All For the Love of Orange Jesus

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It just gets curiouser and curiouser, a world where the grass is blue, and the sky is green. A world where grass eats cows and fish eat fisherman. Where the birds eat the cats and criminals chase the cops. Inside out and upside-down land with a side of fries and a red baseball cap. A place which would make Alice scream… “Oh shit!” in terror. Maybe being arrested for not being a criminal or praised for your latest crime.

The Wyoming Republican Party has voted to no longer recognize Liz Cheney as a Republican. To their credit, it was a close vote. “We don’t care who you say you are, we say you ain’t, effective immediately!” Cheney, once an arch conservative could be counted on to vote the wrong way in most all issues.

She was once touted for higher office and was considered a rising star inside the Republican Party. But then she committed the unpardonable sin, she ratted on Orange Jesus. She chose her sworn Constitutional duty, over her accursed criminal political Party and its Satanic overlord. It’s really nothing more than Scientology for stupid people.

They must all stab Caesar together or be seen as enemies to the conspirators. They must all speak with one voice, none may ask, if this be treason? One dissenting voice could open the floodgates of hell. If just one Republican speaks, acts, or votes against Orange Jesus. Treason and sedition could be viewed as a non-partisan issues. In such an environment, Helen Keller could easily earn her driver’s license with Stevie Wonder as her instructor.

First, they stripped Liz Cheney of her office, and then stripped her of her Party. Finally, they broke her saber across their knee and kicked her off the post, like Chuck Conners. (All but one man died…there at Bitter Creek.) Her sin, she spoke agin Orange Jesus! She played by the rules…the old rules. Now, before we nominate her for sainthood, Cheney is playing her own political game. She’s betting her future that gravity will either right the ship and see her as a hero, or it’s Saturday night in crazy town.

She is an avowed criminal to the Republicans, because she won’t go along with the criminals in their criminality. See? Her crime was agreeing to investigate a crime, rather than just participate in it. And because of it, she’s a threat to every other Republican in the House chamber on January 6th. She’s a Zapruder film, telling a tale counter to the official Republican narrative.

Look at their new stars shining brightly in the heavens. Steve Bannon is their new champion of free speech. His lawyer said Steve’s jailing was unprecedented, having never heard of Susan McDougal. Steve went on to warn us Liberals and regular normal people, how he was being silenced for refusing to speak. If he wished, he could walk right into that hearing room and announce to one and all. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I refuse to answer any questions under my Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.”  Spin on his heals, shout “Peace out!” and leave the room.

But Bannon chose Federal confinement over his testimony or his right to silence, and for that he is lauded as a celebrity and the toast of his Party! Way to go Steve! Don’t respect the law, don’t let those cops with their laws bring you down.

Why would a man do that? The Faux News reason is that Steve is a tough guy who doesn’t play by the rules. He’s a tough guy who doesn’t shower regularly and is out to stick his dirty thumb in Joe Biden’s eye, all for the love of Orange Jesus. Bannon can’t testify, one word could put Orange Jesus in the hot seat. When you are guilty as hell, there is only confession or the Jeffery Epstein method.

Their message is that nothing has happened, go back to sleep. Their message is, we didn’t do it, they did it. Full court press propaganda, everyone is guilty… except Twump. We’re going to Jail Nancy Pelosi! All you need is an alligator with a clock in his stomach and Captain Hook, and you’d have never, never land!

They’re swarming like flies out to primary Liz Cheney in Wyoming, but the Twump endorsed fly said the following: “Liz Cheney stopped recognizing what Wyomingites care about a long time ago. When she launched her war against President Trump, she completely broke with where we are as a state.” See? Liz Cheney did all this! God Damn her.

The state of Wyoming wants insurrection and treason. The state of Wyoming wants Orange Jesus, and the laws and the Constitution be damned!

The orange Svengali spins like a top throwing out mindless accusations, because the Bhagwan must always speak to keep the sucker’s attention. Yesterday, Twump accused Mitch McConnell and his Asian American wife of selling out America to placate China. Base racism 101, appealing to emotion and accusation rather than logic, appealing to stereotype and demonization. “Build-the-wall, start-the-War! Fuck-up-trade!”

Fasicsm is a political label placed on a criminal class. To grease skids for industry, both legitimate and criminal. There is no crime when the criminals are in charge. No investigations or pesky hearings. Orange Jesus said it was okay, so long as he could wet his beak. A mafia with a political label, “Good Fellas” over America. Republicans for good government!

The largest violent criminal insurrection since the Confederates fired on Fort Sumpter, as a room filled with Republicans, stood by ready to vote Fuhrer over country. Stood by ready and willing to subvert the Constitution of the United States. Even more to the point, is that the insurrectionists have yet to surrender. The insurrection goes on still.

Criminal traitors who violated their own sworn oath once, seek to smother the investigation into their crimes. And smother any voices, but Orange Jesus. A cult, where the leader is above the law.  2 +2 is 5, Winston, “imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” While the crowds cheer for their favorite gladiators fighting to the death in the coliseum.

We must either eat these worms or these worms will eat us.

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