Trans Texas Treason Tour

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

My ex-wife worked at a television station. It was the minor market network affiliate. It was they type of station where you either began your broadcasting career, or you ended it. This was where you worked until you decided the networks probably weren’t going to call to offer you the big job in New York. It’s like when you were in school, when the teachers would warn you to be honest and deal the cards fairly. Lest life take you out into the back alley and beat the snot out of you.

Billy Durant founded General Motors and ended up running a bowling alley. How the mighty had fallen, how the accumulated sins had come back to haunt. There’s screwing up your career and then there is screwing up your career. Mike Flynn screwed up his career.

Mike was working as an agent for the government of Turkey. Nothing wrong with that, perfectly legal. Former Army General working for a foreign government. Now, to work as an agent for a foreign power in the United States. You must fill out a form that tells our government. “I, Mike Flynn am working for a foreign power (Name Here) for the express purpose of advancing their interests to prominence for money.”

That way, our government knows what you’re up to, as a loyal American citizen. You know, you can’t tell the players without a score card. That way, they’ll know that you aren’t up to anything nefarious.

The only reason to not fill out the form is that you are up to something nefarious. And you don’t want our government to know that you’re working as agent for a foreign power. To advance their goals for money, even if they conflict with your duty of sovereign loyalty. So, when Mike Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI…guess what he was lying about?

Pass this along to your children, “If the FBI asks you a question, it’s an intelligence test.” They already know the answer, they just want to see what kind of cock and bull story, you’ll come up with. And well, Mike’s story was none too good.

Turkey is important, since Berlin has left the scene as the place where spies were once traded across the bridge, between East and West. That’s the correct term for what Mike Flynn was doing, he was a spy. He was secretly working for Turkey for money. The road to Moscow runs through Turkey, you know.

Now let’s put on our big boy pants. You’re working secretly for a foreign government and the FBI approaches you. They ask, “say Mike, what are you up to these days? You’re not secretly working for a foreign government, are you?” Oh no! Who told you that?

The penalty for not filling out the form is minor, the penalty for lying to the FBI about it is not. Why did Mike choose the hard road? What made Mike lie and face jail time, rather than come clean and go along on his merry way? Obviously, because he was in up to neck in nefarious.

His spy career is all over, like Ollie North and the Watergate bandits, he’s spoiled goods now. Nothing left but the rubber chicken and God circuit. A trade show for those with secret invisible friends buying their tinfoil wholesale. It’s as easy as picking money up off the floor.  The mixing of Reich wing and Godly political juices, giving us froth and Elmer Gantry. Like Professional wrestling, you must make a show of it.

So, Mike makes a show. He tells the “Reawaken America Tour” That’s what America needs is just one religion. Ding, ding, ding, ding! The Fascist trifecta! Racism, sexism, and religious bigotry. Without peeking, try and guess which religion Mike thinks that we should all follow? Now, if I were a member of any of the less than Mike approved religions of the world, I wouldn’t attach any singular significance to it. It’s not like we’ve seen anything like that before.

It is just  a nutball statement made to a nutball conference of true believers, with rifles in their trunk. Just something to set him apart from all the other celebrities of the Reich, like flash pots at a Kiss concert. Mike must outshine the brightest star and outshine the likes of Lynn Wood and Roger Stone. And it just wouldn’t be a nutball conference without Mr. “My Pillow” himself, Mike Lindell.  Opening acts include, Twumpers and the anti-vaxxers with their latest hit. “It’s my Party and I’ll Die if I want to!”

Mike Flynn is far too educated to be that dumb or to pretend that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Criminals for Jesus. That’s right, we Republicans just love Jesus. We love Jesus so much, that we think other religions and belief systems should be done away with.  There are plenty of examples singular religious states and Iran comes to mind first. There was a time when all of Europe was in the grip of religious fervor, we called it the dark ages.

It’s an abuse of the freedom of speech to indict Steve Bannon. And Nancy Pelosi is Pontius Pilate, says disgraced former spy and pardoned criminal Mike Flynn. In Mikey world, freedom of speech means freedom to not speak. You have that right in America, but you must first show up in court to invoke it. But these are victims who pin yellow stars on themselves and claim their religion is under attack.

First Flynn claimed the Covid-19 wasn’t real, but just a ploy to distract from Twump’s reelection campaign. Then Flynn claimed, they were hiding vaccine in salad dressing. But it should clear by now, that Mike Flynn will say anything to anyone for money. A whore giving blowjobs in the men’s room at the bus station has more dignity.

I guess, that is why Jesus sought to separate religion from politics, when he did the whole render unto Caesar bit. He was wise enough to know that mixing politics and religion was bad juju. Politics cheapens and weaponizes religion, while religion corrodes politics, by making dissent heresy. Advocating for book burning and purging the libraries of dirty books. Torch light parades and calling for one true religion, before calling for the burning of all the heretics.  

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