Risk the House

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Cox

Steve Bannon promises twenty thousand “Shock Troops” to deconstruct the state. That pimply kid is playing army in the backyard again. Living his life wondering, why she won’t ever call him back. Steeped in delusions of grandeur, as he rides atop a tank with General Patton, liberating the holy city. Oh, for Pete’s sake, would you just give him what he wants and put him in prison already! Iron mask optional. He’s a pre-victim, like Alex Jones. He shouts fire in a crowded theater, hoping to start a fire. On his tax form he lists his occupation as, “I make shit up for a living.”

There’s not a reputable slug living under a trash barrel anywhere in this country, that would allow him around their kids. He hangs out in the shade, dirty deeds not done dirt cheap. This is what Nazis look like in the American public educational system. “We’ll hold our secret meeting right after remedial reading class.” No can do, I shorted out the Art Department in shop class and got detention again!

This not to say he’s not dangerous. He is dangerous, but most likely only to himself. I once served on a jury. Five days of genetic evidence, explained by doctors and geneticists from the finest universities in the United States. Flown in at great expense and put up in the finest hotels. By day three, I began to do the math, and it became clear to me. If the state wants to put you in prison, the budget to do so is unlimited! “Sure, I can leave my day job and fly across the country for $300 an hour to testify for a week.” (Stay in school kids)

Poke that six-hundred-pound silverback gorilla in the eye and watch what happens. I had a guy who worked for me in Colorado, who said he was in a “group” back home in Texas. They had guns and bullets and camo gear and everything. He was over thirty and overweight. Not criticizing just saying, I’ve never seen an overweight Navy Seal or Army Ranger. They held drills when he was at home, and I was supposed to be impressed. But living in the South as long as I had, I had heard the big Klan talk before. Even in the deep South, if someone tells you they are in the Klan. The first question they are asked is invariably, “What grade did you drop out of school?”

There is an eternal truth, and we should inscribe it on the Twump Memorial. Donald Twump will never again be as popular as he is today. Tomorrow, he won’t be as popular as he is today. At the height of his popularity, he lost…twice. If he runs again, he will lose again. Which is why he won’t run again.

When Bannon calls for “Shock Troops,” I immediately think of January 6th, those fellers? The one’s begging for mercy and vegetarian meals? “It’s not fair! They put me in jail and the Chi Tea is terrible!” Anybody can land a sucker punch, that don’t make you a brawler. But the problem for all right-wing, would-be dictators is that prosperity dampens the revolutionary spirit.

Fidel Castro had it easy landing in Cuba. Mass poverty and hunger with government more a private crime syndicate, than a government.  It’s easy to volunteer for the revolution, when the kids are hungry, and you got nothing. It’s a little harder when your wife is bugging you to take her on a cruise, but you want to buy a new motorcycle.

You will never get the prosperous to rise up against the oppressors, who made them prosperous. Saudi Arabia is one of the most despotic regimes on earth. “But we’re rich as hell! Don’t rock the boat stupid!” The Twump Army has lost everything to gain nothing!

Attorneys are expensive, especially when you’re an unemployed, soon to be convicted felon. (maybe a lawn service or a painting company) You are self-employed by acclimation now. Better luck, next life! “I see here where you’ve listed your parole officer as a credit reference.” If your wife gets out of prison before you, will she wait for you? After all, you’re the man of her dreams. You got her sent to federal prison and the kids living with her mother. Better or worse, better, or worse!

The notes from the Twump Administration make it clear. These people were S-U-C-K-E-R-S! USED and abused by Donald Twump! Jail dummies, moron bait. Twump had his little mob in the Congress and needed a mob outside the Congress. So, he built one and sent them into battle, just as callously as Hitler sent the Hitler Youth to fight Russian tanks in Berlin.

Nobody’s picking peas for the Bhagwan anymore, or going to church with the Branch Davidians. Reverend Jim Jones had to close the temple in Oakland. After six weeks in Mississippi, the FBI had infiltrated the Klan. It seems that money talks, but not as much as dumb rednecks.

It is the penalty of an open society to have Steve Bannon’s and Alex Jones. The Father Coughlin’s, the Barry Goldwater’s. The Pat Buchanan’s or the Ted Cruz.  If a penguin wants to know if there is a hungry seal waiting under the water. He or she simply pushes the penguin in front of them into the water and watches. If the penguin is immediately torn to bits, the penguin then decides, maybe later. The wheels of justice turn slow but will grind through the January 6th suckers as an appetizer, before moving on to bigger fish.

Steve Bannon is trying to rally the suckers. Go ahead Steve, slap that tiger one good time! “Why, I bet you kids could stop those Russian tanks with your bare hands for the Fatherland, if you tried!” Millions willing to offer their quiet support, but few willing to risk the house.

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