The Vision Thing

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In his first Inaugural address, FDR said, “where there is no vision people perish.” Vision is one of those high falluting words like faith. A word to inspire noble ideas without bringing anything to the table. The vision to eradicate poverty or take us to a new golden future. The vision to see over the horizon or to see what is coming next. You start using words like that, and you are bound to get into trouble. People start expecting things from you with big talk like that. Interstate highway systems, damns and even rocket ships to the moon. That’s how words like vision trip us up. Here you are all ready for your first day at astronaut college when what they meant was, don’t trip over the mop bucket Buzz. Don’t slip on the wet floor. “That’s one small step for man.” The vision to watch where you’re going.

Rule one, if ever given an exploding cigar don’t accept it. Once accepted don’t light it. Don’t stick your finger in God’s eye and think you can get away with it. All politicians should be required to keep a picture of Michael Dukakis driving a tank, with them at all times. Inscribed on the back, “A chicken in every pot.” Gerald Ford had a program called, WIN. Whip Inflation Now!  So forgettable even Republicans forgot about it,  and blamed the inflation on the new incoming Democratic President. Lyndon Johnson said, Gerald Ford had played center on the football team while in college and was used to looking at the world upside down. It was a lot like Republican gun control. Let’s think about it, do nothing, appoint a committee and then just hope nothing bad happens. It was nothing more than reserving a seat on the lifeboat.

Republican vision – make with the speech, chant you a slogan and have some buttons printed up and call it a day. “Whadda mean, I haven’t done enough to fight inflation. Look at all these buttons!” During the WPA day camps, young girls were given fabric and taught to sew themselves a new dress. Children in poverty given a hot lunch, a skill, and a new dress. What preacher Ed called, “putting your faith on wheels and taking it to town.” It’s not a high-speed rail project or new dome stadium it is about the little things. The vision to turn off the office coffee pot before you go home. The clarity to turn off the lights.

But 2021 is a follow up act to 2020. The media apocalypse is upon us like George Orwell electrocuting himself while masturbating. Some how some way Republicans have found themselves obsessed over mask mandates. Not since they took lead out of gasoline or raised the age of consent to sixteen, have Republicans been so outraged. Republican vision says those little cotton fibers from that mask can get in your lungs and kill you dead! Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis AKA Foghorn Leghorn worries about the emotional trauma of a child forced to wear a mask. So, DeSantis outlawed mask mandates in Florida schools. And now the Delta variant is ravaging the state’s population claiming younger and younger victims, as the school year is about to start.

If Ron DeSantis locked himself in his office smoked crack and played video games all day, he couldn’t do a worse job. A drug addict only worries about entertaining themselves. A Republican politician, like DeSantis only worries about entertaining himself at our expense. The vision DeSantis has is of DeSantis changing his mailing address to Pennsylvania Ave. The vision to see himself on Faux News. DeSantis outlaws’ vaccination passports on cruise ships.

One in five new cases of Covid-19 are in great petri dish of Floriduh and cruising season will be commencing shortly. Health officials on Friday, announced a 50% jump in Covid cases breaking the old record set during the pandemic of 2020, with 21,000 new cases. Gee, it maybe seems a mask mandate would be in order about now, after seeing what we’ve learned from last year. But no, DeSantis doubles down, “It’s the weather!” Because it’s gotten hot In July, Floridians have moved indoors because during the winter months Floridians tend to live outdoors in the yard like bears with lawn furniture. There’s your Republican vision, blame the weather and throw up your hands. (Whadda gonna do, huh?)

It sounds like now would be the perfect time for a mask mandate but no. Lead from the rear, point fingers and squawk, rinse and repeat. It takes on a surreal science fiction quality. Brother Mathias hooded leader of the apocalyptic cult out to destroy Charleton Heston and the tools of the wheel. The world is flat, books are suspicious, and masks make eight-year-olds very depressed. Vaccines are bad, fire bad! Vaccines change your DNA (as if it could get any worse bottom fishing the gene pool) they make keys stick to me and my truck won’t start!

DeSantis quick to sow the political wind last winter with repressive anti mask laws now reaps the whirlwind. Disney told its employees get vaccinated or get lost. Guests over 2 must wear a mask. Like wise SeaWorld and Universal. After an apartment building collapsed killing over a hundred citizens Desantis was asked, if maybe there should be more building inspections. DeSantis countered, they’re all pretty much the same and just because one building fell didn’t mean any more would fall. If you think you might not like what you find, for God sakes don’t look. They can’t blame you tomorrow for what nobody knew today!

This vision for self-promotion and self-aggrandizement. Gonna be a big star someday! Gonna go all the way to the top! Governor DeSantis AKA Foghorn Leghorn struts across the barnyard. “Boy, I say Boy! Kid’s kinda slow don’t you know. What are you wearing that mask for? Kid must think it’s Halloween or something! You know boy; you fine people should elect me President. I’ve got all the answers right here, why  I know everything and would never steer you wrong. Boy, I say, boy, where you running off too? Listen to me son when I’m talking to you boy. Kid’s kinda thick.”

“A Radical is a man with both feet firmly planted–in the air. A Conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward. A Reactionary is a somnambulist walking backwards. A Liberal is a man (or person) who uses his legs and his hands at the behest–at the command–of his head.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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