He Looks Like He’s from Shelbyville!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Dissent is the backbone of America. I would never speak against it. We celebrate dissent. Once Americans in an effort to show their dissent over taxes on tea. Threw a cargo of tea overboard, belonging to an innocent third party and then blamed it on a minority group. Thus, teaching the tax collector a valuable if stern lesson about the politics of soggy tea. The political act supplants the criminal act because, they done it fer a good cause.

John Hancock famously signed the Declaration of Independence in a 32 font. So, the King could read his name without his spectacles. Like the King of the largest empire on the planet, knew John Hancock from Adam’s house cat. Just signing the document, put them under a death sentence, regardless of the font. Hence the expression, “it looks good on paper.” (or parchment) It got him an insurance company named after him, can Button Gwinnett say the same? “I really should have written larger!”

The muskets had barely cooled from the revolution, when the Whiskey Rebellion broke out. Giving rise to the first group of Anti-American Americans. Fighting for a free government and then fighting the free government, over an unjust law. They had the moral high ground and lost it, shootin at the revenuers. George Washington was personally against the law, but was forced to defend the young Republic against violence.

South Carolina succeeded from the Union, just because Abe Lincoln was elected. He hadn’t done anything yet, just elected. Rejection of election results and violence against the government is nothing uniquely new in America. Even Faux News isn’t new. The U.S. Navy knew the battleship Maine had a fire in its coal bunker somewhere but were unable to locate it. Until the exploding ammunition magazine helped to pinpoint the exact location.

Why sure, it was those dirty sneaky Spaniards in their out-of-date, obsolete fleet and their empire we coveted. You can’t sell newspapers for an accident. But dirty sneaky plots will always help sales, whether they happened or not.

Congressman Jamie Raskin, played a racist, expletive filled voicemail of what he calls the T*cker Carlson effect. T*cker stirs up his base by mischaracterizing events and then turns the thundering herd loose on his victim. If hate radio and hate TV say Hillary Clinton eats a small child for breakfast and drinks blood for lunch. The herd will cheer,  as it reinforces what they’d had thought all along.

A mask is the new Swastika, yet no one has been beaten or thrown out of their homes yet. How ignorance cheapens history.  The holocaust is the only historical event they can remember as a group and so appoint themselves as victims, against the oppressive cruel hand of government. But it really isn’t because they are anti-vax or anti-science, or even anti-Semitic, they’re anti-everything! They called a man wearing a Yamika an atheist, duh.

It isn’t about politics as much as anger. Donald Twump promised a vaccine, quick, quick, quick and Republicans cheered. The vaccine arrived under Joe Biden and the Republicans booed. “It’s all a sneaky underhanded plot to chart the bottom of the gene pool!” The big lie and the absence of evidence, which leads to the conclusion that something sneaky and underhanded must be going on.

It came to a head at Talladega Raceway as a crowd of drunken NASCAR fans were chanting obscenities at a television reporter trying to do her job. Unbeknownst to the unruly crowd, are FCC regulations forbidding  a crowd to chant obscenities into a television network. This they took as their victory. They are proud of their shouting of obscenities and forcing a reporter to move away. We yelled, “Fuck You!” so loud, them liberals couldn’t stand it no more! And they wonder why they are made fun of.

Like Archie Bunker a generation before, race is always just underneath the surface. They are shouting for Eurasia, but they really mean Goldstein! You can’t hardly have a good racist rant in this country these days, without using the N word and referencing Obama. Referencing God and country and their hate and disgust for you as a person, without ever referencing, what you’d done to make them so angry.

Anger is easy to incite, but difficult to maintain. So, they grasp at straws trying to generate excitement among the herd. “Did you see that? We all threw our turds at that reporter, and she moved away from monkey Island! We win! Let’s make our general bad behavior a part of our party! Let’s run his bus off the road, let’s hang Mike Pence!”

The anger has always been there and always needs a vent. The plant closed and the neighborhood is changing. I thought I would be rich by now. I don’t like where I am as a person and I’m damn near certain, that it’s someone from another countries fault.  It’s The Winter of our cultural Discontent.

Anger for the sake of anger, and anger for things that don’t even affect them. Just the subliminal knowledge that someone somewhere is getting something they don’t deserve, and corporate America says it’s you guys. A Gay wedding cake will put them into a tizzy, hungry children, not so much. But it’s all Joe Biden’s fault, everything, in the whole world is all Joe Biden’s fault. Like Goldstein before him, Joe Biden represents all they hate.

The Democrats aren’t just politicians with different points of view; they are monsters! They want to bring about the Stalinist Soviet takeover of the government, through mask and vaccination mandates. Despite living and raising a family in America. Democrats seek to destroy our country through…through? Through Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and A.O.C.! Yeah them, understand? We’re angry, get it?

We’ve been hating immigrants for generations. We used to hate O’Malley here, but now we hate Mexicans! Isn’t that right O’Malley? There is no way to remediate the problem; haters are gonna hate. Their hate is as individual as they are and so can’t be cured with a general solution. Logic need not apply,  as Mexicans are characterized as both lazy and taking their jobs. If they’d hired Mexicans to build the wall, it would probably be finished by now!

But it really isn’t about walls or Mexicans. It’s about a personal decision to be angry at life. It simplifies everything, being angry. No need to reason out a problem, its simple, its somebodies’ fault, case closed. And probably, someone I don’t like anyway. “He’s not from Springfield! He looks like he’s from Shelbyville!” Yeah, he’s got that look about him. Better keep an eye on him, you know how they are!

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