The Trump Delusion

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Extremism breeds extremism, there are never calm waters or a jettied port. Without drama there is no excitement and without excitement there is no news, no news of the extremism. The sub-human mass acting as Floriduh’s governor holds a private voter suppression bill signing ceremony. Exclusive to Faux News, aimed at elderly White Americans. “Write this down old people. I’m running for President in a couple of years and just wanted to give you an example of just how extreme I can be. We drafted designed and passed this bill for the express purpose of showing how extreme I can be. So, I could run for President. Then we put it on Faux News! Straight from my desk into your Faux addled brain.”

Republican Governors in Montana, Tennessee and South Carolina want to end the additional $300 per week unemployment benefit. Now with added cruelty! The Governors claim the benefit is discouraging workers from seeking a job. Even though there are more unemployed workers than jobs available. But what makes it extra special is it isn’t their money. Its Federal money administered by the state. They can’t fall back on the old fiscal responsibility bullshit. This is about cruelty and wage suppression. “Hey Faux News, I’m over here! Look! Look! I can be an asshole too! I cancelled the milk program for preschools and cancelled unemployment for needy families! What more do you want?”

It is all a part of the Trump delusion, what Lindsey Graham is fast turning into a bad country song. “Stand by your man and show the world you love him.” He’s done everything but carry Trump’s golf clubs and serenade him under his window at night. But does he get any love? The orange Sphinx reveals no secrets. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Cory Trevor doesn’t get it, der Fuhrer will never respond to fawning. He will accepted it but never respond to it. You are debasing yourself, go right ahead. I’ll watch with a detached eye from over here.

In simpler times there were movements afoot for government programs to assist people. Now Republican Governors with Presidential aspirations or pundit status line up in formation against the voting public. Working overtime to keep you from getting benefits you are rightfully entitled to only to feather their nests. Never mind that employers are deluged with resume’s or we’re still in a pandemic and employment is spotty. Then there is the make it harder to vote and energize the base movement. Making it harder to vote while telling your base voting can’t be trusted can only have one outcome. That outcome…why bother? Those whose voting you are trying to restrict will respond on mass and your political career will be over. “Offer not valid in the deep South or anywhere book learning ain’t important.”

They follow the orange Jabberwocky and until he slips on a bar of soap and rides it into eternity they will continue to follow. Until someone knocks Humpty Dumpty off the wall we are stuck with him and his purveyors of poverty. Making it harder on families at one of the hardest points in their lives, they will remember you. Struggling to make the car payment and keep a roof over your head and knowing someone is working in the state Capitol trying to make it harder for you.

Once you are down, it is hard to get up again. It is easier to keep a family in a home than to put them into a home after they’ve lost a home. The love of family values doesn’t seem to correspond to love of families. Banishing transgender children from High School athletics now that’s important because it’s scary and involves bathrooms. White people could be disturbed…play it up!

Oklahoma has banned diversity training and teaching anything that may make a person feel racist or uncomfortable. Oklahoma did this, Oklahoma formerly known as Injun Territory! America’s Gulag for Native Americans, the Trails of Tears final destination. What could they possibly teach that would make people feel uncomfortable? What could they teach that would make White people feel uncomfortable? Responding to inclusion with exclusion and selective history. Noah built the Ark; Joshua stopped the sun, and what happened to Black folks in Oklahoma City was just a case of poor fire prevention.

It seems random and hap hazard, but the movement is towards less education. Selective education cause Beta’s are the best and Gamma’s just like working in fast food. It’s their place and they don’t know no better. It’s been that way for hundreds of years, so they’re ain’t no sense in trying. A Gamma can never be a Beta. No, I don’t want a mint Julep. Historical homeschooling, “God flooded the world in an outright act of genocide because man was wicked and deserved it! Drowned every last man woman and child, dog and cat wildebeest and penguin, because they were all wicked in God’s sight.”

Americans are lazy and no good. You can’t trust them; they don’t want to work. You know what I’m talking about. Nod, nod, wink, wink. You offer a job at $15.00 an hour, a king’s ransom. With no benefits and limited hours and you can’t find anyone to take the job because Americans are just lazy and no good. They would rather sit on their ass and draw a check than to risk their lives working for next to nothing. Come on, let the TV be your babysitter. They’re six and if you do get sick, you’re young! You don’t really believe that six hundred thousand dead figure, do you?

“Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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