“What’s the Capitol of Narnia?”

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It’s a good news bad news scenario, the good news. The Biden Justice Department will sue the State of Georgia over its voting law changes. Bad news for Republicans in Georgia about to be put on the Federal grill just in time for elections. That’s right fellas, your name in the headlines every day! The really good news is the Justice Department will base its case on the spoken words of the Georgia Republican leadership themselves. First, they complained publicly and loudly about the effect absentee voting would have on Republicans. Then they marched down Peach Tree Street to the Capitol building and did something about it. All done with the subtlety of a poll tax or a pole ax. “Juss count them jellybeans son, en then maybe, we’ll let you vote.”

Loose lips sink ships. “The president said it best, this will be extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia,” – David Ralston (R) Speaker of the Georgia House. Holy Mudhead Mackerel we’ve got to do something! “This will certainly drive-up turnout,” No mention of voter fraud in these communications. No fears of bamboo ballots or North Korean operatives. No fears of smuggled ballots or crooked vote counts. No fears of the Justice Department, oh wait, Trump didn’t win. A bill written in the halcyon hallucinations of Trump World in the Sky with Diamonds. Someone is now going to check their homework they never thought they would have to turn in.

The Georgia Law is written from the premise that the intent is to protect voter integrity when out of the mouths of the Georgia Legislators themselves, it is to suppress the turn out. As blatant as writing it in a storefront window or buying radio spots. It’s one of those questions we all ask ourselves, would we rather be the King of the Insane Asylum, or would we rather escape? Escape offers only freedom, while confinement offers the chance to be Napoleon with a robe and scepter. Sure, it’s only a bathrobe and a toilet brush but you are how they say in France? Le big shot. A toad singing bass in a choir of toads singing bass, Queen for a day.

The good news, expect the law to be struck down by the Federal Court. The bad news, expect the issue to go all the way to the extreme court. Brett Kavanaugh is settling in nicely; the parking attendant now says good morning. That’s alright, he didn’t want to hang around a bunch of nerds and geeks anyway. And there’s a black guy and some chicks, but they aren’t hot or anything. Kavanagh’s drunken frat boy rulings are upsetting even Clarence Thomas. “Listen here, I know about pubic hair and alcohol. You listen to me when I’m talking to you boy! You can’t just keep making shit up. You have to use the book sometimes.” For a generation Republicans have claimed Liberals are legislating from the bench. Brother Brett just makes it up as he goes. Writing that the courts, not Congress, have the right to decide standing. A slight deviation from the norm over two hundred years in the making. “Dude, You’re harshing my vibes.”

Falling back on the super majority to legislate from the bench until you lose Clarence Thomas. The man who ruled school Principals have the right to read little girls twitter feeds and punish them accordingly thinks Kavanaugh goes too far. But it’s a long time from May to December. A long time before the case reaches the stratosphere. Relations are considered cordial but cool. No one attended Brett’s court session opening keggar or his one-on-one basketball challenge. Making a case for expanding the Supreme Court all by himself.

In the court’s current form, they would affirm the red queen’s right to cut off everyone’s head. Dred Scott is still property and child labor is Constitutional. An activist Conservative Court that even Clarence Thomas doesn’t like.  Visions and reflections of an overprivileged drunken frat boy. I’d like him better if he had done just one day of hard physical work. Built a garage on a hot summer day or loaded a truck with furniture. Just one scintilla of real existence. Just one scrap of evidence to show me you live in the same world as I do.

Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered
I’ve seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.
Woody Guthrie

A political Party fighting for its survival by limiting the vote of their fellow Americans. A political Party that says, If we can’t win we’ll just change the rules. A Party with ideas so heinous they choose name calling over debate, theory or fact. With no thought or intention of expanding their Party or luring new voters to their side. They think the key to victory is by suppressing the opposition. That is by definition,  the dregs.

The economy is picking up speed. After years of income barely keeping up with inflation, wages rose by fifteen cents an hour this month. The pandemic is going away and despite Republican forecasts of doom the economy continues to improve. The Democratic Governor of California will pay five billion dollars in back rent to Republican Landlords. Democrats want to expand the child tax credit. Republicans want you to count the jellybeans. Who was President before Millard Fillmore? How many hectares in an acre? What is Scooby Do’s real name? We propose the Poll Workers Safety Act, by closing the polls at three o’clock in the afternoon we will ensure their safety. That way poll workers won’t have to risk their lives driving home in the dark. “What’s the Capitol of Narnia?”

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”
― Maximilien Robespierre

Please Like and Share, Some people see the glass as half empty, I see Republicans fucked in the head

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