A Viking Funeral

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I see this not as vindication, but as proof positive. That if you talk with someone long enough, you will eventually find something to agree on. No matter how irascible that person might be towards your positions. Mitch McConnell, former child star of the “Gamera” motion picture series, says that Donald Twump “Is a fading brand.” On the nose Mitch. What kind of world is it, when you hold a crooked election recount and lose by an even larger total than the first time? (Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when that little revelation was disclosed.) The day when all the little rats began to discover that the pied piper is no longer playing in tune.

A rock thrown into the pond is soon forgotten, while the ripples go silently on and on. The City of Chicago has taken out a full-page ad in the Dallas Morning News. Encouraging those unhappy with the new Texas Abortion Law. And the general state of affairs in Texas, should come to Illinois. Bring your college education and your purchasing power, and we’ll make you feel like home folks.

It was way back in the 1960s, a young politician was aspiring towards higher office in Selma, Alabama. He thought his best move politically, was to be as contentious towards its black citizenry as possible. The Civil Rights movement was the number one story in the country. And if he played his cards right, he might could be Governor or a Senator. He just had to play the reactionary tough guy to the White, red neck crowds. Make speeches with veiled threats and blame the whole mess on the Federal Government. He was a pioneer of current Republican behavior.

But after Bloody Sunday, at the Edmund Pettis Bridge. The image of cops on horseback beating peaceful protestors amid tear gas clouds, was seared into America’s consciousness. Selma became a dirty word in the business community. The young politician remained the mayor for decades and oversaw the dissolution of the community. The Air Force base is gone, the mobile home park, nothing but empty concrete slabs. Marking it as a Potters field. All the principals are dead and gone, but the taint remains.

There won’t be an exodus of businesses leaving the lone star state, making the pilgrimage for the promised land of Chicago. But there will also be no line of those new businesses moving into Texas either. When deciding where to locate a business and before the ribbon cutting ceremony on the new factory. The possibility that the Governor could do something so stupid as to alienate the entire country against your product or workers, should be considered. Manufacturers ask themselves technical questions, “If it gets cold, could the power go out for days and days on end? What’s this, “Hurricane Proof” mean?

Now, suppose that you’re a high-tech company looking to escape the high taxes of Silicon Valley. “Welcome to Texas, you like football?  We got roads and bridges just like California. We got laws against Abortion, and having too many teeth. We writes up our own school books on butcher paper. Cause we don’t want no liberals, telling us they ain’t no God or that PI has to be 3.14. We say, it’s open to debate! The Bible is unclear on the subject. Say, you like football, do you? Besides, if you really need an Abortion, Mexico’s is just right down the road. Just don’t tell nobody why you’re going.”

With a map of the United States, Cruise line operators will soon discover that their ships can sail from Georgia or Alabama. And that Florida, has no monopoly on ocean going access. For many years, customers “liked” the idea of embarking from exotic Florida, though that might no longer be the case. It’s a big job running a cruise line. The last thing they need is some little dickhead politician, trying to butter his bread with their profits! Businesses hate high taxes, but they hate instability more. Your address says a lot about you. “Florida! That’s one of those crazy places, hang up!”

At the close of World War Two, German Rocket scientists were brought to Texas. (Always Texas) The patriotic Texans were outraged (As usual) and organized protests and picketed the Army base. Alabama Senator, John Sparkman picked up the phone and called the Army. “Bring them to Huntsville, Alabama, and we’ll treat them like home folks.” If not for the Army’s Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville would have qualified as a one-horse town. A whistle stop, between Birmingham and civilization.

Alabama passes out county number assignments for car tags.  The numbers 1,2, & 3 are reserved for the largest cities in the state. Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery. However, the system is no longer accurate, Huntsville is now larger than Montgomery, and will soon eclipse Mobile.

Good politician versus bad politician. One brings jobs, the other brings trouble. Those who use their office to better the state and those that use the state to better their office. Texas leads the nation in minimum wage jobs, while California leads the nation in high tech jobs and wages. California Governor Gavin Newsome, signs into law protections for Abortion rights. Where do you think, those jobs are going to go now?

Texas Governor, “Bubba” Abbott picked the wrong fight at the wrong time. Bubba is going to cost the Republicans their future. Thousands of miles away from Texas, Republicans will lose elections because of Bubba. Bubba just wanted headlines to jump start his failed Presidential campaign. He didn’t expect anything would actually happen. Then the Supreme Court got involved, and in an Ideological frenzy, ratified the non-law. Pushing any hopes that the Republican’s might have had for 2022, or 2024,  out to sea in a burning longboat, like a Viking Funeral.

When we think of Japan, we think of really good electronics and small cars. When we think of Germany, we think of fine automobiles and efficiency. California is sunshine, vineyards, Gnarly Dude and Hollywood. When we think of Texas, we think of Cowboys, idiots, Insurrection, and football. Give it fifty or sixty years, seventy-five years tops! And then, maybe people will forget all about Bubba. After that, it will probably be all right again in Texas. They will always remember Bubba!

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