and climate change doesn’t come, what then?” Which is more correct? Josh Hawley is pro-hate or anti-anti hate? His concern is that the bill is over broad and general leading to people being protected inadvertently. Employers could be sued for racist behavior; you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? But it’s not that Hawley hates Asian people. It just he loves no one except himself. This will be  his red, white guy blues phony pony to ride into the primaries, “Whatever it is, I’m against it!” I’m a rich privileged White guy on Faux News, and I’m worried legislation not aimed at protecting rich privileged White guys is overly broad. First you tell me we can’t murder them if they’re black. Then you tell me we can’t murder them if they’re Gay and now you’re telling me we can’t murder Asians? Aren’t we being overly broad here?

This is the Republican legacy having overstimulated their voters on orange nonsense they must now push nonsense as their daily diet. Real News is boring, “Communist Manifesto!” We don’t need infrastructure! We need a wall! We shall oppose any attempt to protect anyone besides rich White guys as an attack on rich White guys everywhere. We oppose national healthcare because if poor mentally ill juveniles have access to medicine, then maybe they won’t murder their physically abusive stepfather. Then we wouldn’t have a court case go all the way to the Extreme Court to serve up rich White guy justice to a mentally ill child. Good Republican government, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to put a mentally ill kid in a prison cell for life.

Once she finishes reading the bill Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to tell us about the pro-side of global climate destruction. A blind alley.

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