Photo of recent CPAC Convention

By David Glenn Cox

The famous Chinese General Sun Tzu advised never to judge the battle from your own perspective, but from you opponent’s perspective. Would you rather have their lot than your own? Would you rather have their army than your own? I read a lot of media from the perspective of “Oh, the big Lie! What are we going to do? Trump is so popular what are we going to do? Godzilla will destroy our cities and wreck our trains!”  All media is perspective, the facts speak for themselves. Some people just want to write that the Republicans are nine feet tall with bear claws and yellow teeth. Maybe, it get’s them in good with their boss or the sponsors maybe, I don’t know. Years ago, insiders called CBS the voice of gloom and NBC the voice of doom for the dark tone of their news departments.

For years, news department have tried the happy face approach to news…and it never works. Despite what they say, no one wants to tune in to hear about flowers blooming in the park or Mrs. Smith’s, Mittens having four new kittens. After a long day at work, who wants to hear, “Gee, isn’t life swell?” We are a full immersion Mediaopolis. Escape from New York? Try escaping from the media? Prurient sex and violence sells! And what are we here for? To sell, sell, sell! And what are you here for? To buy, buy, buy! If you leave that sucker with one nickel in his pocket, I’ll be so disappointed! We watch the Super bowl, the biggest football game of the year and cannot remember who won. We only remember that the commercials were disappointing this year.

Margie Greene fresh off insulting the world Jewish community retweets that Kevin Mcarthy was a “feckless C**t and a “Moron.” (See: Broken clock rule.) Then she finished her whiskey (perspective) and thought better of the tweet and deleted it. Yeah, it is generally a rule set in stone but left out of most employee handbooks. VI. Employees will not call their supervisor a “feckless C**T or a moron.” But Margie’s only here for the bar fight and to break windows. Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame, she gains notoriety through outlandish behavior and behaves outlandishly to gain notoriety. The media reports on the event and not the moron behind the event… Mediaopolis. Marge is puffed up like a hot air balloon with nothing really inside.

Now strange as it sounds, I want to defend Margie. Some people say things out of complete and total ignorance. Her audiences are trained like cocker spaniels on buzzwords and commands, Sit, stay…roll over. “Nazi” is a buzzword. No matter what subject you are talking about throw in the word “Nazi” and you’ve made your Republican point. “That lemonade tasted like the Nazis made it! My car is running like Nazi’s.” Add in a limited scope and a poor education. I would wager the house, Margie never read about Olga Levin sentencing her own children to death. After she was told children twelve and up would be sent to a work detail. If she had, Margie could begin to understand that a mask and the holocaust have nothing common. Or to quote Groucho, “Baravelli may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot. But don’t let that fool you, he really is an idiot.”

With all that is going on inside the Republican Party these daze its hard to know if its political news program or an episode of Cops. Republican Attorney General hits pedestrian on the highway and drives off. Claiming he thought he hit a deer even though the pedestrian’s bloody eyeglasses were found on his front seat. (hint,) Deer don’t wear glasses. A Kansas Republican state senator was formally charged with kicking a high school boy in the nuts. The senator acting as a substitute teacher was trying to explain what happens to you if you don’t lead a godly, Christian life. Photos emerge of Paul Manafort literally handing intelligence to Russian agents, while Ted Cruz repeats the Russian/Republican propaganda cycle.

Now let’s focus our telescope even finer to, January 6th, Liz Cheney, the Arizona recount and Matt Gaetz. Do you know what’s orange and sits in the middle of the galaxy? A sun preparing to supernova. The source of all light and heat, bluie! Smithereens! Drip, drip, drip, Mediaopolis. No end results until after election day and no sleep till Brooklyn. The orange Svengali faces a closing Federal loop and with appeals will ride the bronze box tits up into eternity long before he sees the inside of a corrections facility Mediaopolis.   

Of course, the Democrat’s hands are not entirely clean either. CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his brother the Governor of New York spoke about politics together. “Go easy on him, it’s his first offense.” If Babe Ruth had a brother and he worked for ESPN, I wonder if they would talk about baseball? But see, it’s different somehow when a democrat talks to his brother. You can go on Sean Hannity spill your guts and whine like bad power steering pump to a stranger and that’s okay. You know how we know about Cuomo speaking with his brother? He admitted it! He told the fucking truth and Republicans want to try and crucify the both of them for it. (Candor: 404 file not found)

Meanwhile back at Camp Unstable, Pennsylvania Republican, Doug Mastriano claims he left Capitol Hill long before the riot began while the video shows otherwise.  A Republican who voted against the January 6th investigation. Herman Goering tells the Nuremburg Court he was out of the office that day and so is innocent of all war crimes Mediaopolis.

When I look at the opposition, the kooks, cranks, and stumble bums. Liars, cut throats, Ted Cruz and Marge Green. And I think back to Adam Schiff at Trump’s Second Impeachment where I was amazed. I had this “My Cousin Vinney” moment. No matter what the charge is against me, I want him as my attorney! He could have got Jesus off with a warning! I do not want to trade sides and I’m not impressed by their army either. I like where we sit, compared with these Republicans we are doing just awesome!

“I’ll make you a deal. You stop telling lies about me and I’ll stop telling the truth about you!” – Adilli Stevenson

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