Isn’t it Funny?

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I saw something this morning even more hideous than my own four A.M. reflection. I glanced at Facebook, not intending to stay long. I see this Meme of a Taliban truck climbing the hillside with a Biden – Harris sign on the back. It was one of those four A.M. thoughts without a daytime filter. “Wow, he really hates America.” I’ve said a lot of things about Republicans myself, but I’ve tried to confine myself to provable points of law and obvious hyperbole.

When I suggested Matt Gaetz change his name become a coffee merchant in South America to avoid Federal sex trafficking charges, I don’t think anyone took me seriously. Likewise, when I suggested the former first lady was missing or buried on the back nine in a sand trap somewhere. Obvious picture on a milk carton hyperbole with an obvious emphasis on, anybody seen her lately? Jimmy Stewart with his binoculars in the days before cable TV. Yes, many times I depicted the former President as swinging on a tire swing in the oval office. Most importantly, I try to only blame them for the things for which they are actually responsible, and so, I’m rarely at a loss for material.

Like spit valve on a Trumpet, (pun intended) Republicans are essential. Even when working at peak efficiency their role is only to remove waste products. A drip tray for life, the police sting outside the fifteen-year old’s house. And you just happen to be walking by with a twelve pack of wine coolers, and a box of candy. What a cowinky dink. Scratch any Republican and just below the surface, you’ll find a special interest group yearning to break out. Lauren, “Lowrent” Boebert recently disclosed a whoopsie when naming her assets to Federal Authorities.

“Let’s see; there’s that restaurant I own that lost over a quarter of a million dollars. Then, there’s my Avon money. Let’s see, what else? I guess that’s everything!”

What about your husband’s $478,000 per year job as a consultant for the oil and gas industry? “Oh yeah, silly me, I forgot all about that!” In Colorado, the oil and gas industry aren’t just one of a handful of special interest groups. They are the big dick, cock of the walk of special interest groups in Colorado. To forget that little detail is like applying for the police academy and forgetting to mention you were a “Hell’s Angels” chapter President and drug king pin. Information the public should likely know about before voting.

“That’s right, vote for me! I’ll defend your freedom and loosen drilling limits. I’ll protect unborn babies, and I’ll defend your second amendment rights; they won’t take your guns on my watch and loosen those drilling limits! We’re going to lower your taxes and loosen those oppressive drilling limits, that keep thousands from earning a good living in the explosive oil and gas industry. My husband makes a half a million dollars a year!”

I don’t question her patriotism; I question her motives and her intentions and her intelligence, but not her patriotism. She would never rise up against this country, if there wasn’t something good in it for her. She would never attempt to steal a hot stove. The keel of Republicanism is self-interest and greed; you can’t build the ship without it. Something tells me Mr. Boebert’s oil consulting business has probably raised their rates some since the last election. The carnival midway, with calliope music playing in the background. “See the Amazing Bobo! That’s right friends, meet your very own Congress critter! Only twenty dollars for five minutes and group rates are available!

Every Republican writes a book which ironic, since their supporters rarely read them. Not until they develop books on Faux News, will literature actually break the plain of Republican consciousness . Books are merely Confederate currency among the Republicans. “Gee, as a foreigner, I sure would like to donate to your campaign, but my oh my, that would be illegal. I hear you have a new book out? Send ten thousand copies to my house and then forget to ship them.” Ted Cruz is under investigation (again) for using his staff to buy $153,000 worth of his own book. “Ted Cruz is here with us tonight on the 700 Club, to talk about his latest, runaway best seller. And for any donation over $100 and the deed to your home, we will send you a free autographed copy.”

It’s nothing more than the new grifters league. Matt Gaetz and Marge Greene go out on a fundraising tour outside their districts. That’s called pocket mining, the miner surveys the mountain for the best locations where gold deposits might accumulate among elderly, Republican Senior Citizens. Living in the eternal duality of it’s not what they say by what they mean, but what they mean by what they say. Governor Disastrous in Florida is defending the poor put upon innocents, fighting against the oppression of big government. Republicans compare getting vaccinated to the Holocaust, it is all a part of the con job.

Republicans and their followers have but passing interest in history. They know WWII, the Holocaust, the Cuban missile crisis, and the JFK assassination. Their interest is in today, right now. How can we convince them to loosen drilling limits? How can we convince them they don’t need healthcare? How can we confuse them, until they don’t know what to believe? “Oh yeah, Joe Biden is in mental decline. His son is a crackhead working for the Russians. They are both working in league with the Chinese to destroy America. “You white people, just wait, boy are you going to suffer!” Who said that? I don’t know? Nobody I guess, just one of those thoughts that persists in the room. The vaccine will make you magnetic, and the Democrats want to open the borders and take your guns! Peddling doom on a wide and massive scale.

Celebrating an American defeat as owning the Libs. Like children playing musical chairs. It’s all Joe Biden’s fault, because the music stopped while he was in office. Isn’t it funny? It’s all Joe Biden’s fault, Isn’t it funny?

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