Listen for What They Mean, Mean

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert says, “people think he’s the dumbest man in Congress.” Ted Cruz answers, “Hold my beer!” Cruz recently attacked a new Army recruitment ad because the soldier featured has two female parents. Cruz attacked the Army as “Woke” and tweeted a photo of menacing Russian soldiers. There is no limit for Republicans, nothing is off-limits. Nothing is beyond the scope of mockery. Bully much? I’ve always heard the abuser has usually been abused themselves. Big brave Texas Senator who never served a day in the military picks on twenty something female recruit because her parents are Gay.

I’ll tell you something about getting older. When I hear a rap music song that I don’t understand. I scratch my head and remind myself it wasn’t made for me. It was not designed to attract White men in their sixties any more than Sesame Street is seeking my older demographic. If it was a rap song that I liked, they probably aren’t doing it right. The Army based their recruitment campaign based on issues that effect young people. Not dried up old Senatorial frequent flyer farts who have taken being a fuck up to a higher art form.

It wasn’t too terribly long ago little Tuck Carlson the fly who thought he could boy criticized the Army’s new maternity uniforms. Another White man who never served because the other boys at the exclusive prep school would have made fun of him.  Another old White man trying to tell us how to make a Rap video. Another tip I’ve picked up over the decades, If you don’t work there; you don’t know shit about how they do things. But it is criticism only for criticism’s sake. No telling how long staffers scoured the Internet looking for something for the Senator to be outraged about. Scratch any Republican and right beneath the surface is red, white, and cruel.  

A young woman who opted to serve her country is featured in an ad campaign and mocked by a US Senator. Simply because of her parents, implying she is not as tough as Russian soldiers. They don’t have Gay soldiers in Russia. We only have them in this country because of Democrats. A bigot blowing a bigot’s dog whistle to attract other bigots. Move over Louie! Maybe for Memorial Day Ted could kick over some flower arrangements at Arlington. Maybe go down to a VA hospital and point and laugh. “Bunch of damn sissies, you don’t need flower arrangements. The Russians don’t have any damn flower arrangements!”

As sad and stupid as it sounds, it isn’t new. Harry Truman desegregated the American military with an executive order. There was no way any such legislation was going to make it through the Republican controlled Congress. The famous headline, “Dewy Defeats Truman” was based in part on Republican beliefs that Truman’s insistence on a desegregation plank in the 1948 platform would doom his campaign. Republicans howled like a scalded cat. Truman is destroying our military! Colored troops are alright for digging latrines and driving trucks, but you wouldn’t put a colored officer in charge of White boys! Republicans insisted the officer corp would revolt and the forces would be depleted by a wave of retirements.

Same song different verse. How big is the bigotry inside me? Look! Look at what the Democrats are doing everybody! Her parents are Gay! The Democrats are ruining the military…Gay!

I recently watched a video of a female A-10 pilot bringing back her battle-damaged smoking plane in Afghanistan. Hydraulics gone, one engine shot out and the leading edge of her right wing was missing. She landed that plane like a boss, so I’m guessing her parents weren’t Gay. It makes you proud to see someone in a life and death situation so calm and so professional despite any parenting anomalies she might have endured. You know the way she landed that plane you couldn’t even tell it was a woman. Because having a penis is as vital component to flying aircraft as is the sexual proclivity of your parents. If Ted had his way, she wouldn’t be flying that fighter plane. She would be flying an oven baking cookies and wearing revealing outfits at the USO show. You know… for the boys.

Something of a recurring theme for Republicans, whine, and cheese. “Aw, now the colored folk are eating at the lunch counter! They want to vote and go to my school! This country is going to hell in a hand basket! Women in the military? Oh god, what next! Women in combat? Oh god, what next? Gay soldiers? Oh god, what next! Appeal to fear racism, sexism, bigotry, and classism. That’s the Republican road to the White House. Cry about somebody you don’t like anyway doing something you don’t like. When entering the Nazi army, they were overly concerned about your parents. They didn’t want any undesirables getting into their army. We don’t have any born undesirables in this country, only Americans.

A political Party of pedophile bed wetter’s crying about the high cost of Pampers. Arguing about who is its dumbest member and having a damn valid and raging argument. A party that loves America but hates the American people. Outraged by a football player taking a knee but defensive about a few simple Amish tourists and their bear spray beating a cop to death on the Capitol steps. They are jaundiced by the orange Teddy Ruxbin down to spouting gibberish.

Any old racist or bigoted sexist remark will do. Maybe throw in a few lazies and don’t want to work remarks for good measure. It’s all about finding an issue to feign an attack when the goal is to attack the person. To Ted Cruz and his ilk of disloyal seditionists there is something wrong in America when a soldier has two parents. (Psst, they’re gay) When Republicans speak you don’t listen to what they say. You listen for what they mean, mean.  

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