Slow Motion Cambodia

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is a first in all recorded history, something to tell your grand kids about, if there are any. It’s really, really special as pandemics have plagued mankind ever since Adam first forgot to cover his mouth, when he coughed. It wasn’t his fault; the boy had no formal home training, and he really didn’t know any better. He came from an alternative type of family; his mother was a man. Raised without a belly button and with no one to tell him to take his hat off in the house or to wash behind his ears.

It left the boy pretty gullible and wide open to being taken in by sharpies. No family except his domineering Father/Mother to ask for advice. It’s like in “Jack and the Bean Stalk” if you are so poor that you must sell the family cow. Your very last asset. Why not do it yourself? Why send your (known quantity) half-wit son to sell the cow? He comes back less the cow but with a handful of magic beans. Who is really at fault here? You’re lucky you got the beans.

A strange backlash to technology as the Khmer rouge are stacking up the typewriters in the streets of Phnom Penh again. Typewriting machines bad, tell lies about Khmer rouge. Must kill all typewriters telling lies about Khmer rouge. Just as the Germans burned the books a generation before, the Khmer rouge sought to short circuit system by destroying the machines that made the books. (An environmentally responsible alternative Totalitarian government.) And by outlawing education. All are problems are over! Watch…”Go work in the fields! Ya dumb fucks! Look at em, just like cattle!”

People, I’ve just had a long talk with the overseer. And he’s explained it all to me. This is a Plantation, and we are all slaves. The master would like to pay us all; he really would. But if he paid us in real money, why that would put him at a competitive disadvantage. Vis-à-vis the highly competitive international cotton market. Now, if he paid us, he might go broke, and then he’d have to sell us. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? So, in return for the master’s benevolence, we’re all going to work an extra hour every day. The master promises in return to look out the window every once in a while, from inside in the air conditioning and wave to us.

There has never been a pandemic before where people complained about a vaccine. Then organized petition drives and quit their jobs over it. There is just something almost medieval about. “Stop him! Stop him! In the name of God stop him! He’s giving out the Devil’s potions! There is a drop of Satan inside of every bottle! Unless you choose diet potion, where they use NutraSweet instead. But it’s all evil! It’s all an evil plot and when you become a magnetic zombie and your credit cards no longer work, then you’ll be sorry! Don’t come crying to me!”

“Don’t you get it? Satan is trying to deceive you! First, he makes you cough, then he tricks you into joining his fraternity. The cure is worse than the disease brother. Put down that book before you learn something you really don’t want to know, like Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green. Knowledge is power, that’s why they don’t want you to have any! An educated work force can only cause trouble in the long run. Tell em Tucker, tell them why they don’t need to go to college!

They say that you’ll instinctively run away from a gunshot. But the crowds ran away from the grassy knowle, despite the bullets officially coming from the other direction. That leaves only two possibilities, either Texans are extraordinarily brave in the face of gunfire, or the official story is bogus.

How is it, that we have percentage of the population foaming at the mouth over a lifesaving vaccine? Storming schoolboard meetings, like liberating the Bastille. Hair on fire screaming death threats and with need of formal restraint. They have no interest in supporting public education, only in ending it. They are teaching something that I don’t like in that school. And even though I don’t have any kids in school or know anyone with kids in school or know anything about schools or curriculum. I don’t like it, this has got to stop!

How is it, that a sizable percentage of Americans are hostile to public education? How is it, in the face of obvious climate distress, are against environmental remediation? How is it, that they complain vociferously about budget deficits, yet steadfastly refuse to pay even their own bills? How is it, that they fear China will overtake us and take our place in the world, yet refuse to support American education? We didn’t dumbass Neil and Buzz on to the moon you know.

The Supreme Court once ruled that you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater. But you can broadcast it night after night, until you get them programmed like trained seals. (bring in the horns) Until you can convince them that every public expenditure is bad, except for the military. That the people are bad. Different as in different colors and from different places bad and lazy.

Public education is bad. Stemming pollution is just a dirty, dirty, dirty trick designed to ruin our economy. It’s almost like there is a method to their madness. Raising taxes on billionaires or wages for the poor, will only hurt the economy in the long run and doing away with fossil fuels, will cost us jobs!

The same people posting pictures of their grand kids in Halloween costumes on Facebook are against public education and vaccination. “There’s nothing wrong with the climate, it’s always been 85 in November!” The cognitive dissidence to burn the library of Alexandria for the glory of the lord. And to see no connection between child and future. To charge the bullets and throw away your own worthless life to save some billionaires from paying higher taxes. “I’ll pay them for you sir, it’ll be an honor! We’ll just do away with the high school band and the twelfth grade!”

It’s never happened before in human history. A movement against public health or a movement against public education. A generational war on children. In conjunction with a TV station, that is saying precisely the same thing.

How to know when you are in a cult: “You are advised to do and say things against your own and your families’ best interests for the benefit of someone else, remote from you. You are told that everyone else is lying to you but them. Or you can use my favorite definition, the Bhagwan rule: If you are down on your hands and knees picking peas in the hot sun, twelve hours a day . And the Bhagwan happens to drive by and waves from his air-conditioned blue Rolls Royce. And the first question you ask yourself is, I wonder why he didn’t take the convertible, it’s such a pretty day?

It’s slow-motion Cambodia, the ruling elite with the burden of cattle.

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