Short Attention Span Theater

Falling through the unvierse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The more we learn only confirms what we already know. Donald Twump is a dangerous man. He’s not dangerous in Marvel comic book pantheon of supper villains dangerous. He’s dangerous because he knows no bounds and has no respect for anything. If Trump had a gun and Momma was in the way, he’d still have a gun. He’s Barney Fife with a machine gun, the idiot who thinks he’s John Wayne. He’s Charles Manson without the swastika, the dumb guy who thinks he’s a genius out of the comic relief universe. The only Presidency ever to come with his own laugh track. He has committed the ultimate offence against the people, and he should pay the ultimate price but won’t.

I heard this story from a firsthand source. A little boy was looking at toys in the Dollar Store. He slipped a toy car in his pocket when the manager saw him do it. The boy bolted for the door with the manager in hot pursuit. Running across the street the boy knocked down a woman and a little girl who were about to step in front of a car. The boy was hailed as a hero and all the store manager could do was watch. Wait a minute! That’s not the way Karma is supposed to work. Nope it’s not, but then Karma makes its own rules. Jimmy Carter struggled through a difficult one-term Presidency but is hailed today as one of the greatest humanitarians of our era. Not a great President, but a great man who was President.

Good does not defeat evil. Evil defeats it’s self and good just takes the credit. This is especially true in the case of the orange nightmare. Twice impeached and twice rescued by a Republican rubber stamp Reichstag. “Yeah, Trump won!” But its Jimmy Carter in reverse. The blood in his veins begins to grow black, and the details of Dorian Gray’s snapshot eventually leak out. The slow putrefaction process has begun. The excesses of giddy adherents supplanted by NASCAR, cage matches and hunting season. “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time,” but you can’t do it forever. What goes up…

Good does not defeat evil. Evil exposes itself as evil when it tries to pretend to be good. Example: Bill Barr. No one in their right mind wants this Ass clown on their corporate Board of Directors. That act alone could get you delisted from the stock exchange. Investigated by the IRS and put on INTERPOL’s  list of shady characters. He’s worn out his welcome on the planet Earth. He’s not wanted as a charity spokesman or graduation speaker. It is better to deserve honors and not get them than to get them and not deserve them. The taste of ashes in your mouth as you hold the award up for good government.

Likewise, with Twump, “Oh gee, Mr. Trump. We didn’t realize this was a political event. I’m afraid if that’s the case we’re going to have to cancel.” Like a punk rock group nobody wants to rent him a hall based on passed violence and a propensity for non-payment. His publicly endorsed congressional candidate in Texas lost, that’s two in a row. And as the spew drips out, we see this damaged vessel of bile and guile, ego and Fredo. A simmering cluster piled high in the Florida noonday sun in the land of “You lost.” He can hide but he cannot run. The courts may not catch him, but the time is soon approaching when Americans will spit before they say the name Donald Twump.

Trump will escape the wheels of justice but will be ground down on the lathe of time. Want to build a nuclear fallout shelter in the back yard? Wanna ride the mechanical bull? Watch me play with my Hula hoop. Aren’t the curb feelers on my Oldsmobile cool? The chirping and chittering of chamber lings fades while the granite of history remains. It could be in future that all jails across America will be euphemistically referred to as Trump Tower. In the same way police vans were once called Paddy wagons. “I just did two years for burglary at Trump Tower.”

The Republican Front is dangerously over exposed and over extended. Republican Congressman voting against the Capitol Police. Republican Congress people supporting criminals over the police. Pushing the anti-mask, anti-shot rhetoric, as if the relatives of the over 600,000 dead don’t have ears. Pretending over 300 million Americans don’t have eyes. Pushing not just the Big Lie but the big fantasy! You have to buy it all and accessorize it yourself.

Trump was cheated, everyone is crooked! No one is to be trusted and nothing is legitimate. Ships fly through the air and airplanes sail the seven seas. Trump will be reinstated August 15th (make reservations now! That’s 1-800 IDUMBASS) The democrats are devil worshippers and pedophiles and cannibals! They hold secret meetings to discuss evil plots and commit evil acts in an evil attempt to take over the whole world. Just so Jesus will return, and they can take him in the alley and beat him up. It’s all short attention span theater. You can’t rile up a crowd or bring them to their feet with positive tax projections. But because it is short attention span theater, they must present some new outrage every thirty seconds. (Do you know how many ballpoint pens Dr. Fauci uses each year! Is he taking them home?)

Kevin McCarthy, the man who would be fry cook, was asked whether he would testify about his doings on January 6th. McCarthy replied, doing his best imitation of a five-year-old. “Well, I would have! I would have been glad to appear, but Nancy Pelosi rejected my slate of committee candidates! So there, the world will never know about my conversation with Donald Twump begging him to call off the insurrection! And it’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault. I have relevant information about treasonous behavior. But my lips are sealed because of Nancy Pelosi.” Really? You’re going to go with that? McCarthy is going to tell the American people that his hurt feelings are more important than treason against the government. Standing tall in the light of modern-day Faux News reduced to despicable criminals and accomplices by the ravages of time.

“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli,

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