Deal With It

Falling through the unvierse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

“It’s airborne. It’s aerosolized,” he said of the delta variant. “So we just have to understand when that’s happening these waves are something you just have to deal with.”Ron DeSantis, AKA The Assassin of Youth

Who knew? Compound ignorance and bluster, when combined with political hubris and raw naked ambition during a Pandemic, could cause a spike in Covid cases. For the love of God, someone write this down for next time. So we will have page number to point at and explain it all. In Mississippi, they’re requesting a hospital ship and warn without it; the state’s health system could collapse within a week. The state of Florida requested 300 ventilators from the Federal stockpile, but the Governor who knows everything, knows nothing about that. Mayhem in the kitchen, while Stan and Ollie ask for a match and try to convince us that everything is fine.

Donald Twump did this, the little kids acting tough emulating their orange hero among the big kids. The little Horn acting as the big Horn. Sir Twump of Tough eschewed a mask. “Masks are for wussies! Come on open your damn business up! These numbers are making me look bad! It’s not so bad! Look at me! I’m not wearing a mask! I’m not getting sick! Okay, just the one time. And my late wife, I mean my poor wife.” The Pied Piper at the gates of Mir a Lago, a menstrual in the Gallery.

After Twump lost the election the tape stops. The offices are empty and there is no one left to repeal the memo. Wearing a mask becomes a resented political statement, and grows like mold or flag pins. Republican Governors declare, “I’d rather roll naked in dog shit wrestling monkeys before I’d wear a mask!” Republicans actually made a show of not wearing masks. “The founding fathers didn’t need no God Damn mask!” Rand Paul decries Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate, before realizing he is a Senator, and it doesn’t apply to him. But that’s okay, he’ll be outraged for other people.

I want to take a moment here to talk about, “Farm raised chicken.” I was walking through the store the other day and this package read, “With Farm Raised Chicken!” Okay, I get it. Under Capitalism, it doesn’t really have to make a whole lot of sense. It’s like four out of five dentists recommend Crest Toothpaste over say, applesauce or paint thinner. “Brawny, it’s got Electrolytes!” It’s meaningless, but I don’t want any farm raised chicken. I want chicken raised in the suburbs of Connecticut with an interest in the arts. Where else are you going to raise a chicken, but a farm? Now with chicken raised at Eddie’s House! So what does chicken have to do with pandemics you ask?

If you have ever eaten a chicken McNugget in your entire life. STFU about we don’t know what’s in the vaccine! No one knows what’s actually in a McNugget! Maybe some chemical engineers at some secret DOW Chemical weapons laboratory could explain it to you. What kind of chicken comes in barrels? The McNugget is the most prominent of the four fake food groups. The milkshake, lemonade, cheese slices and McNuggets. Dieticians offer with a chicken McNugget Happy Meal; it might be advisable for your child to eat the toy and play with the McNuggets. (That’s why they warn about the choking hazard.)

All this bluster and hoopla, the wailing and gnashing of teeth over getting a shot. I don’t want anyone to lose their job. But I don’t know if I want to go to a hospital with workers so stupid as to not be vaccinated against a deadly disease. Maybe they also have some personal objection to washing their hands or maybe, they just aren’t smart enough to remember. They average Faux news viewer can be excused for a buck toothed, “Joe Biden done fucked up the world!” mentality, but more is expected of those with a sheepskin. I’m in the hospital because I’m sick. I shouldn’t have to worry about catching anything from the help.

That’s the problem with controlling a media monstrosity, you always have some ersatz Winston Smith. Some yahoo, throwing out ideas on how to spin the outer Party members without having them properly vetted. Masks were a violation of personal freedom, like wearing pants or public urination. Masks lower your oxygen levels, and you could DIE! Those cotton fibers could get in  your lungs and then, boy oh boy, will you ever be sorry! Masks on children are child abuse! Sowing doubt on masks and vaccines, sowing fear, and panic. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, but what if you point the wrong way out? At what point does ignorance become negligence?

Texas and Florida now account for 40% of all Covid cases in the United States. They thought the personal freedom angle would work for them. Forcing Americans to wear a mask was agin their freedom. It worked with the base and all the Reich wing monkeys were soon jibbering along. It became a movement with Republican house members being fined for not wearing a mask, being seen as a badge of honor. Standing up to Nancy Pelosi’s tyranny with their office checkbook.

They have sown the wind and now must reap the whirlwind. But first a heaping helping of crow must be ingested and therein lies the rub. They can’t at this late hour do a 180 and say get the shot and impose a mask mandate. When Twump left office, he was against masks and there have been no updates since. They can’t admit that they have been wrong all along.  They can’t turn the machine around without showing their ass. And given that choice, choose to let people die. Remember that, the next time someone tells you both parties are the same.

“So we just have to understand when that’s happening these waves are something you just have to deal with.” – People die when you vote Republican, deal with it!

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