Sisyphus in a Rut

Falling through the unvierse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Every day is harder, every day is uphill. Attempting to carry the big lie and all its baggage, creating only more baggage for their effort. The liar adding unneeded extemporaneous details to keep the conversation from meandering away from talking points, keeping the investigation free from oxygen.  Matt Baynard, former Twump data chief says, “Come one, come all, big rally planned at the Capitol! We’re thinking of calling Altamont II. You can’t always get what you want 2021.” Their goal is to support the violent criminals denied bond by Federal Judges who know violent cretins when they see them. After all, they do this all day, Monday through Friday.

Get out the Reynolds wrap and tighten up your wig. We’re going down the express rabbit hole. The rally is in the support of the accused violent felons arrested in connection with the January 6th insurrection, they say never happened. Braynard said, he got the idea for the rally after an extended rectal smooching session in New Jersey with the former President last week. Why is Twumpy in the NJ you ask? Duh, because Florida is full of sick people and besides, it gets lonely in that big ole house in Florida. All alone with no one to talk to and wife strangely missing as creepy disembodied voices cry out from under the floorboards, “want go shopping!” They don’t come visit like they said they would. Almost the Florida retiree state motto.

Braynard was telling his good friend and Pond’s skin cream hit list survivor Steve Bannon, all about the planned rally on Bannon’s highly respected podcast. The rally “Justice for J6” (J6 is that their cellblock number?) is planned for September 18th or one month after Twump has been reinstated as President. I suppose Trump could just give them all pardons by then. But Mike Lindell now says we misunderstood. Twump will take his case to the Supreme Court, and the court will declare Twump winner by default. Where did you ever get the crazy idea that he’d be reinstated in August? Don’t let them think, hit em again.

OOOH, Big rally everyone! We’re gonna have speakers! Real famous people at the rally, but I can’t say who. Right on the lawn of the Capitol. Same place as last time! Married men won’t be allowed to attend, not if they plan on staying married. Married women, same reason. “If you think I’m gonna bail your ass out of the can and spend our life savings on a lawyer. Just so you can go wave a flag and act like an idiot, you’re crazy!” A second charge of the Federal Pit Bull is inadvisable, after seeing him bite the first time. On the one hand, Twump. On the other hand, jail time and financial ruin as the Jeopardy theme plays in the background.

There is no rally, pure Trumpist sophistry. Trump the bully saying, “I’m not afraid to try it again, I ain’t a scared of you!” Twump will be reinstated 2.0. Gotta keep them suckers looking forward because if they look back, they might start asking questions. But what if you planned a rally and no one came? A turnout weak and disappointing, what then? That is how you know that there is no rally planned, failure would be catastrophic. The orange Fuhrer goose stepping before an assembled crowd of one hundred and seventeen.

It’s a hard slog Bubba, believing the big lie and believing there was no insurrection. Baynard says, the violence was egged on by the Capitol Police. January 6th would have been nonviolent, if it hadn’t been for those damn policemen. I thought it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but that lie didn’t stick. Too many Trump signs in the crowd to sell that one. So, let’s go with criminal policemen.

The orange apocalypse says Ashley Babbit was murdered, and the government is hiding the cop’s identity. Change the subject, change the perspective. The cop is the criminal, and the criminal is the victim. A cop pointing a handgun at you and saying, “Stop or I’ll shoot” is a universally accepted warning sign and precursor to a cop fatally shooting you. Not getting the memo or being new in town doesn’t work. The woman was shot in the commission of crime. No one followed Babbit through that window. Their love of Donald Trump tempered by their desire not to lie dead on the floor. Reality had pierced the bubble.

Expected to accept and absorb each new lie to explain away the old lie, which is a part of the foundation lie. Each lie more farfetched and harder and harder to believe. It’s desperation, like a dog without a bone or an actor out alone. He’s not on TV, and you can find him in stores. Giuliani is disbarred, Faux News is facing a couple of billion-dollar lawsuits. Trump lawyers are being sanctioned as the apocalypse fights the eternal struggle to hide his taxes from the American people. The Arizona Audit is about to turn nuclear and irradiate everyone involved as the fundraising has direct connections to the Kremlin.

The comedy team of Gaetz and Greene (Know what I mean?) already tired the poor violent felons Shtick and got no heat from it. Twumpy pushes the poor victims lie not because he wants to, but because it is all that he has left to sell. Sisyphus is off the air and must push the boulder up hill each day to remain relevant. Each day to begin again, seeking a new wrinkle and pushing a new boulder up hill. The end of the story writes itself as the boulders get larger and the hill gets steeper, Sisyphus in a rut.  

“After the collapse of socialism, capitalism remained without a rival. This unusual situation unleashed its greedy and – above all – its suicidal power. The belief is now that everything – and everyone – is fair game.”
― Günter Grass

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