Other People with First Amendment Rights

Falling through the unvierse at the speed of life (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

By David Glenn Cox

Shhh, the obese female is getting ready to perform her aria. Despite being endorsed by Suspect #1 and endorsed by Texas Governor, Greg Abbott. Susan Wright lost her election bid in Texas 6th district  special runoff election which wasn’t even that close. I’m rejoicing, Twump love is non-transferable. Just because they love Twump, doesn’t mean they will automatically love you. It means they won’t put their last three dollars in the Oldsmobile to come vote for you. This isn’t to say Twump supporters have gone away or gone underground. They are still out there, but their enthusiasm has fled the state like the Democratic Legislature.

They still love the cause but sit on the back porch now most days remembering their glory time like decrepit Civil War veterans. “Boy, back in the day Twump could sure stir them up. That was a long time ago. It might not look like much now, but boy back in the day it was really something!” The Republican Party flails itself in penance and old lace in supplication to the orange Godzilla. The Republican voters in Texas just said, “Donald Who?” This endorsing of candidates who don’t win is getting to be a bit of a habit. Donald Trump’s endorsement and a buck will buy you a Coke at McDonalds.

When little Jackie Paper no longer goes down to the lane the dragon’s scales fall like rain. If a dragon falls in the woods, does it make a sound?  Texas Governor, Greg Abbott is still holding his breath like a millennial parent. After signing the first arrest warrant for the runaway Democrats. “Noah, you get back over here right now. Don’t make me tell you again! Noah, are you listening to me? Do you want me to put you in time out? I will you know! Okay, that’s it. A time out for you! Noah, are you listening? I’m gonna count to three! If you’re not over here by the time I get to three, I’ll start counting again! Noah, are you listening? One…”

The raucous Caucus, the pro insurrection wing of the Republican Party learned a valuable lesson about free speech. Namely, that everyone has it. A planned stunt in the form of a press conference to distract from the January 6th hearing eroded to an ode to the Olympic Games. With the ceremonial running of the Congressional Republican fifty-yard dash. All the top Nazi brass were in attendance, Gaetz, Gosar, Greene and Louie Gohmert, the self-anointed, self-admitted dumbest man in Congress. You know, Republicans aren’t for anything. Without outrage they would be made mute. And so, it was the Nazi bigwigs took to the street to protest the treatment of violent insurrectionists. Accused criminals and thugs who came to Washington with the goal of aggrandizing themselves while tearing down the country, protesting the treatment of incarcerated insurrectionists.

Reporters and cameramen set up in a classic line of battle, with them on one side and us on the other. It was like the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. “There is a helicopter overhead and it’s pulling a banner,”  you just knew something was about to happen. Marge Failure Greene, who lost her committee assignments for being disruptive, complains because others are being disruptive. Matt Gaetz the man trying to silence claims of sex trafficking of minors, declares the protestors are trying silence him. I don’t want him silenced; I want him incarcerated. He can say whatever he likes from the Federal Penitentiary.

It was like an old John Wayne wagon train picture, the Congresspeople pulling the wagons into a circle and were being set upon by the angry natives. “Are you a pedophile Mr. Gaetz? Are you a pedophile?” The outrage, they’d come to tell America the awful story of woe and the mistreatment of suspected violent criminals and their First Amendment Rights were being violated. In a daring move, Gaetz and Greene broke from the wagon train headed for Fort, The fuck out of here! Vowing to send back help to the others once they’d reached safety. The remainder stood alone stone faced, knowing that ninety percent of the cameras had just left following the Olympic sprinters. And that promising to send help is just one of those things Republicans say to one another, they never really mean it. (Don’t worry Nixon; we got your back!) But what it actually meant was, “Shows over folks!” The show is over in more ways than one. Five Republican Congress critters on the streets of Washington D.C. with thirty minutes,  camera men and TV equipment could not draw a crowd or attract a tour bus. They were outnumbered by other people with First Amendment rights.

Rand Paul the drinking game is now in effect. Every time Rand says or does something stupid; we all have to take a shot. Critter Paul delivered a criminal complaint to the Justice Department the other day against Dr. Fauci. (Drink up!)  It is pretty easy to see why Rand’s neighbor beat the crap out of him. Pee Wee Herman gets thrown off his bike declaring, “I meant to do that! I’ll show him, I’ll file a complaint with the H.O.A!” But the problem with living in super charged fantastical land is you can’t just cry wolf anymore. You must cry super charged fantastical Hillary Clinton Liberal Socialist Commie wolf. The DOJ will file Paul’s complaint in the circular file and Faux News will run with it.

A lie is the only thing in the world that the more you add to it to embellish it. The more the embellishment detracts from it. What is gained in enhanced detail is subtracted from in strained credibility. Republican Congressman defending the worst of the worst, in an effort to deflect from their own January 6th culpability. A stunt so badly thought out, and so poorly performed as to make you wonder if Rudy Giuliani wasn’t waiting for them at the Four Seasons.  Painting themselves into a corner defending felons, defending insurrection, sedition and murder. Prostrating themselves and tearing at their hair in ashes and sack cloth to the glory of the golden ass. Thinking the Twump Maginot line is all they need for protection. They are unprepared for the Blitzkrieg, “Are you a pedophile Mr. Gaetz? Mr. Gaetz are you a pedophile?”

What doesn’t transmit light creates its own darkness.”
― Marcus Aurelius,

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