“The Naked Soul of Man”

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

A person who does not understand Irony will find it more often than those who do. Matt (Thank heaven for little girls.) Gaetz, is a Fascist Congressman and Eddie Munster stunt double. He presents himself at the gates of the Department of Corrections and demands to be let in. You can take a minute with that if you like. It’s worth more than a passing glance. Not for himself mind you, oh no, not for himself. He’s concerned about those poor January 6th pilgrims. They’re being oppressed in jail and Gaetz has heard stories of beatings and torture and things that go bump in the night.

Gaetz is obviously new to the incarceration racket. Assuming you just knock on the door and demand to be let in to look around. He is unaware of the power trip most jail administers are often guilty of. The whole, “I’m in charge here scumbag, so shut your filthy hole.” He’s new, he’ll learn! But if I were facing child sex trafficking charges, kicking sand at the Department of Corrections is the last place that you would find me. It takes inestimable courage or takes cluelessness to a whole new level.

This is the second stop of the “On my sword or on my sword” tour. Yesterday, as you remember in Chapter one. Our plucky band of heroes ran for their lives as protesters descended on their little lemonade stand, press conference and Fascist information center armed with a whistle. Like Athletes feet they return chanting, let my people go. The whole Fascist Front for Future Failure were there, Gaetz, Gohmert, Gosar and Greene.

“Open up Jailor! We’ve come to inspect your facilities unannounced and speak with whatever inmate we may wish. Hop to it, be off with you now and be quick about it my good man!” It’s all here in this free government pamphlet available from Pueblo, Colorado. The Federal government has a building in Pueblo chocked full of nothing but pamphlets. Here’s an interesting one, “So, you’re going to the Federal Penitentiary.” Visiting day is on Sunday, between noon and three. (Page 2)

Descending into an auditor video, Marge Failure Greene, AKA Joan of Dork says, “We are absolutely not trespassing and if that attitude is any indication of how they’re treating their prisoners inside, I have great concerns.” I bet they don’t even say, “please and thank you.” Anyone who has ever watched an auditor video knows they always declare themselves as “not trespassing” about three minutes before the cops show up and they are arrested for trespassing. Funny thing about trespassing if they say you are, you are. If they say, leave and you don’t, you are. Fortunately, the police did not need to be called as all that was necessary was a simple subterfuge. Told a supervisor would come out to speak to them on the street the gang of four waited for a supervisor (Their snipe catch bags held open) who never arrived.

“Hey, you tricked us! What’s your name! Hello? Hello?” The MENSA twins actually live streamed this to their tens and tens of followers to record in 5G their total abject failure. I’ve heard of whistling past the graveyard before, but this is a brass band with a circus parade. “We champion the rights of violent criminals and flight risks. We fully support those who took up arms against our government! We fear their mistreatment under the reign of Pelosi the merciless.” Most politicians fear saying something that could be construed as un-American. This gang of four not only say it but live it as well. The Fair Play for Fort Sumpter Committee.

Of course, it is a stunt, but this is what has become of the rump of the Republican Party. Politicians deformed and mangled by the orange apocalypse who’ve had their tonsils removed through their ass.  Fighting for the orange way, down with cops! We support those people who came here to kill us! Can flag burnings be far off? Books? Machines? Actually, marching in support of murderers and violent thugs. Proud boys, Nazis and White Supremacists. They believe the road to the White House and Congressional control runs through Mira Lago. And that all they have to do is please Twumpy and all their dreams will come true. Not since 1861, have four sitting Congress people openly and explicitly stood against their oath of office and the government of the United States.  

Former Overpriced.com CEO Patrick Byrne is the leading funder of the Arizona Audit giving more than three million dollars. His former girlfriend and KGB agent Marina Butina was jailed and then deported back to Russia. Byrne is a compromised Russian dupe. That is why he’s the EX-CEO. Up skis with the fuck skis! The next highest funding at almost a million dollars comes from a group headed by Mike Flynn. Mike Flynn charged, prosecuted, and convicted of secretly working as a foreign agent and personal friend of Vladimir Putin was then pardoned by Comrade Trumpski . A foreign intelligence operation happening in plain sight. We knew why they wanted the votes recounted and now we know who wanted them recounted and who is paying for it. Twump and the KGB. The question isn’t, did Twump accept help from the Russians? The question now is, will he ever stop accepting help from the Russians?

“We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.”
― Ernest Shackleton,

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