The Martyr and the Devil

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It isn’t often in Washington we see a Republican stand up for a principle. It’s sort of like Bernie Madoff standing up for the Securities and Exchange Commission. But Liz Cheney has shown more spine than most, flipping off the orange nightmare and calling a “dipshit a dipshit.” And while it’s probably true her body will be found in the trunk of a car in long term parking at the airport. It is refreshing to see her try. A hypnotist trying to wake a subject who thinks he’s a chicken and won’t stop clucking. The “Leadership” (term used for reference only) Kevin McCarthey is quaking in his boots too afraid to pee standing up.

But Liz Cheney spoke against Trump (hallowed be his scared name) Republicans are angrier than a Gay interracial couple on food stamps. Marjorie Taylor Greene says, “Oh come let us adore him! You must first pledge loyalty to Trump and be this high as a condition of admittance. Along with a box top from any crooked Real Estate deal or write “Crazy as Hell” on a three by five index card. Stuck between the gears of time, they must confess with thy mouth that they saw Trump ascend into heaven after having the election stolen out from under him by people with extra melanin.

Cheney is trying to point out their stone idol is in fact powerless and merely a fat stone idol. But when you try to tell folks, their god is merely a fat corrupt tub of goo. The faithful begin gathering rocks for the Saturday Night stoning. “In the beginning there was Trump, obese and under indictment.” And on the third day Trump said, “Let there be morons and there were morons.” And then Trump said, “Tell them to send me money” and they did send him money.

It takes a lot of courage to stand against a brain-dead mob of propagandized morons. Try telling the Salem Witch tribunal there is no such thing as witches or widespread vote theft. Or telling Torquemada about your Hari Chrisna faith. Telling the Nazis, you find the Three Stooges very amusing. Unlike Joan of Arc, Cheney lights the bonfire below her feet with her own lighter. As the simian caucus turns chanting “Burn her she’s a witch!”

Not unlike the old Flash Gordon serials, “Can Liz save the Republican Party from the evil clutches of Trump the merciless? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode! Where Liz is found dismembered in a shallow grave near an unnamed golf community in Floriduh. Thank goodness for our Democratic institutions for saving us from Trump the merciless. This is how you get a Hitler or a Pol Pot or a Pinochet. Jibbering hordes of propagandized idiots checking their brains at the door. The leader can do no wrong and if he does. It’s my job to make excuses for it. I won’t see the children being separated from their mothers and will listen intently to Faux News lest I fall behind on my two minutes of hate.

I admire her courage and it must be embarrassing for those among her watching. Taking the pulpit at St. Peter’s in Rome to give the homily, “Why Jesus never existed and why you’re all fools for following him!” While we can debate the merits of the theological question the outcome of the event is near always lethal. You can’t tell them, “He’s not god! He’s a fat tub of goo who’d steal the pennies off his dead grandmother’s eyes” and expect a welcoming committee.

Time will tell if they can be saved, but eccentric orbits only become more eccentric until they hit something or fly apart. There was no moderate wing of the Nazi Party. Stalin didn’t moderate the Terror. He was merely running out of people to arrest. “Comrade, you’ve got to stop arresting people. There is no one left who knows how to run the trolley system!” There are few cases where authoritarian governments suddenly decide to be liberal Democracies again and respect the law. The law is the crux as Trump uses his image to circumvent the law because is followers believe he is being persecuted with phony criminal charges. The dog chasing his tail, Trump was only concerned about Ukraine because of Hunter Biden. This is all his fault.”

Rudy Giuliani code name: Drunky Mcdrunk, drunk. Had his home raided by federal agents impounding his electronic devices. Rudy claims he offered the agents Hunter Biden’s hard drives, but the agents refused to take them. Boy, if you believe that one, I bet you leave milk and cookies out for Santa. I can see some federal agent answering to his boss. “Is this everything?” Yes sir, except for three hard drive he said weren’t his.

The cult has fully infected the Party as the zombies attempt to eat the physicians trying to cure them. Liz Cheney will be ground down on the lath of heaven and will be remembered by succeeding generations as either a martyr or a devil, depending on how this all turns out. The Republicans have shown themselves fully indoctrinated and unable of resuscitation. God help me for agreeing with George W. Fill in the blank. This is a coalition that can’t win. With each chanting ceremony the circles grow smaller as demands of loyalty and felty become greater. The devout running off all of the heretics and independents not considered loyal enough to belong.

Until someday two thousand years from now if we haven’t burned the planet up. Little Republican children will wear a little Liz Cheney around their necks on a cross. She died, trying to save you from the devil. Or maybe instead a little Donald Trump on a cross, Hosanna praise him! He gave us this cave to live in and this fire to cook with! Hosanna Praise him!

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