Waiting for the Echo

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

They have chosen their strategy and now must play out their hand. Twump chose his Covid – 19 strategy, to downplay the severity of the disease and ignore the doctors’ recommendations. Clearly their goal was mercenary. We don’t want people to die, but we don’t want to shut down McDonalds or close the schools either. And if it comes down to one or the other, I’m hungry. Can you call the pandemic and just explain? So Twump and his lackeys attempted to downplay the severity of the illness. You don’t need a mask…don’t be silly. And the mask became their symbol of oppression. It’s not the disease; it’s the Democrats. Because the Democrats are in favor of masks Twump marches them and his fellow Republicans, right off a cliff.

You can’t walk that back, “Oh wait, don’t drink the Kool aide.” They’ve a chosen their side and will fight for it down to the last dead constituent, because there is no other way back. Don’t call them deceased, they’re just owning the Libs in heaven. A Floriduh Republican referred to the Covid vaccine as “the mark of the beast.” To most of us it’s just a ridiculous statement. But to a little old lady with eight or ten cats and a Bible on her lap that’s pretty scary stuff for an alleged official to say. “I’m not saying that there are Zombies out there. I’m just saying we’ve heard unconfirmed reports of Zombies in the area.”

Due to Twump’s Hitleresque appeal the Republican’s emulate the International House of Orange Dumbass. Contrite like a Chinese communist government minister caught red handed. They vow and tear out their hair in tears and supplications and begin to wail at the crimes the mask forced them to commit. Somebody sees a wolf, so somebody else sees a bigger wolf. Somebody else sees an even bigger wolf and stories of atomic super wolves with grenade launchers on their heads are breaking out on Faux News. You can’t ban a church from meeting or make them wear masks. Oh yeah, I’ll see your stupid and raise you an idiocy. Children cannot be required to wear a mask in a public school during a pandemic in Florida. In fact, if you even try it. We will take your state funding away.

Ron “Death’s head” DeSantis says it’s all media hysteria. “You guys are just using this pandemic, and it’s record number of new cases each day to make me look bad. Just because I’ve staked my career on being anti-mask, like my big orange daddy you now want to use that against me in a partisan attack. I’m empowering parents!” They are empowered to know that their public school is probably a super spreader event. It didn’t work for Twump, and it won’t work for DeSantis. He should be suggesting bleach and anal lightbulbs any day now. DeSantis says, there will be no shutdown. No mask mandates! Der Furher has spoken!

DeSantis claims the “media hysteria” could cause people to have heart attacks and stress related illnesses. There never has been a study done on the long-term effect of fire extinguishers. What dangers lurk in those deadly red cylinders? Fire Escapes, Friend or Foe? Life jackets, the silent killers! Because you  must support the death cult 110% the Republicans are forced into a black is white and white is black scenario. They must oppose medical science while supporting criminals who murdered policemen, against supporting law enforcement. Everything is now out the window, and they can’t go home again. The Twump tornado has dropped the house, and the Republicans find they aren’t in Kansas anymore.

But like a mass hallucination it made sense at the time, but once the hallucination is over is becoming a puzzlement.  Like flagpole sitting or goldfish swallowing, it seemed so cool at the time. A disco refugee wondering if he can ever listen to his Led Zeppelin albums again. Walking through the Trump fog and knowing there is a cliff around here somewhere. The fog lifts and they find themselves in absurd positions and must explain away the peculiarities. But that would require they admit that they have been fundamentally wrong about Covid all along. And that, Twump was fundamentally wrong as well. I’m sure you see the problem here. Kay Ivey, Republican Governor of Alabama did a complete 180 and asked everyone to get vaccinated as  soon as possible. She’s not running for higher office and so is immune from charges of heresy.

The Republicans have thrown all their weight behind this do or die stage production. The big lie, the Russian funded audits. The crooked Attorney General and lies about the vaccine. It might affect your DNA! You could become magnetic and possibly earn millions using your magnetism to bugger Las Vegas slot machines. No, just bad stuff is going to happen if you get vaccinated. “You don’t want to go against Trump, do you? He got vaccinated, but said they made him, or he wouldn’t have done it.

In the House, twenty-one Republicans voted against giving Capitol Policeman Congressional Gold Medals. In the Senate, it was a little closer as no Republicans voted against the medals as the fog lifts. Mike Pence has parted ways or been parted ways with Twump. Saying they will just have to agree to disagree about insurrection and treason. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger on the rise while Ken McCarthy is called a moron. McCarthy says when Nancy Pelosi hands him the gavel when he becomes Speaker of the House (You want to hear my first words when I land on the moon?) he should hit her with it. Somewhat of a Freudian slip if you are trying to pretend that your party is non-violent.

This is where they are now, they don’t know who they are anymore. Twump robbed them of their principles and identity and left behind an empty shell of misogynist racists, bigots, and billionaires. Proud Boys and Nazis alienating mainstream Republicans and driving Independents and the suburbs away with missile launchers. The Evangelicals have discovered too late when you mix politics with religion you spoil both pots. Their numbers and importance slowly wane like the Shakers and for the same reason. Shouting Trumpist nonsense the Republicans wait to hear the echo, unaware that the fog is lifting. Never to return and they are undone.

“There’s more beauty in truth, even if it is dreadful beauty.”
― John Steinbeck,

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