Why Didn’t We Listen to the Republicans?

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I had a Fascist Republican tell me Joe Biden’s agenda is failing! I answered that his only agenda so far has been trying to get you people to take your shot, like a big boy. And talking you down out of the tree of insurrection. “Which one do you hate the most?” A fantasy world completely unconnected to reality. Reality is station to station, while unreality is freeform. Reality keeps the little train on the track, “We must first get in the car before, we can drive to the beach. I must put my hot dog under the mustard jar, before squirting. It doesn’t work the other way around.

But if you speak to the Twump Eloi, you hear the same themes repeated over and over. It’s like they post them on a bulletin board, and you’re supposed to repeat the secret phrase back to the boss. So, he knows you’ve read the memo and are eligible for the Metallica tickets. Faux News rails against vaccines and tyrannical mandates, while issuing a tyrannical companywide vaccine mandate. (Live Free or Clock In!) Bad news is good news and there is no good news, save for the bad news. Filled with glee like a child with a dollar, “Oh boy! Did you hear? Unemployment is way up! Ain’t that great! Take that Joe Biden!”

“December 7th Annual Republican Party Barbeque and keg Party! Celebrating the day, the Japanese really stuck it to that pompous FDR!”

A good news bad news scenario, “Good news! The boat is sinking and we’re all going to die!” How is that good news? “The boat is filled with illegal immigrants, and there’s only TWO of us! Don’t you get it? We win!” Or the crying schoolteacher, “I love those children so much; they are my life, my whole world!”

Well, then you should probably stop your blubbering, and take the fucking shot. I mean, if you love those little snot nosed, grocery gobbling crumb crushers half as much you say you do. Taking the shot should be your highest priority. But in unreality, you can both love the children but not enough to do something that you don’t want to do. “I don’t like spinach and you can’t make me eat it! Can I have my desert now?”

It’s hard for me to even call the Republicans, Senators and Congressmen, instead of unindicted co-conspirators. (that Nixon, he never fails.) Foisting a phony debt ceiling crisis, refusing to pay for debt they themselves voted for. “Joe Biden is Failing!”  Ron Desantis, the Tallahassee Terror, let the clock run out on millions of dollars in federal aid for Florida schools. “We don’t want it if it comes from Joe Biden! One book, one pencil and one box of chalk per classroom. Microscopes on written request only. (Depends on what you want a look at!)

Remember when Andy went out of town, and Goober built that car inside the courthouse? Something like that happened in Idaho the other day. The Republican Governor went out of town on a fishing trip, and the Lt. Lunatic began to issue executive orders and making inquiries about activating the National Guard.

These things happen in unreality, because like the sea battles of old, they depend mainly on which way the winds blows. Drifting in the breeze with only partial control. It’s now or never! The Republican Lt. Lunatic plans to face off with the real deal in the coming election, for king of the hill. So, if I can kick over his chair now?

Another Republican legislature, another Mini- coup. Meanwhile, in New England. A New Hampshire, Republican Lawmaker blocks $27 million in Covid aid because… (Drum roll please!) “Vaccines contain live organisms with tentacles. Babies born to vaccinated parents have black hollow eyes and can stand and walk at three months old! At that rate, they will be driving by six years old! And you’ll have keep adjusting the car seat! Back and forth, as six-year old’s never put the seat back!

But then…it gets weird! “The pandemic is a plot by the devil working with the secret “Grey” Pope and millions of Catholics worldwide. The “Grey” Pope is the secret Pope, that us ordinary people know nothing about. Only those smart enough to put together all the clues and focus on preconceived notions and internal biases. Know that 2 + 2 = 127 if you want it too.  The Catholics are being aided in their plot by the Protestant British. Because why? Nobody knows for sure, (Queen Elisabeth, I suspect) but we haven’t attacked the Brits lately, so throw them into the pile. It doesn’t have to make sense.

So, the Vatican is working with London and DC and conspiring with the devil, to bring about a race of Zombie super children!(But can they get into a good school like that?) But let’s not forget the evil of 5G technology! Inspired by Satan, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton, it is evil. Pure evil, mass communication. Remember when Grand pa said that playing the phonograph and grocery stores being open on Sunday, were going to destroy the world? I remember Anita Bryant saying something like that. The sun still rises in the East and sets in the West, and she’s gone. They are just leap frogging around the field, tying different things together, like sticking together Lego blocks.

Playing on a field without any markings. No fifty-yard line or twenty-yard line or even goal lines. They just drift across the field, fueled by the power of complaint and make believe. They have got it all figured out, only you stupid people are still puzzled.

It’s the Catholics, along with their allies the British, with help from a certain pizza parlor to remain nameless in Washington. Conspiring with the great Satan himself, to end the world we all know and love in a Zombie apocalypse! Aided by drug companies and billionaires out to steal our precious DNA. And so pollute our fluids, as to make you glad to work on the weekends. It’s all about mind control, they want to take over the world with mind control. They want people so stupid; that they will believe anything! (I wonder how the research is going?)

“Don’t you get it? Isn’t obvious to you yet? The “Grey” Pope is even worse than the regular Pope! One of these days brother, one of these days. When your children are black hollow-eyed Zombies, and your DNA is on sale at Amazon and you’re bowing to the Queen. Maybe then, maybe once the millions of monuments to Satan disguised as 5G cell phone towers have been exposed, maybe then you’ll listen. Once you’re so magnetic, that you’ve deactivated all your credit cards and set off the smoke alarm. Maybe then you’ll ask, why, oh why, didn’t we listen to the Republicans?”

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