Worse than the Crime

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Woody Guthrie’s pal Cisco Houston said Woody would be the first one to jump in if a fight broke out. He said, Woody would always get his ass kicked. But would still be the first one to jump in the next time. It is an assessment men make since childhood. If a fight breaks out is this guy gonna help me or be a liability to me? Fight or flight, either we all hang together, or one of us gets our ass beat. See ya! The wrong time to test a friendship, I guess.

It’s Twain’s maxim about the size of the fight in the dog. And it ain’t just about altitude, its about attitude. The New York Times published their second installment in their three part series, “Don’t Tell Me No More!” In it, The Times reveals the gory details of the attempted Coup de tat of January 6th.

Like details from a grizzly ax murder, they are almost too hard to read. Almost too painful to believe that grown folks would and could, behave that stupidly. To follow along blindly, “Tra la, la, la, la!” behind the Pied piper, like singing with the Von Trapp Family at a picnic, on an Austrian mountain hillside.

“Psst, Hey, me and some of other guys are going to try and overthrow the government, wanna play along?” Okay! What do you want me to do??? “Nothing, just play along and vote the way you’re told.” Can I use this to bolster my public image at home? “Sure thing kid, knock yourself out! Whatever floats your boat Mo.” With plastic sword and tin foil armor, they mount their hobby horse for combat in a real-life battle.

Amongst the backdrop of pandemonium and riot comes a spotlight, not unlike a light from a Broadway stage. The second lead makes his entrance and begins to sing his little song. Under a blue spotlight highlighting him and setting him apart from the rest of the stage and props. Setting the scene and the tone for the whole next act.

Cue: Lindsey Graham

(Graham enters from stage left; and delivers his lines in a highly agitated state.)

Graham: Shoot em! shoot em! You got guns use em! Come on, Gunsmoke time! Do the Matt Dillon thing, bang, bang! What are we paying you people for, if not to protect me? Now open fire, damn you!

(Graham further advises Capital Police officers to blow the heads off of the January 6th rioters. Kill em all, before they get within twenty-five feet of me!)

Do not, I repeat, do not take this man with you to a bar or a club.  “Oh yeah? Well, let me tell you what I really think about the Hell’s Angels!” Graham wasn’t worried about Democracy or the sanctity of the building or anything, or even his own, sacred sworn oath. He was concerned the barbarians at the gates, might tear him limb from limb in a blood frenzy. As soon as Lindsey had skin in the game, his orders were clear. “Shoot Em! You got guns, use them!”

It’s a proud moment in a proud career, to advocate for the murder of your own constituents. To shoot simple visitors, snapping selfies while murdering policeman. Lindsey Graham is telling you in the sharpest and starkest terms possible, exactly what he really thought of the January 6th Twumpers.

In an emergency there is no time to be clever. Lindsey Graham picked up the phone and called… Ivanka. “Maybe Twump will listen to her? Because he won’t listen to anyone else.” How telling; don’t even bother with his staff; they’re as nutty as he is. Call the daughter,  see if she can talk him down out of the tree again, this time.

Revolution is a deadly game; it pays big rewards to the winners and the losers pay with their lives. It’s always been so. German General, Irwin Rommel was given a choice. Commit suicide and receive a state funeral as a hero or stand trial for treason and be brutally executed. He didn’t even think about trying to call Eva Braun! Rommel was only associated with the plot and not a participant. But Rommel knew the rules of the road. If you engage in a plot against the government, in any capacity. You forfeit your life automatically. As it ever was and ever shall be.

If you cheat on your wife, she won’t take you back. Yet you cheat on your country and expect forgiveness? The Republicans do the obvious, “Well gee honey, I don’t know what you’re talking about? How would I know how a pair of women’s panties got under the back seat of the minivan? Why, if you’re going to imply, that I’m unfaithful. Then I refuse to say another word about it. Go ahead, subpoena me, “I’m mad now!”

Just whistle and act like nothing’s going on, and keep whittling. Gee, we were surprised to hear about that too! Nothing to see here, move along.

Had such an event happened in Japan. Their shame alone, would have no longer allowed them in good conscience, to continue to draw in free oxygen. They would have raided the knife drawer in the kitchen, and added to the excitement at the ancestors reunion. No need for a January 6th committee, they have shame. And shame is enough for some, when you side against your government and attempt to overthrow it.

But like Watergate, the cover up is worse than the crime. They attempt to stand in front of the American public, like a night club hypnotist.  “You remember nothing! You’re all sleeping, nothing happened on January 6th! Now, cluck like a chicken!”

A most lethal cancer as none of the conspirators can ever trust any of the other conspirators, ever again. If you couldn’t trust them then, how are you going to trust them now? How are you going to trust someone whose first response to danger, is to order the police to open fire…on his own side!

By attempting to subvert the investigation, they are continuing to support the Coup in real time.

Act in haste and repent at leisure, Mama said. Always ask the important questions when personally considering a Coup de tat opportunity, in your own everyday life. Ask yourself, “Who is in charge of this here Coup, that you’re planning?”

 Donald Twump!

“Yeah… well, I think I better pass on that, this time.”

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