Ripping Off Yankee’s for 100 Years

Falling through the unvierse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

A customer once told me Florida was the greatest state to be in the construction business. No matter how good you build anything the salt air and humidity would slowly destroy it. Anything that survived the caustic atmosphere would be taken out by the next hurricane. Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are the only Florida Counties requiring building inspections, at all period. Now, it gets highly political from here on out because of the competing beliefs of government roles.

Now democrats believe in building inspectors to make sure proper construction technics are followed. The buildings are then inspected periodically to protect the safety of the public. Republicans believe that you should just trust the contractor and god. Get big government off your back! They are 100% correct in this assessment until a building falls in on your head. Then you want big government to come and get the rubble off your back. Having been a president of an HOA, I can only imagine how the meeting went after the Condo board announced the building needed nine million dollars in repairs. Ouch, you are seventy and moved to Florida on a retirement income and your share of the building repair assessment is over $100,000.

The condo board did what any condo board would do. They panicked and kicked the can down the road thinking if they ignored the problem maybe it would go away, or they would go away. In two years, the repair assessment grew to fifteen million dollars. Someone on the board needed to sign the paperwork entangling the owners of the condo with millions of dollars in debt and bankrupting most of the residents.

When you are talking about real estate and corruption the names go together like Jesse and James. Florida recently celebrated their centennial of real estate corruption. “Ripping off Yankees for 100 years.” With the rise of the railroads, wealthy Yankee’s made their way to Florida to escape the winter cold. Ever since, Florida has led the way in real estate crime. Developers used to put up billboards, Coming soon, “Olympic size swimming pool with luxurious club house!” You can’t do that anymore, Florida Law. For some odd reason, the contractor would always go broke before breaking ground on the clubhouse leaving the development with an empty lot and an Olympic size field of weeds.

Soil survey’s (Florida Law) Sir, you didn’t by ocean front property you bought the ocean floor. Many a Yankee has discovered too late that their property was home to the Ocean tide on moon lit nights. On any Florida beach you’ll find sand but go five miles inland and you’ll find more sand. Go twenty miles inland, even more sand. And what do we remember from what the Bible told us about a man foolishly building his house on a foundation of sand?

Florida Governor Ron DeSatan has been hanging close to the ruins of Surfside towers. It is very important the Governor glom as many headlines as possible from the tragedy made in part by his complicity. The governor has nothing to do here but look serious and get in the way. Of course, he will defend the flag over someone else’s death.

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that condominiums in Florida are “kind of a dime a dozen, particularly in southern Florida,” but he would not commit to any state action to address concerns about the aging buildings, suggesting that Champlain Towers South “had problems from the start.”

Wait! What? Those condos are a dime a dozen but this one had problems from the start. That sounds more like a good reason to inspect than not to inspect. This one was bad, but the rest should be good because  they are all the same. But under the conservative construct just because a building falls down and kills a whole lot of people. That’s no reason to go off half-cocked spending money trying to keep it from happening again. What are the chances?

Last week the city of North Miami Beach evacuated Crestview Towers Condominiums. Building inspectors found an unsafe structure and electrical problems. A day later, a low-rise condo development was evacuated due to unsafe flooring and damage to exterior walls. Only two counties in Florida require building inspections. Because building inspections are bad for business! Florida caters to real estate developers not to unsuspecting Yankees who think laws that laws are put in place to protect them. Comedian Ron White was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in Florida. White explained, “It was Florida, I didn’t think they had any…laws.”

That’s just a pro-business economy. Laws just get in the way, requiring people who know what they are doing to do it. A lot of the focus at the Surfside collapse involves the pool and the pool deck. Improperly constructed but signed off on by the county. The deck was improperly repaired making the problem even worse. But we saved a bundle by using a fly by night company. “He told me he’s done this once before!”

Florida condo sales had been booming and the Surfside collapse is expected to put a damper on sales. The insurance industry is also expected to put a damper on sales. As if they needed another reason not to insure property in Florida. If you own a condo in Florida, there is a letter from the insurance company with bad news coming soon with your name on it.  These companies are forced to write large checks, while politicians can make lame excuses.

Even before the bodies can be recovered and buried Ron DeSatan makes it clear Florida is open for business. And won’t be hampered by a few dozen dead Floridians. Just because one building collapsed from improper construction, delayed maintenance and a caustic environment. Is no reason to assume any of the thousands of others would collapse for the same reasons. Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightening and the lightening bug.” Living in Florida and just visiting Florida is the difference between alligator clips and alligators.

Donald Dickface is not running for President, no matter what he tells Shawn Hannity. Another embarrassing loss would be too much for the ego. So, Ron DeSantis thinks he’s presidential timber. But pay attention; A building just fell in killing over 100 people and the Governor will do nothing to protect anyone living in a Florida condominium. Nothing that might force a developer to reach in their pockets and do a building inspection. Nothing that might reduce a developer’s or investors profits. President DeSantis on 9-11 “Well, there are lots of buildings in New York. No reason to think a terrorist group would ever try that again.”

Joe Biden met with the Governor and the mayor of Miami. When Biden told the mayor, the Federal Government would pick up the cost of the rescue efforts she was visibly relieved. Twelve hours later, governor DeSatan announced the state would also help with the county’s effort. Would Desantis have offered state help if Biden hadn’t publicly offered Federal assistance? Not a chance, Joe Biden painted DeSatan into a corner and made him look like the headline jumping creep that he is. DeSantis isn’t going to inspect buildings or check the water or do anything to protect Floridians. This is a Florida pro-business economy; we just want your money. We don’t give a shit about you! Every Yankee tourist equals three bails of cotton and is twice as easy to pick.

I like Florida. Everything is in the 80’s. The temperatures, the ages and the IQ’s. – George Carlin

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