Every Time You Think, You Weaken the Nation

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I really can’t explain it. A political Party which chooses an Elephant as its mascot, an animal reputed to have a long memory. The Republicans in Congress plan to shut down the government…again. In 1995, after Bill Clinton vetoed a Republican passed spending bill because of cuts to environmental regulations and raising Medicare premiums. Newt Gingrich was peddling his new Contract on America. Republicans had promised in the contract to behave responsibly, eat all their vegetables, and say their prayers at night and drink more Ovaltine. Unable to get Clinton to budge, Newty did the Congressional equivalent of holding his breath until he turned blue while kicking his feet on the floor.

If Clinton wouldn’t budge, Newt would shut the government down. You would think that in a Party that calls senior citizens their base, though I don’t know why. Someone should have explained to the  Newtster,  the connection between Boom Pa and Nanna, and their Social Security checks. In their contract on America, the Republicans had promised to act responsibly for good conservative government. And for three weeks, they shut down the government, because they didn’t get their way.

Every night a six o’clock looking into the cameras, telling America, that this is all Bill Clinton’s fault. But America wasn’t buying. Clinton only did what Presidents have always done to legislation they don’t like. Every day the polls reflected rising anger at the Republicans. Newt was angry, because like most Republicans he thought that he was presidential timber, but was only a sapling. All he had to do was to steamroller Clinton, and call the moving company.

With steam rising in the kettle, Newt blinked. In three years, Newt went from Speaker of the House of Representatives to freshman government instructor at the local Community College.

There is also an alternative scenario, which explained Newt’s anger. The story goes, that Newt was assigned a seat in the back of Air force One on a European visit. He didn’t like his seating assignment much; he was the Speaker of the House, and here he was sitting in coach with nobodies. Eating complimentary peanuts and smelling of the lavatories. Then adding insult to injury, Newt was asked to deplane via the back ramp. So, as you can clearly see, Newt shutting down the government for three weeks was justified, due to Bill Clinton’s lack of hospitality. If it had been me, I would have made him ride with the luggage. (Delta ain’t out of business.) That was the end of the Contract on America and the beginning of the end of Newt Gingrich.

Malevolent Mitch McConnell should remember the Gingrich affair. As usual, the Reich wing media portrays it as a battle of honor. “They’ve got to stop all this deadly spending before they are forced to raise taxes on the working poor again!” All this spending could cause inflation, that might ruin your 401K and destroy your chances for a sunny retirement in an All-White gated Golf community. The inflation in the economy is primarily due to rising home prices. Rising home prices, due to historically low interest rates, generating a hot Real Estate market. Stimulating the economy to build more homes, leading to inflation in construction products. The Republicans hope that if they can recapture Congress to stamp all that growth out.

Fun, fun, fun, till daddy takes the T-Bird away. Matt Gaetz has hired a legal dream team to defend him against the charges,  he hasn’t been charged with yet. He put down a $25,000 deposit with the legal firm “Holder – Downe –  Felter and Groper LLC.” A legal practice specializing in the narrow trade of defending men whose hands have a mind of their own. Gaetz believes he might be in legal jeopardy for sex trafficking, after the Federal government put his running buddy prison for sex trafficking. His running buddy ratted Gaetz out faster than you could say, “Don’t drop the soap.” The government case is against Gaetz is considered strong with eyewitnesses, receipts, and the testimony of Mr. Gaetz himself. Famously showing fellow lawmakers pictures on his phone and saying, “This is the teenage prostitute I slept with last night. Only cost me $400, pretty hot, huh?”

After adding eight trillion dollars to the budget deficit, the Republicans now dig in their heels and shout. “No more reckless spending!” There is spending and then again, there is spending. The Twump tax cut meant glory days at the Ferrari dealership, and ringing cash registers and sales quotas met at the Mercedes and BMW dealerships. We spent twenty billion dollars putting a man on the moon. And all we got for it was weather satellites,  a telecommunications revolution. An explosion in computer power, the Internet and the largest advance of science in recorded human history. Airliners don’t crash as much as they used too, they have computers now that keep them from bumping into each other in mid-air. Your tax dollars at work.

If it wasn’t for wrong, they wouldn’t have any way to go at all. Obstinance makes the heart grow harder. The Republicans will now attempt to shut down the government over Joe Biden’s Infrastructure and spending package. Legislation which is popular with the American people. In a land of beat-up and pock marked roads with falling down bridges, all Joe Biden needed to say was “Infrastructure” and the American people were on board. The Republicans will now shut down the government, in hopes of stopping popular legislation and making Joe Biden look bad.

It reminds me of the Professional wrestler “Abdullah the Butcher.” Abdullah would hit himself over the head repeatedly with a coal shovel before matches to show the crowd, just how tough he was. A confusing media message, “He’s either oblivious to pain…or he’s not very bright.”

To Mitch McConnell – “Every time you think, you weaken the nation.”  Moe Howard

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