Soliloquy of Death

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Every morning I rise, feed my cat and make the coffee. I sit on the couch and contemplate my navel through the computer box. I hit enter and dissolve like Alice through the looking glass. Next stop Willoughby. Caught in a Kafkaesque existence unsure of which is real anymore. Is the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, still trying to impose a ban on masks while in the same breath asking for help with the explosion of Covid cases? As Paul Harvey would say, “It’s true!”

One governor would be enough, one leader of an organized state espousing madness. This is a turbo charged race to the bottom. It’s been said, If Florida where a foreign country the CDC would ban travel there. They rank with Botswana, yes Botswana! The three Covid hotspots of the world right now are Florida, Texas, and Botswana. And all things being equal despite Botswana being a third world country, not being saddled with an Abbott or a DeSantis gives them an edge.

But we can’t forget the dark horse. The chubby kid who never got picked for kickball with a chip on his shoulder. Out to push his way in with the big kids. Of course, I mean Kentucky’s own Jr. Lightweight neighborhood contender with a record of (0 – 1) Rand Paul. Tired of being overlooked and used as a punching bag,  Paul pushes his way to the front and gives us his soliloquy of death.

“They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed – although I’ve got a long list of ones they might keep closed, or might oughta (sic) keep closed.

“We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again.” Rand Paul

It’s time children! It’s time! It’s too late for us now! It’s time to drink the Covid. Put on your Adidas and find a hammock. The aliens will be here soon! Ground control to Major Tom, check to see that your oxygen is turned on. Completely delusional. “They’re coming to take us away ha, ha. They’re coming to take us away!”

No one is being arrested, and the only people keeping kids from school are idiots like Paul, Abbott and DeSantis. The Republican canard to child infection being, “Under 12 is too young to vaccinate anyway.” But the new cases come from exposer to people over 12 neither masked, nor vaccinated. Rand Paul is a  doctor in the same way Colonel Sanders was a great military leader. Paul advises parents to throw their children into the fire in the name of fighting bureaucracy. Show em you ain’t a chicken! Come on, show em you’re tough like me. “Knock this chip off my shoulder.”

Governor Abbott is asking hospitals to postpone elective surgeries and they’re putting up tents for the overflow in Houston. It was just a couple of weeks ago, Abbott signed a ban on requiring masks and required vaccinations. Saying, “The path forward relies on personal responsibility.” Today Abbott is looking for out of state medical teams to handle the surge, he helped put into place. Sadly, the fatalities will begin to rise in the coming weeks. But Abbott hasn’t reversed his positions on masks or vaccines. He wants you to blame the illness, not the spreaders of the illness. It’s okay to smoke in bed, if you have a good fire department. Don’t blame me; I’m just the Governor!

Almost five thousand children have been admitted to Florida hospitals in the past two weeks. Governor DeSantis blames immigrants. In case of emergency, break glass pull lever and point blatant racism away from face. The state is responsible for 20% of all Covid cases in the country. Saddled with irresponsible executive orders and proclamations the Florida Governor now points and shouts, “Look out, Mexicans!” It is beyond absurd, it’s backwards land. “Hi, this is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis saying, know when to say when. Then drink a few more and have one for me for drive home. Say, “Yes” to drugs kids!” Florida infections up by 51% and DeSantis threatens to withhold the pay of any school administrators defying his mask prohibition.

But we’ve all seen this scene before. The aircraft spiraling out of control at the speed of gravity, its engines coming off the wings. Spiraling faster and faster breaking up until Trumpism is in full bloom. The inevitable outcome of policies based on hubris and invective. I’m the incredible Hulk and you guys are just wussies. To hell with your doctors, watch me talk tough! It is all coming to a crescendo, as Marge Greene cheers low vaccination rates in Alabama, Arkansas is running out of ICU beds and converting conference rooms to Covid wards.

Fiction writers swallowing pills or leaping from bridges, stuck with a non-compete agreement with reality. They have been made obsolete by Republican absurdity. There is more absurdity in the front page of the Times than the Onion, and they could never keep up with the volume. As proof, I offer the Arizona recount. The Surf Nazis or Cyber Ninjas had been ordered to turn over documents requested by Congress no later than July, 28.

What woe, someone is in trouble. The one sure way to get a Congressional probe stuck so far up your butt that your eyes will cross is by not answering their questions. All the time and effort to create a Russian funded, phony recount so soon to be wasted. Another Looney Tunes cartoon escapade, of nonsense on top of nonsense, crashing and burning.

A psychedelic horror show of tangerine trees and marmalade skies. My cat makes sense, and the coffee is good, but sometimes just sometimes. I feel like I’m sitting at a bar at the end world, and they just said, “Last Call.” You can’t make this stuff up. Well, you can, but just not good as the Republicans do.

“If hell’s in store for us someday, one of its most refined forms of torture will be to lock a person naked in a room filled with framed photos of his era.”
― Günter Grass

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