Just A Wild Idea for Suckers

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I guess what bothered me most about the George Floyd trial were the attempts by the defense to make explanations of other possible causes of death. Opiate overdose or heart condition, yeah sure maybe that’s it. It couldn’t be the policeman’s knee on his neck for over nine minutes. This was a willful killing by a uniformed officer on a public street in the United States of America. There is no difference between this killing and the killing of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. A tin badge and a license to kill the untermunchin. I will never forget the look of contempt on that cop’s face as he murdered a man. Just because he was having a bad day and just felt like it.

What day in the police academy do they teach “Don’t kill the citizens 101?” How many lessons do you require before putting your knee on a handcuffed suspect’s neck for nine minutes? Bystanders yelling at the cop “you’re killing him!” But maybe it was opiates, maybe Jesus raptured George Floyd first! Sure, that’s it, maybe Jesus raptured George Floyd first just to make the cops look bad. “Your honor the Bible tells us in end times the souls of those found worthy will be raptured up into heaven. My client was simply trying to facilitate the will of the lord! At any moment now we could all be raptured up into heaven only to find George Floyd standing in line ahead of us.”

It is cause and effect, there is no magic. A segment of the population is drugged, demoralized, victimized and reduced to second class citizenship. Underfunded decrepit schools, little to no meaningful employment opportunities and uniformed bulls to keep the wayward under control with murder if necessary. Just because there is no barbed wire or watch towers does not make it any less a concentration camp. Holocaust survivor, Olga Levin said, “Auschwitz was a place that would make you give up on life and most did.”

We all think we’re John Wayne; they wouldn’t put me in a cattle car! Yeah, they would, and they would beat you and take great joy in it because they have been trained to think, “You deserve it! And you brought it on yourself.” A murder victim’s past scrutinized looking for a good reason why he deserved to be murdered. Poverty breads crime and crime breads violence. Violence breads a need of firepower and support. We don’t need gun control as much as opportunity control. You wanna stop inner-city violence? Try opportunity.

During the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps took over 200,000 young men off the front stoop of East coast. Putting them into the mountains of California or the forests of the Pacific Northwest. These men were exposed to a completely alien environment and learned there was a great big world out there besides running the streets. There was another way and the CCC and WPA taught 40,000 men how to read. It wasn’t just building ranger stations and or planting trees; classes were taught in bookkeeping and carpentry. Business math and heavy equipment repair. While I was in Cleveland back in 2012, the city was struggling with abandoned homes during the foreclosure crisis. Some were dilapidated and needed to be torn down, others just needed repairs.

Thousands of young people within miles sat idle looking for work when there was no work. Where there was work but no will. Where there is no vision people perish. The city let out a contract to a company with heavy equipment to demolish the homes and nothing was learned. The money went into the contractor’s pocket, and that was that. The city was left with overgrown vacant lots when it could have had revitalized neighborhoods and a trained revitalized young workforce. Give a man a fish, and he eats for one day give a man a trade and maybe you won’t have to kill him or imprison him. In Sweden, prison inmates must learn a trade as a condition of their parole. We aren’t letting any illiterate or untrained inmates out of here, while in this country education is an expensive privilege.

The Obama Administration offered a program of job training at community colleges teaching jet engine maintenance or elevator repair. But the community colleges aren’t in those communities. Unions offer apprentice programs Free, gratis, and even pay you for your work, but there aren’t that many openings available. States have legalized online sports betting and surprise, surprise the commercials feature a Black spokesman and focus on the NBA. “Are you looking for a way to pay the rent and buy school clothes for the kids? The Lakers are playing are playing the Bucks tonight, are ya in?” This is White looting of Black neighborhoods. Tempting the poor and desperate with heroin, crack, alcohol and sports betting. The American way!

There are only two possibilities; either a segment of our society is an ignorant waste of human phlegm beyond all possible hope of redemption, or the system is not fair. It has to be one or the other. Johnny is spending this Summer in Europe and Suzy is going to tennis camp again this year while Jamal is playing round ball down at the park. Calling it freedom while not offering freedom is telling people without feet to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Fucker Carlson, America’s answer to “Whatever happened to Joseph Goebbels,” takes the opposite tack. He argues the jury was railroaded and won’t hear any opposition. The old Nazi racial inferiority game, He was after all wearing a yellow star, he must have deserved it. That policeman was completely within his rights. You know why, the White people’s secret. “Well, maybe he shouldn’t have killed him but…you know how they are. Now, I’m not a racist; I like Beyonce and Will Smith. But why don’t they pull their pants up?” The Party of voter suppression, voter intimidation and the Klan believe Capitalism is a zero-sum game. That every dollar you get is a dollar I can’t get. That your prosperity can only make me poorer. That a decent and just society is just a wild idea for suckers.

“Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance smothered in balloons and ribbons.”
― Frank Zappa

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