Tough Guys

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Three states have filed lawsuits to force their governors to reinstate Federal unemployment benefits. In a fourth state, Tennessee the residents are begging. Guess who has the best chance of success? Weigh this up on the Republican scales. Tens of thousands of citizens  impoverished by state fiat and positive publicity in the Reich wing media sphere plus the sunshine of Donald Trump’s love. It’s just an example of those Republicans marched out into the woods on a moonless night now lost with no way to get back home. A Maryland state judge issued a temporary restraining order. In Indiana, the court ruled in favor of the unemployed, but the state has failed to budge.

All of these states have covenants requiring state office holders to do everything they can to aid and assist their citizens. Kind of a “do your damn job statute without any more of your back talk.” Almost a quarter million unemployed in Indiana, almost a million in Texas, four million nationwide used as Republican click bait. Poor Tennessee empty porridge bowl in their hands, “please sir.” In a Republican Administration they’ll be lucky if they aren’t mocked. Or had a law passed, “Henceforth, you cannot pester the governor of Tennessee with your begging!”

The senseless cruelty of it; Sam appropriates money for citizens in need. Greg trying to impress Don and look good on Faux News says “You don’t need it! Get off your lazy backside and get a job!” Abracadabra problem solved! I got on TV and looked like a tough guy too! Don’t you like my Republican strength? I don’t care how many children go hungry or landlords don’t get paid! We’re tough and when we say, “Get back to work, you get back to work.” A world of Republican absolutism, black/white, up/down, Bible says, Trump/Trump, take/take.

First the utilities don’t get paid, then the landlord begins sticking notes on the door. You don’t have the money to move, so you abandon all but your dearest treasures and move into your car. If you can’t pay your rent, you certainly can’t buy your medicine. Maybe you still have food stamps, but it is hard to cook in a Buick with no place to plug in the refrigerator. They are damaged, but they aren’t broken yet. Live like that for a year or two. No credit/bad credit even with a job that would pay the rent it would be difficult to find an apartment. Without a home it’s hard to get a job and without a job it hard to keep a home. But hardest of all is to put someone back together after you’ve torn them apart for no good reason.

Greg Abbott in his toga at the Texas Roman Colosseum gives his thumbs down on the unemployed. “Throw them to the lions!” Looking for admiration from the orange sun god. Have you no workhouses? By today’s Republican standards, Scrooge was a Liberal. Somewhere between Mitt Romney and Genghis Kahn. (Famous Republican Liberal) If there was some requirement to repay the money, the states might have a leg to stand on but this is, “Hey, hand this to that guy over there.” Almost Biblical backwards Jesus. “Helping people is wrong! Turning the healthy to lepers and blinding the sighted. Just for fun, why not take down all the street signs? That would make it harder on folks to find a job. They’d know that you were tough! Boy back in my day trees were taller, and we didn’t have a fire and a nice warm cave to sit around in all day.

An optimist sees the glass as half full. A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. A Liberal says, “we need a bigger glass.” A Republican says, “Who the hell has been drinking my water!” They see the devil in the smoke rings who follows them home at night. I guess it was a post on Facebook that set me off. So, I’ll ask you. Would you rather pay a million dollars a year in taxes, or would you rather be broke as shit in rural Kentucky? In this post they complained about all gosh darn taxes we have to pay (On Independence Day no less.) that folks didn’t have to pay back in them good old days. There’s the telephone tax, a hundred and fifty years ago we didn’t have to pay that. We could just hitch up the wagon and come ask you ourselves. No tax on electricity, stand out in the yard and be struck by lighting free! No highway taxes and no highways.

On a highway moves commerce, (I shouldn’t have to explain this.) and by building a highway we expand commerce that makes everyone’s life better. It brings you valuable goods and services as well as opportunities for your own employment. But it’s a bummer man. Everybody has to pay for this shit. So we institute a gas tax to pay proportionately for the amount of road and travel you use. It’s the same old story morning glory; Republican’s charge Democrats want everything for free but cry the loudest when the check arrives at the table. Swearing they left their wallet in their other pants.

The one charge that really gets my hackles up is “The Social Security tax,” Do you pay a car insurance tax and a home insurance tax? You suddenly become disabled, and somebody will send you a check. Live long enough, and they’ll send you a check every month just for fun even if you live to be a hundred and thirty. That doesn’t sound like a tax to me that sounds like a bargain. A bargain for this country. Think of all the retirement communities’ recreational vehicles and snippy little dogs Social Security has allowed. Yes, you will have to pay the real estate tax and the recreational vehicle tax and the get a dog license. Before Social Security, the elderly was the poorest demographic in America. Hypothermia was the second leading cause of death among the elderly.

If you gathered together all the famous Kings and Queens of Europe. All of the famous people from the past. The average American has a higher standard of living. Central heat, air conditioning, a flush toilet. Interstate Highway Systems, electricity, refrigeration and the internet. I can post a picture of my Willie worldwide with the push of a button. Could Queen Victoria say that?  To bitch about taxes and paying the bills while living as 1% of life on earth lives.

Let them eat cake! They don’t look so hungry to me. In the long run it is cheaper to help people than it is to break them. Only you don’t get to look as tough.

“In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice…the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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