Right Before Your Eyes

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I think that it is best in a world of conspiracy theories not to invite more conspiracy theories. The Mormons have genealogy project attempting to trace their ancestors back to Adam and Eve. Good luck with that; with a couple of dozen or so centuries of loose and shoddy paperwork. The United Nations commissioned a study on the world’s fisheries and found the world harvest was declining for every nation on Earth, except China. Heads were scratched, despite polluted waters and an antiquated fleet. How did China pull it off? Simple, they lied.

It isn’t a moral failing; it’s baked into the system. The state gives the fisherman a quota, and the fisherman’s pay depends on making that quota. So maybe you are a few fish short? A quick transaction with the inspector and problem solved. An old Soviet era humor says, “Comrade, why are you buying shoes?” Because I want vodka! Every transaction based on barter and corruption; you wash my back I wash yours. There is no vodka in the state liquor store but with a pair of shoes and a few rubles vodka could be had. The black market becomes the white market, and the white market becomes the wholesale supplier for the black market. More money changing hands out the back door than out the front.

An old expression says, “To fully understand the Chinese, you must be Chinese.” A highly nuanced culture don’t think for one minute that you are going to fly in from Atlanta and put them on the hot seat. This is a totalitarian dictatorship where the Party wouldn’t hesitate to execute you and charge your family for the bullets. With the wrong attitude you would disappear faster than Jell-O shots at a frat party.

“In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” – Hunter S. Thompson

You play the game, or you become the game. So, are we going to play “Beat the Reaper” for real? “Name that virus!” Okay Chet, for twenty-five points and a chance to enter the golden triangle where did the Corona virus come from? “Monkey’s butt fucking in trees?” No, I’m sorry Chet; the correct answer is an evil Chinese weapons lab. “But Faux News said it was the monkeys! OAN might have said weapons lab, but let’s go with the most trusted source here!”

I’m not saying it wasn’t a Chinese weapons lab built with stolen blueprints from the United States. Or even bats or monkeys, only that we will never know. Anymore than you can identify the fish that brushed your leg in the lake. You will never know. Through national pride and Party dogma even the Chinese couldn’t find out if they wanted to. But okay, let’s open up that can of worms. Back in 2012, some miners got sick, and some of them died from flu like symptoms. Was is Covid? Could be? Was it the flu? Could be? I’m certain in rural China they keep meticulous records on patients with flu like symptoms in wintertime and hang onto them for years!

We’ve just confirmed space aliens and now this! If only Rush Limbaugh could have lived to see this. It would have kept his black heart beating for another year at least. But a deal is a deal, and when the devil calls for your soul, you got to cough it up. But this is like a Republican Christmas Party only without the minors. They will feast on the bones of the Wuhan Virus as it so nicely fits into their racist agenda. A two for, an excuse to let Trump off the hook and racist to boot!

I’m not a biological weapons scientist, but aren’t their better weapons platforms than Covid? “Oh, it’s great! It has a three percent kill rate after only just six weeks!” There are chemical weapons with a 100% kill rate after twenty minutes on the shelf, no money down. One hundred years of chemical and biological weapons research has it down to a science. No mystery left on how to kill humans. It’s simple, anyone can do it. In America, anyone.

Or maybe a bat infected with a virus bit a goat and the goat became infected and was eaten by a human who then became ill. I know, it sounds boring as hell. You cannot fill Faux News schedule with shit like that. How could Tucker Carlson do an hour on bats? How could they blame the Democrats for bats in China? Instead, the Reich wing radio air waves will crackle. “Just down the street from a pizza parlor we are all familiar with lies the secret Chinese weapons lab that Joe Biden and the Democrats ignored.”

Nothing less then picking gnat shit out of pepper, a fool’s errand. But we know where the fools live, don’t we? And we will never hear the end of this…ever. And there will never be a resolution to the question, like who shot JFK. Every theory spawning a counter theory and every counter theory debunked by a witness who forgot they were on scene thirty years ago. “Yes, I remember that day! I saw the Chinese place the virus in boxes marked, “Operation Defeat Trump – Secret Walmart Distribution Center USA.”

There have been pandemics since before recorded history. It starts with one person and is invisible until it reaches thousands by which time too much information has been lost. “I think I’m related to Adam on my mother’s side. See, I had this uncle, and he married this woman and she said that she was related to Adam. Had it wrote down in her Bible and everything. You can’t argue with proof like that!” Tonight, on Faux News, “What other deadly viruses are the Chinese cooking up for us now?” It is extremely possible to weaponize a virus. If you can weaponize a pizza parlor, you can weaponize a virus. Watch, the Republicans will do it right before your eyes.

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