No Matter What Their Lips Say

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I wonder why there is a constant call to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans. “Come on Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the football for you!” Hyper partisan barely loyal barley literate and when I say dumb bells, I’m speaking about gym equipment, not Jim Jordan or Marjorie Taylor Greene. But it’s the same shit different day. Democrats propose a two trillion-dollar bailout package Republicans answer, “How about five hundred billion? It’s their pat answer to everything. Joe Biden proposes a four trillion infrastructure package and Republican’s answer, “How about five hundred billion?”

There is spending and there is spending. A tax cut of two trillion dollars for the 1% GOOD! But four trillion spent on roads and bridges, “Gee, that sounds like a lot of money. How about five hundred billion?” So repetitive they could be replaced by a machine. The Republobot 5000 “Thank you for having me here. So many venues are trying to shut down machines of the Conservative persuasion. Every time I speak about my second amendment rights or my desire to repeal the Emancipation Proclamation people get upset and call me a racist. I never met that woman! No matter what the receipt says! I want to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats and maybe they will consider my bill, “Closing schools for a better America. I’ve proposed five hundred billion for the program.”

Now imagine a tree has fallen and put a hole in your roof. The roofing guy says it’s gonna cost four hundred dollars to fix and you counter with “Can you do it for five dollars?” We aren’t talking about frivolous a trip to Vegas with reefer and champagne, we’re talking about fixing the roof. “I’m willing to negotiate, how about six fifty? I’m reaching across the aisle here! So don’t say in sixty days when it’s too late to do anything that I was uncooperative!” When in doubt question the numbers. “I don’t know that’s a lot of money, and we need to know where every single dime goes and question if it couldn’t be done better with a panel to research the bill and get back to us with a legislative report no later than February of 2023.

The Interstate Highway system has been the most successful government program the Republicans were ever associated with. Do they question the need, or do they just not care? Because of the success of the program in creating commerce, it has caused the roads to become congested. Congestion slows commerce. Usage causes wear and wear requires maintenance. When I lived in Atlanta, I-75 to Knoxville was like never leaving town. Heavy traffic all the way and if somebody screwed up and had an accident? Well, audio books are always fun. They needed another lane or two and fortunately the Republicans who helped plan the original highway system had planned for growth and purchased extra Real Estate. These far-sighted Republican futurists had expected that growth could occur sometime between 1960 and 2021.

Every time you raise the load limit of a truck; you put a trucker out of work, and you damage the roadways by using them beyond their design limits. But Republicans are always in favor of raising load limits. Always in favor of lightening the load for corporate America and handing the bill off to the American taxpayer for payment. And you are god damn right that is a lot of money. I bet if we’d done this ten or twenty years ago when it was first needed it would have been a lot cheaper! But for some reason we couldn’t get a bill passed through the Republican Congress.

The Interstate system was inspired by the autobahn and was passed into law as a part of our national defense. In the event the Russkies ever drop out of the sky the interstate will be closed to you and your Escalade. Military only, read the fine print. When the Interstate was first constructed the population of the United States less then two hundred million today that number has nearly doubled to three hundred and thirty million. I love watching the old videos of leisurely drives on the highways of the 1960s. Leisurely passing the occasional car tooling through Los Angeles and holding the Oldsmobile down to seventy-five miles per hour.

When the I-35 Bridge collapsed outside Minneapolis in August of 2007, it killed thirteen people. A design flaw was listed as the reason for the collapse along with “Additional weight on the bridge.” That’s you and me especially me, additional weight on the bridge. When the bridge was built, the population of Minneapolis in 1967 was not even one and a half million today its nearly three million. Arguing that the need isn’t there is ludicrous. Arguing it’s too much money is indefensible, do you want to have an advanced country here or not? Forcing too many cars on too little roads is environmentally and economically foolish forcing thousands of cars to sit and idle while waiting for the traffic to move.

I have no doubt Republicans want the roads fixed as well, as traffic jams yield to no one. This is about Joe Biden. Joe Biden must never be seen as successful. Our children would never forgive us if we fixed our infrastructure under a Biden Administration. Let’s spend five hundred billion now, and the rest under a Josh Hawley or Chris Christie Administration. Right after we pass the tax cut for the 1% and lower the Capital gains rate to negative 3%. Outlaw abortion and make it legal for a child to carry an unregistered firearm into any Bible class in any public school in America.

They aren’t serious, they aren’t serious, and they aren’t serious and if they are…god help us. No matter what their lips say they are saying no to America. Not content with assaulting the Capitol they now assault our roads and bridges in a dangerous philosophical disagreement over need versus Trumpology.

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