Kingdom of the Roaches

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The destruction of language is a beautiful thing. The eroding of truth and the banning of ideas on the road to dystopia. The excitement of Republicans with a new Rosinante hobby horse out to slay the biggest straw man they can find. Critical, critical race theory. The teaching that the White race somehow someplace did things less than appropriate across our recent past is wrong. It’s wrong to teach that White society is racist because that would be racist. We shouldn’t teach about the Holocaust because the Nazis were racist and so to teach about it must be racist…right? What an effective canard, Let’s have the Red Guard storm through our lives painting out all of society we find uncomfortable. A Kultural Revolution with orange Mao and a big Mac.

But history lasts longer than barn paint and at best doesn’t hide the unspoken truth. The things people know about you but wouldn’t say to you. The Texas Senate moves to strip required civil rights lessons from schools. I’m sure to the home folks this looks good. “Yea Ha! Go get some more books daddy, and we’ll build and even bigger fire!” This is what people will know about Texas worldwide. “Yall go ahead laugh and giggle at your fine joke. This is what people will know about Texas.  The place where the power goes out and everyone is drunk and carries a gun.

“Mrs. Hoover, my history book is missing pages. It goes from chapter seven to chapter ten.” Nothing important happened Billy. There will be at least one question about the Civil War on the test. “What years was the Civil War fought?” Easy enough to do, school children believe what you tell them especially if given poor marks for asking questions. Hysteria feeds its own fire. You burn down one library and then you wanna burn down another. You ban teaching uncomfortable lessons from school and then shut down a museum exhibit about the Alamo because the governor didn’t like the slant. Kinda of a North Korean, “Howdy Y’all!”

Because the official truth is a lie, and a lie is the official truth you cannot believe the truth or the lie as both are equally false. If they are telling me a lie, maybe it’s even worse than they are letting on. Maybe there is a dark cabal somewhere. Maybe they are trying to take your freedom away. Somewhere some how evil people are doing evil until late into the night. The vaccine is experimental, it’s only been tested on couple of hundred million people. “Look! I’m magnetic, this aluminum key sticks to me! The vaccine did that!” And if you send one hundred dollars to Pat Robertson’s ministry for Pat Robertson, you’ll receive this postage stamp sized bumper sticker that says, “I love Jesus till it hurts!”

Reports of a homeless couple pan handling and harassing passer byes on the streets of Riverside, California, turned out to be incorrect. It was Matt Gaetz and Marge Greene, not homeless people but the same sort of grifting. Their save America rally had been bounced from it’s third location. Yelling from the sidewalk that they would not be cancelled; they were quite effectively cancelled. Ancient saying says, “When microphone have nothing to plug into and no roof overhead,  you’re cancelled.” Not because of their political ideas but it’s Riverside and it’s hard to get attention without some serious effort. Gaetz and Greene are out campaigning and fundraising outside of their Congressional districts, and no one asks, “Why?” They are saving America. “From what?” From… from things, things we don’t like. Liberals and Communists and them! “Who do I make that check out too?”

Because the Republican Faux News walkin bathtub shoppers are fed a steady diet of fear it becomes self-perpetuating. There is a Reich wing theory the Surfside condo collapse was an inside job to kill one witness with information about Jeffery Epstein. The obvious “Gravity theory ” is discounted to the fantastical criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder. They are gonna take your guns! Joe Biden wants to go door to door giving out shots but trust me…it’s your guns he’s after! Bamboo ballots and Hunter Biden’s laptops.

Faux past and faux present equal faux future. A perforated abbreviated condensed and approved history of the past with a lot of white out and missing pages. Singing songs about the glory of our tractor factory workers and our happiness living and working on the collective farm. They become what they most hate because there is only one way to dictate reality and that is with coercion. Saner Republicans who don’t sign on to the big lie theory find their lives threatened as thought criminals. Unemployment rose in Missouri despite the governor gutting enhanced unemployment benefits. “Yeah, we hurt people, but they deserved it, they were being lazy.”

To get the attention they crave, they must out extreme each other to keep the camera on them. Each proposing more heinous legislation. Until reality becomes a dirty shop rag, a National Enquirer theme park big as Texas. Nancy Pelosi sleeps with polar bears, and General Millie wears women’s clothes.  Trump will be reinstated August 13th, mark your calendars now! Good hotel rooms are still available!

In they kingdom of they roaches they fears everythin, even they freedom. There she was a juss waiting for em, waiting in they humid darkness of them pine forests. But she weren’t no water what made em scared. She was they fear, fear what was bread into em. Escaping they Hio weren’t no test of strength a tall, she was in yer mind. Weighted down by iron shackles in they minds. In a world ruled by fear, they gains they freedom by overcoming her. Once they heat, crime, thirst, en hunger, done took your fear… you’s free. Then they weren’t scared no more en they water, she dint mean nothin; either way they made it, either way they’s free. – Dayfall

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