You Can’t Stay in that Alamo Forever

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The Party of multiple Benghazi investigations declines an investigation of itself and its actions. The Party of Hillary Clinton’s E-mails and Bill Clinton’s sex life declines an investigation of itself. There is only one appropriate word, and that word is criminal. Another day, another assault on America! Can’t get those rioters to do the heavy lifting every day. Some days we have to do it ourselves. Whether backing payday lenders or trying to get millions thrown off their healthcare. Today’s Republican Party has a strong message for hardworking Americans like you…Eat shit and die!

The Party of George Floyd deserved it. The Party of Gay people are out to ruin America. The Party of Hispanics are ruining America. The Party of Jews will not replace us, nor would they want to replace these knuckle dragging mongoloids. If you ever wondered how a nice boy like Jesus could get himself strung up preaching peace and love. Now you know.

Because of the Trump terror inside the Republican Party most are stunned into silence leaving the floor only for those too dumb to shut up. Facebook declines to remove a post calling for the murder of a Congress woman. But Facebook also sanctions dog breeders for using the word “Bitch” on their club page. So, it all works out. But liars can never shut up, the lie must be supported with scaffolding and filled in with unrequested detail and over explanations. Silence implies thinking and thinking could expose the lie. The old high school telephone game where a sane message goes in at one end and Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz come out the other end. The Party of Liz Cheney out and what’s her name in. (Wipes hands problem solved)

They are circling the wagons at Mir a Lago. Wondering whether they can make it through Donner Pass before the snow flies? Ivanka and Jarred are pricing submarines and scouting for a third world country with all the necessary amenities. Cory & Trevor Trump, AKA Dan and Derek, have no idea daddy is about to sell them to the highest bidding government agency but have grown quiet of late. Like the deer in the forest who looks up naively at the click of the rifle as the safety is taken off. A reality of things unimaginable in a Breaking Bad-Marvel Comics universe.

Rudy Guliani’s son is considering a run for New York Governor because the ad on Indeed said, “No Experience Necessary.” I’d tell you his name, but I forget and what does it really matter? You’d only forget it too. It is a novelty campaign, a Republican right of passage. Half of a name recognition. A way to take the headlines off of the raid at daddy’s apartment. Federal agents confiscated eighteen electronic devices because that is all that were there. Guiliani claims he tried to give them Hunter Biden’s hard drives, the holy grail and a picture of the Loch Ness Monster he’d taken while on vacation, but Federal Agents refused. You don’t get to be a Federal agent with a warrant to confiscate electronic devices by believing, “Oh, that one’s not mine officer! Those drugs aren’t mine. That ah belongs to a friend of mine. Ahh, ah Larry! Yeah, that’s Larry’s cell phone! Sort of a hitch hiker really, but I hope to see him again maybe someday.”

But it is their fear that makes them run so. The top has been kicked off the ant mound and panic has begun to set in. Their fear of Trump and their fear that their allegiance with Trump might not work in November. Dancing the wrong dance and singing the wrong tune. A transvestite show at a redneck bar.  They have painted themselves into a corner. A recent poll of Republicans found 0% support for Josh Hawley. “See, a picture is worth a thousand words.” Hawley’s new book is proclaimed a best seller. The oldest trick since, “watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!” The old order a million copies for July delivery and then cancel the order in May. Force your corporate donors to buy a few thousand copies as a crypto currency and give the rest away on the 700 Club. Then you just wait for the New York Times to come out.

In this poll, the orange apocalypse laps the field with only Mike “Lucky” Pence even in double digits. The brain dead have spoken, the zombie party agrees, it’s Trumpo or nobody and which means probably nobody. So, if you are a Republican candidate and Trumpo ain’t on the ballot. What makes you think the yokels are going to fire up the Oldsmobile to come vote for you? The pages of the calendar fly by as the recent past becomes the distant pass. “Yeah, I used to have a pet rock too! Watch me work my Rubik’s cube!” Time and the ever-expanding Trump waistline are on our side.

This is a political Party in full melt down. They are fleeing Fukushima! A wounded animal never to be trusted. Never let a drowning man take you down with them. There is panic in the palace. Trying to scuttle an investigation is a hail Mary play with three seconds left on the clock. As a political Party they have now ceased to exist. It’s now every man or women for themselves. Ideas? What ideas? Positions? “Duh, whatever Trump says is fine with us!” Kevin McCarthy makes a mess that Mitch McConnell has to clean up. Forcing Mitch to publicly scuttle the investigation. Making Mitch the bad guy when it was Chicken Kevin who started it.

A majority of the Republicans voted for sedition after the assault on our Capitol. That was a criminal act for which they need to be charged and arrested. Whether that happens or not is another story, but this is their bridge too far. Their Gallipoli, you can’t stay in that Alamo forever! They cannot hide from American people in November. Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

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