Falling through the universe at the sped of life

By David Glenn Cox

Somebody down at Republican headquarters has screwed up bigtime. Remember that game we played as kids on long car trips called, “I’m not touching you.” Hold a finger a good half inch away from your sibling’s shoulder until they scream, “Mom! He’s touching me!” Then reply, “I’m not touching you!” Before a bump in the road drives your finger hard into their shoulder and the game is suddenly over. Or as General Yamamoto put it, “I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant.”

If you have gray hair or blue hair or any color hair around your penis, reproductive freedom is of a lessor priority. The Bible Thumpers league, White Americans for a New Religious Dark Age and the Republican Party have all dreamed for decades of this moment. Fantasized about it, “Look what I did Jesus, can I come in now?” Sometimes, some things should remain only fantasies. The March of Dimes was created to fight polio. FDR’s cameo is on the dime because of it. Who gave to the March of Dimes this year?

Somewhere in the star chamber of the Republican Party headquarters, the cheerleaders are ginning up the crowd. What do we believe in? “Personal Responsibility!”  And why don’t we want national healthcare? “Because healthcare is none of the governments business!” Why don’t we want to wear a mask? “It’s my body, my choice!” And what are we going to do if ever get the chance? “End Roe vs, Wade!” No, don’t be ridiculous, you wanna end up being the March of Dimes or something?

The Republican commissioner of alienation, exclusion, and group disenfranchisement, will now give us his annual report. “Yes, I’m proud to say that our efforts to alienate the LBGTQ community have been a tremendous success. African American alienation to the Republican Party is at an all-time high! And it is expected, that by fighting to keep Confederate Statues in prominent places, we can build on that number. But gentleman (It’s the Republican Party.) there is a minority group that supersedes all other minority groups, that we aren’t alienating enough. They are a minority group that isn’t even a minority group, well, some are. If we can alienate American women of childbearing age, we can be certain to lose elections for the next hundred years!”

Two recently added Extreme Court Justices who told us in confirmation, they wouldn’t challenge Roe and then dove at it like two starving jackals. You’ve probably already figured this out, Republicans will say anything to get what they want. And it’s alright to want things, it’s not alright to want things that affect others detrimentally. Using your freedom to say, I must use the back door or a different drinking fountain. Using your freedom to limit someone else’s options, because you got a book with a genuine leatherette cover on it. Translated through half a dozen dead ancient languages that says so. The Taliban got nothing on these Republicans.

If you would like a vision of the Republican future, go to any antique store or flea market. Find the stack of old magazines and pull one out from the mid-1950s. Open it up and there you are! That’s you pushing that vacuum cleaner or doings the dishes. Satisfied that you’ve pleased your man, and got the best deal on laundry detergent! “She’s a good one, I think I’ll keep her!” (60s advertising slogan)

Banning abortion for poor women is the beginning, and not the end. The entire biblical bugaboo is about any intervention, designed to stop seed from meeting egg. The key word is “any” a condom is no different than an abortion. And excuse the pun, but if you were me, would you let this one get away? Masturbation is a single-handed abortion. If I lived in Texas, I could report myself and use the $10,000 for my legal defense and keep the change! I’ll even bring in the hand lotion as evidence against me. Probably just get slapped on the wrist for a first offense. Wealthy women will always have access to safe legal abortion. We are just talking about the Republicans favorite subject here, punishing the poor.

As you get older there is a desire to look back and think, “Boy, those were the days.” Yes, back in those halcyon days of Ozzie and Harriet. We could sit in our bomb shelter and watch our black and white 18-inch television set on any one of three channels! We could drive that big block Buick 455 V-8 down the highway of life, and never give a thought to poisoning our children’s future. Historic amnesia, the very best kind! Get them pining for those good ole Death Valley days that never were.

The Democrats are already talking about legally codifying Roe. But imagine the picture, Wiley Coyote as played tonight by the Republican Party, is stuck holding a burning stick of dynamite. How anxious are Democrats going to be to help the Republicans, after they’ve caught their underwear going over the fence?

Pearl Harbor was a tactical victory and a strategic defeat. It guaranteed that there would never be a negotiated peace.

“A House divided against itself can’t stand.” – A. Lincoln

This abomination of the non-ruling, bloodies the nose of the non-court. Agenda over law, that inspires me to vote Republican, how about you? (Not)The Republicans had every hope of retaking the house next year, but not anymore. That dream is over, a Tsunami is building. Kevin McCarthy and low rent Boebert, are threatening tech companies over January 6th records. They have no leadership whatsoever and say whatever comes to mind, whenever it finds the urge to come out. Except about the court’s non-ruling, while the usual suspects plan “me too” legislation.

Either a blue Tsunami washes the Republicans away or you and your children will live in Backwardstan. A  Republican theocratic Republic that thinks, “You’d look good in a Berka! The Republican ideologs in the Party think that  they have crossed the goal line. The Republican politicians fear they’ve pulled a trip wire.

“Macbeth’s self-justifications were feeble – and his conscience devoured him. Yes, even Iago was a little lamb, too. The imagination and spiritual strength of Shakespeare’s evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses. Ideology—that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes, so that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors. That was how the agents of the Inquisition fortified their wills: by invoking Christianity; the conquerors of foreign lands, by extolling the grandeur of their Motherland; the colonizers, by civilization; the Nazis, by race; and the Jacobins (early and late), by equality, brotherhood, and the happiness of future generations…. Without evildoers there would have been no Archipelago.”
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,

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