The Disaster Squad

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

  Florida Governor Ron DeSenseless  has levied a $3.57 million dollar fine against Leon County, Florida. Literally punching themselves in the face to kill a mosquito. The county has recklessly and with for thought, sought to behave in a responsible and sane manner. While the Governor, runs from town to town screaming “off with their heads!” Leon County issued a vaccination mandate, and the state will now punish itself for it.

The Party of small government will now inspect the premises like commissars with a clipboard and a pencil, checking for political indiscretions. “Now, we want to protect you from the evils of overreaching big government. So, here’s a list of things you aren’t allowed to do.”

 1. Disagree with the Governor.

2. Publicly disagree with Governor.

3. Appear on television disagreeing with the Governor.

4. See rule one.

What’s that song I hear them singing in the Reich wing choir? A mandate is not a law, as jail time is to prison time. The Guv is going to punish the fine folks of Leon County for disregarding his mandate, and for issuing a mandate of their own, pointing in the other direction. I’ll see your mandate and raise you an executive order! If this were six-year-olds, I would expect to hear, Oh yeah? “Yeah!” Oh yeah? “Yeah!”

It’s hard to understand how an educated man with obvious executive abilities, could fight so hard and so vocally, to keep the pandemic in place. He is a cheerleader for the disaster squad. He attempted to cow the cruise lines, but the Disney Ninja sliced him up like a ginszu knife.

Well, scratch them off the donor list. The battle lines were drawn, big government was trying to tell business, how to run their business or else! If you impose a vaccination mandate, you will be punished. Oh, heavens to Karl Marx, look what the Republicans are doing now!

The cruise lines were tied off to the dock in Reality Bay. If they didn’t enforce a vaccine mandate and a ship load of partiers got sick and some died. The cruise lines would be sued for millions, and negligence, and lose.

Obviously, the Guv knows that as well. Either the Guv is a cynical, self-serving sociopath, or he is utterly clueless. “We have no Wodger or Woderick here!” I don’t believe that he is that dumb, but I’m at a loss to otherwise explain it. The power mad king, baby Twump Junior. Just like Twump’s own son, but with only half the cocaine usage of his regular son. But here is where is gets interesting.

DeSenseless has issued the fine and has given the county thirty days to pay up. What if Leon County says, “Up yours Brandon!” and refuses to pay up. Will the Guv move to repossess? Or add interest and penalties to himself? I think, that if I oversaw Leon County, I would send the tax collector on a long fact-finding tour of South America. And order that no checks be written to Tallahassee, until he gets back.

The Guv has but two years left in his term, you can cover a lot of South America in two years. The money doesn’t go from the state to the counties. The money comes from the counties and goes to the state. Will the state stop all roadwork and refuse to replace streetlights in Leon County? Refuse to issue cars tags or dog licenses. Maybe declare the county in rebellion, and call out the national guard and declare martial law.

There must something important they are trying to distract our attention from. Probably a lot of things they would like to attract our attention from.  Let’s see, Texas and thirteen other states, have banned transgender females from participating in school athletics. I know… you thought that climate change was important. But trust us, when your daughter’s team wins the high school state softball championship, you’ll thank us.

Did you know that China operates the largest overseas fishing fleet in the world, over two thousand vessels strong? Do you know why China operates the largest overseas fishing fleet in the world? If you guessed, because Chinese waters have been polluted and over fished to exhaustion, you are correct. The Chinese claim more and more territorial waters, not for airbases but for fishing holes. The airbases are there to defend the fishing holes. Prestige is nice, but supper is better.

So, the Chinese have a plan to deal with all this pollution and overfishing, without the needless expense and bother of an environmental cleanup. Just go fish somewhere else. Some country that isn’t paying attention, some country without a strong navy or coast guard. The US Coast Guard recently sank a Chinese fishing boat off Alaskan waters. After it refused to be stopped and boarded, and broke for international waters. The Coast Guard applied the five-inch gun solution and sent the vessel to meet Davey Jones. Not the singer in the Monkee’s, the other one.

A similar event happened off the coast of South America and will happen again and again. We look at environmental disaster from a detached perspective, like we aren’t even involved. What if the snail darter goes extinct, can we even live in a world without spotted owls? Do you know what you call a fishing fleet that disregards international law, that’s a called a Pirate fleet! A state sponsored, Pirate fishing fleet. Fuck your laws and territorial waters, we’re gonna fish here! What are you going to do about it?

Human beings are beginning to shoot at other human beings over fish. The old Mother Hubbard theory of Climate change. “And when she got there the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none.” But this is a fishing fleet under a totalitarian government. You can’t just bring the boat back empty and say they weren’t biting today. People depend on that food and if you ain’t finding any fish. Maybe you ain’t reading the map right.

They say that those immigrants coming from South America, Africa or Asia want to take your job steal your wealth and destroy your culture. They’ve got it all planned out. They’re gang members, criminals, and rapists. Or, they simply want clean drinking water and food, with a chance to provide for themselves. It couldn’t be climate change, making millions abandon their ancestral homes risking their lives on a rumor, that it’s better somewhere else.

It isn’t the Republicans or Democratic politicians blocking environmental change. It’s the people who pay politicians to scuttle legislation. Chris Rock said, “Shaq ain’t rich. The guy who pays Shaq is rich!” Who pays to scuttle legislation in its cradle, before you’ve ever heard about it. Who will sell on the last day, the last fish to the highest bidder and then, sell guns to everyone else.

The day is coming when mankind will fight wars over fish, because there aren’t enough of them to go around anymore. But let’s talk about transgender athletes and vaccine mandates, and what kind of car Dr. Fauci drives. That Joe Biden is a Communist! You know, vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. Defend your freedom! You have a constitutional right to be blinder than Helen Keller in a closet at midnight. They can’t make you take a shot! Stand up for your rights! (From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli!)

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