Life Begins at Deception

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The genius of George Washington was that he never allowed his army to be trapped. George never walked in without looking for a way out first. Once committed, you can’t disengage and it’s a dog fight to the end. The candidacy of Hillary Clinton was a gift to the Republican Party. The Republicans had spent well over a decade and tens of millions of dollars assassinating her character. Rumor has it, that when she’s not eating children in Satanic rituals, she’s working to outlaw crutches for the handicapped,  prayer in church and walkers for the elderly. The Republican base was enraged and on fire about her candidacy. Not one, single solitary soul on the entire North American continent, could raise the ire and blood pressure of the Republican voters any more than Hillary could.

A Democratic base saw her as status quo, move along, nothing to see here. She energized the opposition more than her own base. It didn’t matter who the Republican nominee was, even Donald Twump. She got out the vote, but for the wrong side. Hillary Clinton! Forty Foot tall with Bill in tow, a Republican nightmare scenario! Hillary won the popular vote by three million votes but lost the electoral college by 100,000. That’s nothing! It never should have happened and never wouldn’t have happened if the Republicans hadn’t been so unified in their hate for a candidate.

Donald Twump lost the 2020 election, because Democrats and Independents and more than a few Republicans were enraged and unified. The Trump monkeys were excited too, jumping from branch to branch throwing their Trumpy turds. But the final count is in, and by close vote, sane people outnumber crazy Mofo’s by a narrow margin of six or seven million. A huge turnout for the election and Twump did well in the places you would have expected him to do well. But those were the only places he did well. He didn’t have Hillary to kick around this time.

I know the Supreme Court’s midnight non-ruling is a defeat. It is a defeat for the court as well. That embarrassing stain where you puked on your nice new robe. I don’t want to sound like a Pollyanna about it. But this is a strategic defeat. This is their bridge too far, their goal without an objective. The roach motel, the roaches walk in but can’t walk out.

Somewhere in Dallas or Houston, some business development officer for the Texas Chamber Commerce is drinking whiskey in a lonely office, with a pistol on the desk. “How can I bring more business and industry to Texas?” then slugs down another shot of whiskey. Once the concrete is poured its permanent, so foreign investors are hesitant to build factories in areas managed by the unhinged. To wake up one morning and find your company is the subject of a national boycott, because of something the governor said or did.

Abortion is the third rail of American politics. The Republicans decided to stick their tongue to that rail not because they are winning, but because they are losing. They would not have pulled that gun if they didn’t think they had to pull it. Out of power in the House, the Senate, and the White House. It don’t get no worse than that junior. Texas Governor Gregg (Bubba) Abbott has farcical dreams of living in a big White House. And he’s gonna need a press Secretary and cabinet officers and such. So, you fellas play along now, if you know what’s good for you. First, we will need some signature legislation. Something outrageous, something to really rile them up. To set me apart from all the other off the hook Republicans. But it’s so hard these days, when they are all out there calling for bloodshed and cattle wormer all around.

If the Republicans wish to make the 2022 elections about Abortion, I’m good with that. Every time the issue comes to a vote Republicans lose. If they wish to make it “the“ issue of 2024 elections, bring it on. This is their battle of the Bulge, their last-ditch assault to stifle their inevitable retreat. A rescue mission with black robes, instead of black helicopters. By touching that third rail, they have placated their base and enraged the opposition. This is the melting of their bells and plate, if this don’t work kids, they’re fucked! They are all locked in now, and the conversation can’t be avoided. Governor Dumb, dumb just knocked over the bubble gum machine, and the gumballs are going everywhere.

Why do you push voter suppression legislation? Because the writing on the wall says the gods of demographics never lie. The typical Republican voter is older, whiter, and wealthier. The gods of demographics say the country is getting younger, browner, and poorer.

Mark Twain lamented on the unfairness on the ten commandments. It’s easy enough to tell a ten-year-old not to kill. Easy to tell a child not to bear false witness. But the coveting of thy neighbor’s wife when you’re 27 and she invites you over for margaritas with her husband out of town. What sort of morality are you running around here? Says it cures all and removes warts and stains! The same people who punish the poor, starve the child, deny healthcare and underfund education, are now telling me their great concern for the unborn. I can’t wait for Matt Gaetz to lecture America about Republican family values. ( I love children so much; I want to date them!) If we can’t get you to wear a mask, how could we ever get you to wear a condom?

Ron De Senseless, erstwhile Archduke Fuhrer for the Duchy of Floriduh, says he’s got an Abortion bill too! You know what they say, DeSantis see, DeSantis do! Imitation is the sincerest form of Republicanism. Once the darling of Republicans, he now finds his popularity just one notch above the Covid virus itself. His anti-mask legislation has ripped the state apart from asshole to elbow. Pitting parents against legislators and professional associations against Republicans. He’s done the full Monty; everyone is equally angry with him, even Disney!

It was about twenty years ago; political pundits were surprised to find New Mexico had gone blue. A few years later, Nevada. A few years after that, Arizona. Beto O’Rourke almost defeated Turd Cruz in Texas. Donald Twump helped elect two Democratic Senators at the same time in Georgia. (Hello, are we reaching Georgia?) In this period where four Republican stronghold states have gone blue, and one large state is on the cusp of going blue, not one single state has gone red.

The rising generation lists as their first priority protecting the environment, strike one for the Republicans. Fighting racism and sexism in all its forms, a swing, and a miss for the GOP. The third priority is the economy. The Republican leadership must now convince a generation of children raised after the 2008 financial disaster and four years of Donald Twump. That they should trust the Republicans with the economy. After they just did away with a women’s right to choose in Texas.  They have tied themselves into a knot a contortionist couldn’t escape from and painted themselves into a corner. First, we win the elections, then we replace the judges.

For Republicans, life begins at deception.

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