“Finish Him!”

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

There is an old Japanese expression which says, “The nail which sticks up will be hammered down.” Jake Angeli, who made his name breaking into the US Capitol in a horned headdress and face paint languishes in a jail cell in an undisclosed location. While scrolling through the radio dial the other night, I came across Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck? He was a Faux News big shot back when Tucker Carlson was still in short pants and a bow tie. Beck got too big for his britches and went out on his own going to climb that media empire mountain to the top only to end up languishing  on a ledge at the snow line of the late-night AM radio dial.

Beck and company were discussing the wickedness and evil cruelty of keeping Angeli in an isolation cell. Gee, all he did was violently break into a federal building with the intention of disrupting the government. Christ, you don’t have to go around picking on people! Beck and fellow troglodytes cheered indefinite detention at Guantanamo and family separation but cry Mother Cabrini tears when the leader of a violent mob is held in isolation. Kept alone in his cell without company or companion. But Angeli isn’t in isolation, he’s in protective custody. Isolation is when they keep you away from all the other prisoners. Protective custody is when they keep all the other prisoners away from you!

It seems there is a hierarchy among jail inmates criminologist tell us. And apparently getting arrested in buffalo robes and face paint howling like a hyena is on that lowest level. Even criminals have some pride and take offense at amateurs making them look bad. Like a person who can’t dance but thinks they can and according to the American code of criminals (Revised: 1958) . The stupidest mother fucker in the jail house gets his ass beat! It’s automatic and there is no appeal process. The only reprieve is if someone gets arrested for doing something even stupider. But hey, look in the mirror. Buffalo robes and face paint, you’re doomed!

The contortions that are required jumping through flaming hoops trying to explain it all away. Back in the good ole days, they defended Trumpy’s locker room talk. Boys will be boys! Then the roof just sort of fell in. Until an American talk show host even of tiny proportions is on the airwaves defending violent crime against the brutal repression of civil law enforcement. Wrong is right, inside is outside here in backward land. Beck then went after the FBI. Those corrupt bastards, “You know Robert Mueller was in charge of the FBI during 9-11…huh? Huh?” What other evidence do you need? Sure, it would give Stretch Armstrong a hernia, but take off your thinking cap and set a spell.

All of the Republicans are praying and making burnt offerings to the November sun gods. All their hopes and all their fears with all their hopes for future years depend on the mid-term elections in 2022. A lot of folks out there want to scare you, I want to encourage you. The 2022 mid-terms are when the video game screams, “Finish Him!” Republican defeats in the 2022 mid-terms are the wooden stake through the heart of the vampire Trump. If the Democrats can hold the House, it’s Dorothy throwing water on the witch time. Trump will have no power and will melt away. Will you let the monster escape? Only you can prevent Donald Trump from returning to power. Just one more shove and the lemmings will start to jump.

The recent book revelations fly too fast to keep up with. Suffice to say the Trump Administration was far worse than anything you or Hollywood could possibly have ever imagined, and you are up to date. General Mark Millie says, he feared Trump would attempt a coup! Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Major General Misses Coup Attempt! Trump defends himself with the same excuse he used defending rape charges. If I was gonna coup, it wouldn’t be with you. Trump is like a Magic 8 ball, there are only so many answers on the cube and eventually you’ve heard them all. Ask again later, A major General and a major moron are arguing over whether Trump would attempt a Coup. Trump did attempt a coup and so did Jake Angeli. The crime is not Angeli in jail; The crime is that Trump is not in jail.

As with any cult of personality loyalty becomes ultimate divider of the pure at heart or the dangerous heretic. “You are loyal comrade, but are you loyal enough?” Say Trump didn’t win the election and you’re out. Say the Arizona recount is a farce and you’re out. Say the election was fair and you’re out. Remember the woman who replaced Liz Cheney? Exactly! Keep your damn mouth shut. The invective becomes louder and the charges more extreme, enough to make the cops into the bad guys and the criminals’ good guys and the Party is extinguished. Taken to the end of the American political spectrum pantsed and made ludicrous.

The greatest weapon we have against Donald Trump is Donald Trump himself and his affect on the Republican Party. Leading them down the garden path to Gullible Island one extreme step at a time. Locker room talk, rape, impeachment crimes, insurrection and coup de tat. Don’t fear the battle, fear only the loss of the battle for without victory you would not want to survive anyway. You and I have it our power to end the greatest threat to democracy since the Civil War, and all we have to do is show up.

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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