Good Government

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I was reading the jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly report. I know, it’s an exciting and glamorous lifestyle. The report is pretty good, not great, but pretty good considering. I tried to reconcile the BLS report with the vote on the infrastructure bill. And, for those of you afraid that the United States might someday become a third world country. Scratch that off your list of concerns, Lafayette…we have arrived!

When Covid-19 first broke out, health experts warned us that it could kill four or five hundred thousand people, maybe even more! The United States has surpassed 750,000 Covid-19 deaths. While Republican Governors plead with the Federal Court to stop a vaccination mandate for adults. 1,100 adults a day die from Covid.  Costa Rica issued a mandate to vaccinate  all children five and up. No kidding, no fooling around, you can hold your breath until you turn blue and stomp your feet…but STFU, you’re getting the shot!

I say the BLS report was pretty good considering. Considering what the economy has been through and an obstructionist Congress. The U-6 unemployment figure, the for real, number not the (U-3) political number for unemployment is over 8% down from almost 12%, a year ago. The stimulus money has done the trick to keep the economy out of a ditch. It also dispels the myth that people don’t want to work. If full employment is considered 3% unemployment, were talking about 5% out of 100.

But it is true, that there is a shortage of workers. I saw a job advertised the other day paying $30.00 per hour plus commission to start, no experience necessary! Simply by going door to door in 2021, during a pandemic selling the glories of solar panels under the bright Phoenix, Arizona sun.

Make sales to  people busy making supper or holding their dog back while on the phone. Or just got off from work dealing with crying babies.  Meet your neighbors, see their firearms and greet their big dogs. Gee, I wonder why they have problems staffing that position? You never know, maybe they’re making Meth in the basement, or maybe they might need solar panels! Only one way to find out which! Say, did they ever catch that serial killer?

After months of wrangling, the infrastructure bill finally passed the House 228 to 206. Two hundred Republicans voted against the package. Six Democrats also voted against, saying, that it wasn’t good enough. Only 13 Republicans voted for the package. It was Mitt Romney who led Republican Senate negotiations and Romney explained, the bill will help Utah to mitigate drought conditions, prepare for and respond to wildfires. Expand broadband to rural communities and fulfill “Critical” water needs.

Three billion dollars is headed to Utah. It includes $214 million to provide running water to the Navajo Nation. $219 million for a state water revolving fund and $50 million for the Central Utah Project. The rest squandered on roads, bridges, and fire protection. Which is why the entire Utah Republican delegation unanimously voted against it. If you pray hard enough those new fire engines will appear, all by themselves.

Poor tiny Costa Rica, with no one to warn them round the clock about the dangers are left unprotected from this deadly vaccine. They will never know how their rights are being trampled underfoot by an over reaching and maniacal big government in a small country. The Costa Rican Health Minister said, the vaccine will be administered, just like all the other childhood immunizations. I guess we can’t all be Costa Rica!

I sometimes wonder if Joe Biden had been President after Pearl Harbor, if the Republicans would have filibustered the Doolittle Raid. Six hundred million is going to be spent on water in Utah and the Utah Republicans voted against. Do they have an alternative to water, that they would like to suggest at this point? “Brawndo, it’s got electrolytes!”

To vote against your constituents’ best interests. To proudly, vote against your constituents’ best interests. The Republicans don’t like the social spending, the Navaho have gone without running water this long, they’re probably used to it by now! I don’t care how many homes burn down or people burn to death, they want to use Federal money to replace lead pipes in Detroit, and that’s just wrong! The Republicans are perfectly content to allow the country to absolutely fall into ruins, before allowing Joe Biden a victory.

Had this legislation included funding for a high-speed bullet train between Salt Lake City and Denver, I could understand their resistance. Or maybe a nuclear waste dump in Provo. The infrastructure bill for Utah, was all about water and the Republicans voted against. They’re against water in principle, only Democrats vote for water.

It is estimated that a tax on billionaires, could raise $557 billion dollars a year for the treasury. But the Republicans in Congress, voted to let you pay for it instead. Because it would be wrong to tax billionaires. Only Democrats tax billionaires. Margie Greene called the infrastructure bill, “Communism.” Yep, definitely a third world education. Maybe there are ghosts or haints, in the bill and passing it might upset the spirit world.

The past points as the future laughs. The Republicans were against WPA airport projects in the 1930s. Sidewalks and storm culverts were once called boondoggles. Pork barrel projects, you don’t need an airport, you don’t need a sidewalk. You don’t need those TVA damns! You don’t need a school. The roads are fine, if you can’t see the potholes, you need new glasses anyway! Who cares about lead pipes in Michigan, that water is poisoned anyway? So, what, kids get sick all the time.

A nihilist abandonment of adult responsibility. Surfing on a wave of anti-intellectualism that points to suicide. Shooting the curl to burn down the library. Lighting torches for school board meetings. How far off can book burning really be? “You gots to be careful, they’s no telling what’s writ down in them books! I don’t trust no doctors.” Voting to deny themselves both water and fire protection, in the name of “Good Government.”

“Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.” ― Mark Twain

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