Bringing Failure to the Table

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Sometimes we tell stories on ourselves that we really shouldn’t tell. An attempt to show an explanatory message that goes haywire and just explodes. Leaving the explainer wishing they could take it all back. Lauren (low rent) Boebert is more than just your father’s idiot, she’s her own brand! Accept no substitute! When you’re looking for real down-home nonsense, comedy is cheap. Don’t waste your hard-earned dollar anywhere else!

Little Lulu was moralizing to Pete Buttigieg about taking two months of family leave. She begins by repeating almost verbatim (You can’t expect miracles.) from a Tucker Carlson screed about Buttigieg needing to learn to breast feed. And while even more tasteless than homophobic, though certainly both. She then went on to give an example from the catalog of her own extempore behavior. You don’t need family leave, because Little Lulu gave birth in the front seat of a pickup truck.  How sentimental, finishing the pregnancy in the same place where it all began.

Kind of like saying, a tire went flat at the trailer, and I kept falling out of bed! There is just no way to spin that story and recover. I wonder if they parked the truck behind the dumpster at the same bar to complete the scenario. You see, Republicans don’t believe in family leave. That salt won’t mine itself; you know! Family memories…you got a camera…use it! It stings a little more coming from someone who takes three weeks’ vacation, a couple of times a year. Do as I say, not as I do. Get it? Your life is meaningless, get back to work!

But the millionaires and billionaires who pay their bills, don’t like the idea or the added expense of allowing you a personal life. “I suppose, you’ll want the whole day at Christmas?” Get back to work has been their message all along. Twump wanted to open things up last Easter to rave reviews. Yeah, yeah, pandemic, people dying, blah, blah, blah. But I have a hamburger franchise to run! Got to move those burgers to pay for that lake house and the kids’ tuition to private school.

It is the genesis of the anti-mask anti-vaccine cult. “It’s nothing, it’s nothing at all! Like a head cold! You don’t need a mask. What do you mean you don’t feel well and ought to stay home? Everyone is depending on you at the burger bar. And it’s your turn to handle all the buns! I didn’t tell you to schedule a vaccination during working hours.  Your kid’s sick? I didn’t tell you to have kids.”

It was obvious to me at least, what Joe Biden was trying to do from the beginning. But it is now clear, at least to me, that it has failed. Biden was attempting to pour oil upon the waters, attempting a return to normalcy. State a positive message and legislative agenda and go back to work. Attempting to do things the way we’ve always done them, for the past two hundred years or so. But Biden was wrong, his goal was right, but his goal was not possible.

For two solid years, the Reich and the Republicans, railed against Colin Kaepernick for disrespecting our flag by daring to protest. What really pissed them off even more than their racism was their sense of classism. How dare you protest…You’re richer than me! “Here I am busting my ass at the truck shop, and here’s this rich Black guy with a dream job protesting!”

Yet two years later, seven of those who participated in the largest violent uprising against the United States government since the Civil War, were elected to Congress by Republicans. Joe Biden was wrong to believe that we could ever return to normal, without surgery to remove the cancer within.

The legislative agenda should be scrapped, it’s near dead any way. The focus should be on necessary business only, and the attention of the entire Congress placed squarely on the Insurrection. With the aim of direct prosecution and expulsion of any members found guilty. Watch how fast the Republicans want to talk infrastructure once Maxwell Federal Prison comes up in conversation. But it’s too late for that now. In bowling and in treason, once your foot crosses the line, you lose your turn if not your head.

Somehow, we figured that those guilty of sedition and treason would somehow flip back to loyal, once the orange full moon passed. But we were wrong, Joe Biden could steal an idea off Twump’s desk put his name on it and propose it to Congress and get ZERO Republican support. Not because they disagree with the legislation, but because they are disloyal to the country of their birth. They aren’t Republicans they are Guerrillas. They didn’t get their way, and now intend on kicking over the sandcastles of government.

Hiding in the mountains and broadcasting their message of disunity, on their billionaire financed radio and TV stations.  The Republicans won’t vote to raise the debt limit for money they themselves authorized, just to hobble the government.  We won’t get an infrastructure bill because bad roads and bridges, will make Joe Biden and the Democrats look bad. (We remember Bridge Gate and Chris Christie) They succeed only by bringing failure to the table.

It should be clear by now, that the insurrection of January 6th has never actually subsided. As Republicans failed to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act. It has been reauthorized four times before, under Republicans and Democratic Administrations alike, but not this time. Republicans have dug in their heals, because they’ve really come out against voting these days. Especially for people who might not vote for them. They wanted to jimmy up the census and slow down the mail. Make people re-register every time to vote absentee.

A voting official in Colorado, gave out the key to the voting machines to a conspiracy theorist. It’s only going to cost the county three or four million dollars. But somehow, she got the idea that elections were fixed and so gave away the key to validate her point. It was an act of disloyalty against the people of Colorado. Stupid is stupid, theft is theft…but disloyalty can never be tolerated. The NRA was funneling money from Russia to the Twump campaign. Campaign finance violation or disloyalty?

Attempting to subvert the outcome of a federal election by the introduction illegal foreign funds? What’s wrong with that? It’s just a foreign government trying to buy a puppet on the cheap. Someone who will do their bidding, rather than ours. “Yeah, I was thinking, why we don’t let Russia back in the G-7?”

Gerald Ford said, that he let Nixon skate, because he wanted to end the long national nightmare of Watergate. Ending the Nixon Administration ended Watergate, while the January 6th insurrection goes on still. We can’t end the national nightmare, until we wake up and put those responsible on trial. This isn’t about tax cuts or denying you healthcare or even suppressing your wages.

Now they want your vote.

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