Only a Pawn in Their Game

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is utterly astounding that a Black man could stand in a Southern church and preach hate, against another minority group. Espousing the same views that were once espoused and, in some corners still are espoused, about him. But it is alright, because he’s holding a Bible. You can say anything when you hold the Bible.

The most hate filled rhetoric is softened by its leatherette cover, no matter how hard they hit you with it. Mark Robinson is North Carolina’s hate filled Lt. Governor. He calls people names like, “Filth.” He runs for office by running them down, but only in the name of the Lord of course, and good Republican politics.

I’m not Gay or Transgender, but I know what it’s like to be different. In the land of the free, that’s just about the hardest task there is, being different. Being shunned and abandoned, treated differently, just because of the color of your skin. Your hard traveling or who you are attracted to or who you feel like inside. But see, they got this book. And this book gives them the absolute, arbitrary authority to investigate any aspect of any individual’s personal life, whether they are believers or not!

But it is only a form of hate transference. Mark doesn’t hate you because you are Gay or Transgender. God hates you, and Mark’s just doing the lords by work by bringing it up. A two fer, Mark makes himself look good by making others look bad. “Why your average Christian might not even mention it! But Mark feels that name calling is the best way to get his message across. Like posting a notice of the Elvis convention at Graceland.

“It’s time for grown-ups and time for Christians to start standing up and being unafraid to tell the truth,” Robinson bellowed. “Come after me if you want to. I don’t care. You want my head? Here it is right here. Come on. Come get it. I don’t care because it’s time for us to stand up. Now, I’m not afraid to stand up tell the truth about that issue. They’re dragging our kids down into the pit of Hell trying to teach them that mess in our schools. Tell you like this: That ain’t got no place at no school. Two plus two don’t equal transgender; it equals four. We need to get back to teaching them how to read instead of teaching them how to go to Hell. Yeah, I said it, and I mean it.” – Mark Robinson

I’m a martyr for Jesus! Come after me if you want, you want my head? Vote for me if you will! Because I’m not afraid to say the things that most hate filled rednecks want to hear. Especially about people who won’t vote for me anyway.  What Mark doesn’t want taught in North Carolina schools is tolerance of others. If they don’t believe like us, they aren’t really Christians! If we allow tolerance in our schools, the next thing you know, we might be tolerating things the Bible says we shouldn’t tolerate!

The ultimate religious bigotry, “I stand on God’s holy writ and you’re just a heathen.” My world view prevails, because I have a book to back it up! And admittedly, it has been through a dozen interpretations and half a dozen dead languages. But we believe it to be the literal word of God. Piggy backing on God. Riding the Lord’s coat tails! Water skiing, while God drives the boat!

It seems for the Republicans, that is all that they have left. They can no longer call themselves Conservative. They don’t want to conserve the planet or civilization. They don’t want to conserve natural resources. They certainly don’t want Conservative gun laws. They want what they want because they want it. Twump was elected on Republican voter anger and worked everyday to keep the base angry. Plots, schemes and suspicion, Bill Gates was going to steal their DNA and start Planet Trailer Park in the Tobacco Road nebula.  

Scratch any Republican veneer and the anger appears, “It’s the Mexicans, It’s Antifa, It’s China, it’s the Gays!” They are going to indoctrinate your children you know! They haven’t gotten around to it yet, but they will. The world either cracks you like a rock or wears you smooth like a stone.

“Some get stoned, some get strange. Sooner or later it all gets real.” – Neil Young

We only get one life, and I swear, I’ll try and do better with-it next time. But I’m not angry, life is tough and people sometimes get angry, when life doesn’t turn out the way that they had hoped. “You know, I bet I could be happy, if it wasn’t for those people! Those people are getting everything and I’m getting nothing! They sleep on feather pillows, while I work my ass off.

We better build a wall, because the Mexicans and MS-13 are coming. Ooh, it makes me so mad! Those Confederate statutes weren’t hurting anybody! They are trying to deny us our culture! It makes me so mad! They’s trying to teach the kids critical race theory. They say they ain’t, but I know that they are! You should see the sick twisted things Gay people are doing. They’re having parades! It all makes me so damn angry!

You’ll never change their minds with facts because facts won’t assuage their anger. They are angry with life in general, because they are unhappy with aspects of their life. Twump plays in to all the aspects of that unhappy life that makes them all creepy weirdoes. Twump frees them to emerge from under the rocks and sun their hatred and venom. I don’t believe Donald Twump is a racist. I think he’s a pimp, who uses racism to keep the hoes and suckers in line. Republican politics, funneling hate for a “new” generation.

The world is, someday you won’t be. Relax…enjoy…love!

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