Mud, Madness and Melancholy

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Every day I read some article or other overloaded with doom and gloom. Donald Trump is gonna do this or do that. Then his supporters are going take over the air force get their hands on the nuclear stockpile and reinstate Donald Trump as President. I’m not buying it. Trumpanzee has run for office twice and lost in the popular vote both times. (And he’s less popular now than he was six months ago.) Elected on a fluke, performed badly. Attempted to subvert the election, performed badly. Attempting a post presidential Rod Serling existence of a strange being from a strange time, out of place and yes, performing badly. I have this theory that good doesn’t really defeat evil. That evil being evil performs badly allowing good to win by default. With the yellow mopped blow hard you could formalize that theory, fatten it up some, and take it to market.

The Allies once contemplated bombing the Fuhrer’s weekend retreat. Then it was explained that if they killed Hitler the Germans might put someone competent in charge. A key allied weapon in the defeat of Germany was keeping Hitler in power. In the end the Allies bombed his house with pornography. Hitler hated pornography so rather than try to kill him they opted just to piss him off with porn. “If your enemy is irritable, irritate them.”

But I understand, let’s frighten everyone and make them too afraid not to vote. Make them think the world is hanging by a thread and only you and the Valkyries can save it. I understand that this is a strategy carefully thought out by high paid analysts who promise to do the same thing for your campaign they did for Nutella. Napoleon said something to the effect (I couldn’t find the quote.) of when you build a fortress you are inviting in defeat. Hide behind walls of fear and hope the boogie man doesn’t get in. I was speaking with a Trumper the other day. (Yes, that happens.) I said, “Joe Biden saved me ten thousand dollars on my income tax. What did Trump ever do for you? Instead of paying the IRS, I’m getting a check back! What did Donald Trump ever do for you?” The conversation lagged from that point on.

We had this terrible pandemic and every day the numbers just went up and up. Hospitals were overwhelmed with dead bodies stacked like cordwood in refrigerated trucks. “It’ll just disappear, wait and see.” Incompetence with a cherry on top. Trumpy puts Pence in charge of his virus taskforce. Pence begins news conferences. Trumpy discovers news conferences as a new venue to put mug in a camera lens and pushes Pence out of the way. Were it not dancing with death it would be hysterical. Solutions aren’t important, camera time, camera time is what is important. Joe Biden made the pandemic go away.

The infrastructure package creeps through Congress and if it passes. Road builders and construction companies across America are going to be mighty happy. Equipment salesman and suppliers will be incredibly happy. Rental houses and even the guy who sells the orange traffic barrels. What did Donald Trump ever do for you?

My aunt Dorothy was a very strait-laced person. She didn’t like smoking, drinking, gambling or any of the joys of life and had hard opinions on all three. But inside of that strait-laced attitude was a general sense of fairness. She didn’t want to win if she had to cheat. You are not going to tell my Aunt Dorothy that those were tourists or Antifa ransacking the Capitol. Save your breath any mother with children has heard all the bullshit stories they need to hear. Registered Republicans are leaving the Party in droves.

First, New Mexico went blue and then Nevada and then Arizona and Texas teeters on the brink. Can anyone name the three blue states that have gone red? They ain’t none. The electorate is getting younger and bluer. The Republican base is getting older and smaller and more extreme. It’s kind of hard to go to the Republican Party planning session when the guy next to you is wearing a Nazi tee shirt. Bye, bye independent voters. Bye, bye Reagan Democrats nothing here but us Q followers. When my father was a boy, spittoons were common. But then chewing  tobacco became socially unacceptable. Something done by rednecks and no accounts or those feeling the need to carrying a rifle around in a grocery store. And likewise, being a Republican is something that will be looked down upon by polite society. “He’s a Republican, but he’s house broke. He isn’t in the Klan or a Proud boy or anything, and probably won’t steal nothing!”

What exactly is the Republican agenda? There ain’t none! They stand in the center of their crater and cry like refugees in a UNICEF commercial, “look what’s been done to us! Trump was robbed. Nobody can be trusted; everyone is trying to cheat us!”

Republicans in New Mexico’s recent special election reported that their strategy had worked so well, that Republicans stayed home rather than voting in the crooked election. This is their strategy for 2022, Trump was robbed vote for me! Trumpy is popular with the Republican base, no one knows how that will translate two years after what’s his name has left office. Because Trumpy is banned from social media he can’t comment on the day’s events, and he becomes irrelevant. He’s tried blogging but that didn’t last because it was ah, work. Lots of Professional wrestling, MMA fights and NASCAR races before election day, plenty of time to forget.

Never has the wind been fairer as the political pendulum swings in our direction. A generation of children raised on the horrors of Republicanism want no further part in it. All the Republicans have left is mud, madness and melancholy. Joe Biden has stood up for teachers and fire fighters, trans youth and women. I like our chances in 2022. I have more faith in the voting public than I sometimes let on. I don’t know maybe I’m naïve, but I think the public knows the difference between a dollar and a kick in the head. 

“This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

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