And You Can’t Stop Us!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

B y David Glenn Cox

The world has changed substantially from when I first began my career in mayhem in the eternal hunt for young women of loose morals. Back in those youthful visages avoiding contact with law enforcement was paramount. Any evening involving the back seat of a police car was considered a bust, pun intended. I’ve been watching videos of “Sovereign Citizens” and “Auditors.” Hey, I got an idea let’s go walk around the Court House bothering people and video until they tell us to stop. Then we’ll tell them, “You fools! Ha, ha! We are free people under God! I can hold my finger one inch from the end of your nose and there is nothing that you can do about it! It’s my right to video anywhere I want, and you can’t stop me!

Somehow the message of peace, free love and recreational drugs has devolved down to “You can’t stop me!” Never during my wildest days of the drug fueled 1960s and 70s did I ever doubt law enforcement’s ability to stop me. I knew that they were perfectly capable of ending my weekend on a whim. There is a sad comical nature to it all. The five-year-old told to put away their Hot Wheels shouts “No! And you can’t make me!” They believe that if they replace their car tag with a private property and no trespassing sign. They don’t need a driver’s license, car tag or insurance. They are exempt, and only a few people know this, so let me explain it to you officer. One guy even told the judge, “Look, this is the way it’s going to go down!” Another questioned the judge’s jurisdiction, so the judge gave him thirty days in jail to answer his question about jurisdiction.

Your birth certificate makes you a stockholder in the big giant secret everybody’s out to get us corporation. By getting a driver’s license, you are buying into the corporation. You are a free citizen under God, and they can’t mandate your participation. I’ve had too many friends in Vietnam to fall for that. Yes, yes, they can. These people know a secret the rest of us don’t know. “I don’t have to wear a mask, and you can’t make me! I know my rights. I’m going to sue the shit out of you! Boy are you cops, gonna be sorry! I demand you take these handcuffs off me right now or there will be big trouble for you mister! What’s your badge number! That’s the end of your law enforcement career Bubba! Just wait until my lawyer gets a hold of you!

It is a narrow field of vision seeing in reality only what they want to see. The dead giveaway is their supreme Superman nature. Cape flapping in the breeze, invulnerable to man or beast with their secret knowledge of the world. “Listen here officer! Let me educate you on the process of juris prudence. I know that you are just a poor stupid policeman, so I won’t use any really big words. Now step back away from me before I’m forced to file charges against you.” Some are clearly mental health issues riding the line in equating behavior with results. If you are thrown out of three stores in one day, it must be a plot and all these disparate individuals are somehow connected.

And begins to come into focus with Marge Taylor Greene verbally assaulting and harassing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on the house floor. The same “I can do what I want, and you can’t stop me. Decorum is for suckers; I don’t have to follow the rules!” The same fake news crack pot theories, “Why do you support the terrorists?” You don’t really believe a member of the House of Representatives is actively supporting terrorist groups, do you? I mean, besides the Republican Party. It’s sorta like a King working towards overthrowing his own throne.

But the belief in secret laws and secret groups secret influence and secret pizza parlor sex parties. And secret carburetors that get a thousand miles to the gallon is the poison gas which fills the balloons in the Macey’s parade. You probably don’t know this but, Donald Trump is going to be President again after June 6th, keep it under your hat. First Alex Jones questions why the Federal Government needs four hundred million paper clips annually. Could be for some secret weather altering machine? Then little Tuck Carlson (The boy who thought he could fly or maybe the fly who thought he could boy) questions why a publishing company would discontinue slow moving titles. Could it be cancel culture? A secret plot to eliminate Dr. Suess titles once popular in the 1940s and 50s.

Hocus pocus mumbo jumbo secret societies and gremlins working on the wing of the plane. Liberals out to destroy Dr. Suess and impair your right to breathe at the Walmart. The monsters on Maple Street are trying to stop you from entering the store to buy one damn bottle of vodka. “I don’t need a mask! I know the law! I watch Judge Jeanie!” Now the CDC says after vaccination you don’t need the mask and they answer. “Not me, you ain’t putting no mercury based genetic code altering Bill Gates tagging diabolical plot injection in me! No sir! I’ll wear the mask!”

Told indoctrinated that they are individuals, and the law has no hold over them. Taxation is theft and car insurance is just a way the system milks you. Those roads are free because taxpayers paid for them, they have no right to arrest you. We were just expressing our outrage at Trump losing the election. It’s our Capitol Building too you know. We can break in and get people killed if we like. It’s our right and you can’t stop us.

Yes, yes, we can.

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