Dead Man Running

By David Glenn Cox

The old adage says, never believe your own press. Joe Biden is struck by recent low polling numbers and things look rough. I remember after George H. W. Bush fought the first Gulf War; his polling numbers were through the roof. He looked unbeatable, but eighteen months later, was easily defeated. Many Republicans talk like it is a foregone conclusion, that they will take control of Congress in 2022.

It’s one of the reasons Mark Meadows did not show up for the January 6th committee, is it’s part of the stall. Everyone stall and then when Republicans take over, they can smother the January 6th committee. The Republican Governor of Oklahoma recently replaced the head of the state’s National Guard with a toady. His first act as the head of the Guard was to announce that he wouldn’t enforce the DOD’s vaccination mandate.

For a Party steeped in traditional family values, it is a bit odd for a General to tell the Pentagon, to fuck off. It is a generally accepted rule that soldiers follow orders when given by their superiors. But Republicans in Oklahoma think a toady in a green uniform, defying the will of his superiors will win them votes in the upcoming election. But there were many more guardsmen who were voluntarily vaccinated than not. How will they vote in the upcoming elections? Knowing they’ve been put at risk by the Republicans and a General destined for the Brig.

With almost 11,000 Covid deaths in Oklahoma. Those heirs and relatives will most certainly welcome politicians pushing the anti-mask, anti-vaccine line. Sure, soldiers don’t have to follow orders if they don’t agree with them. In Sunny, Fascist Florida, Killer Ron Desantis thinks that he’s headed for higher office. He’s tried muzzling state employees, even tired arresting some. Sure, that’s how you run a state. Bury any unpopular information, and fire state employees that object. Alienate big business by putting them in the middle between, responsible and criminal.

Texas Governor, Greg “Bubba” Abbott takes reproductive rights away from Texas women, giving them less reproductive freedom than their Mexican neighbors. In the wake of a massive power failure, based almost solely on incompetence. The state’s utility board has granted a rate increase to help the utility  recoup their losses off the backs of the innocent Texas consumer. That should help win them some votes in November. The last time I checked, the electorate in Texas is 50% women, somebody has a hill to climb.

It’s official, Matt Gaetz has been stripped of his Chucky Cheese Brother Rat Club Card. All of his skeeball records will be voided. No more 10% discount. An Indiana Republican Senator, blames millions in illegal loans and cash disbursements, were the fault of one renegade bookkeeper. The bookkeeper had just dropped from sight and was unavailable, until a reporter found him on Facebook. Gym Jordan’s congressional seat is being redistricted out of existence, by fellow Republicans. Nuff said.

Margie Greene and Lauren (low rent) Boebert continue spewing ridiculous nonsense, giving them almost a Laurel & Hardy appearance. Margie is working on $50,000 in fines for refusing the wear a mask on the House floor. Baby, that’s legislating!

Yes, Republicans like their chances in 2022. They anticipate the public likes their actions too. Calling for retribution on thirteen fellow Republicans who voted their conscience on an Infrastructure bill, will most certainly help them in November. We’ll just get rid of these thirteen house members and then we’ll take back the house. Remember our motto: “Get em!”

Things look pretty good for the Republicans, provided you only look at the Democrats.

All the Republicans need to due is to remind the voters that it was Republicans fighting mask and vaccination mandates, killing tens of thousands of Americans. It was the Republicans who ended enhanced unemployment benefits. It was Republicans who ended any chance of taxing billionaires. Republicans won’t ruin the economy over silly climate fears.

It is Republicans choosing to defy valid Congressional subpoenas. Throwing up the phony claim of executive privilege. They don’t respect the law; and they don’t respect the courts. They advocate for and support political violence. They cheer for a punk that took an assault rifle and waded into a riot and then claims self-defense. (Here I come to save the day!) It doesn’t matter that he shot and killed people, he’s on our side!  

But despite, disloyalty, criminality, sexual peccadillos, and the fear of what the National Rifle Association called “Rednecks” and “Hayseeds” taking over the Party. The Republicans like their chances and have a secret weapon waiting in the wings.

Being described as the greatest political come back since Jesus Christ himself. The Republicans pin their hopes on a political novice and a returner to life. John F. Kennedy Jr. long thought to have been dead both politically and physically, will be Donald  Twump’s running mate in 2022 or 2024 whichever Twump decides.  I attempted to contact Mr. Kennedy for comment, but he has not returned my calls and remains silent.

Now some of you, Democrats mainly, ask, “Why JFK jr.?” He has no political experience whatsoever. I’m not supporting any dead man for Vice President without some political experience. I mean, sure he could be a spokesman for the dead, I suppose. And with Twump as President there would certainly be more dead. But what’s the last newspaper he read? How does he feel about people dying needlessly? Is he pro or con? If a congressman does something that you don’t like, should you phone in the death threat or e-mail it?

Even Republican stalwarts like Chris Christie are trying to get them to knock off the stolen election crap, because it is now doing more harm than good. But it is now a part of their DNA. Forty percent of Republican voters are unsure that their votes will be counted, and it looks like it might snow! Good job fellas, you’ve given your voters a good reason to stay home, and a little bad weather will do the rest.

The only way Republicans can retake the house is by Democrats not showing up to vote.

Harry Truman based his 1948 Presidential campaign on the “Do Nothing, Republican Congress.” Insisting, “I didn’t put them there, you did! You stayed home in 1946 and look at what you got!” Have you forgotten the madness already? We haven’t even swept up the mess from last time, are you ready for more? Forget climate change, forget public health or public schools. You could be in trouble advocating for the murder your political opponents if you weren’t a Republican. You could get fired from any other job in the country for doing something like that if you weren’t a Republican.

If you think it’s crazy now, wait until you have a dead man for Vice President.

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