The Color of its Thoughts

Not all Republicans are Nazis, but all Nazis are Republicans

By David Glenn Cox

I must have been around twelve years old. A time of life when little boys begin trying out, grown up words. I was arguing with my sister when I called her a word that rhymes with stitch.  I was immediately set upon by my mother and there was a storm brewing in her eyes. Despite my sister being 100% in the wrong, I was being taken apart for using one little word.

I was not to use that word about any women inside the house or any women outside the house. To my young ears, it was clear cut case of favoritism. Sticking up for her sex, then she said, “If you don’t have anything better than that to say, your argument is over anyway.” It’s a lesson most of us learned, if mom wasn’t passed out drunk on the couch or gone to the trailer park get together. There was a limit on what was acceptable behavior.

A lesson along the lines of use your napkin or close your mouth when you chew. Those little subliminal clues and messages. If we would spill food at the table, my mother would comment, “Well, I guess we can’t take you to Buckingham Palace to have dinner with the queen. Take your hat off in the house, pick up your feet when you walk, stand up straight. You mean life has rules? Yes, and if you are lucky, you had parents to teach them to you.

No, it doesn’t, it doesn’t have rules. You’re free to speak your mind, despite having a right to remain silent. It’s a free world friend. You’re free to throw trash out your car window or fart in public. You can pick your nose or wear a hat at the table; there’s no law merely social conventions.  You can park in a no parking zone or a handicapped space, its only a fine. You don’t need Shakespeare or art when comic books will do the trick just fine.

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”
― Marcus Aurelius

Paul Gosar was censured by the House of Representatives, for posting violent animated videos of him murdering one of his co-workers. Thus, making him a poster boy for the Reich, as the poor picked on Nazi snowflake. There is no law against it since he’s a Congress person. Like a twelve-year-old drawing a cock and balls on the blackboard while the teacher is out of the room, it’s all meant to be very funny.

The Wall Street Journal, the Faux News of pulp journalism, says Joe Biden is up to no good. They’ve determined that with the money allocated in the infrastructure bill. That we can’t possibly fix all those roads and bridges like he promised. Obviously, the Administration is up to no good. It’s a valid argument, so long as you forget that just two weeks ago, Republicans called the bill bloated and vowed to cut the price tag. Now they’ve cut the price tag down to Republican approved levels, and surprise, now…it’s not big enough.

Fascism isn’t about governance; it’s about destroying governance. The peanut gallery of the usual suspects, leapt to defend Paul Gosar. And Gosar himself, retweeted the video he has just been censured for. “I’m not sorry! So there! Nanny, nanny, boo, boo! Na, na, na, na, na, na! Accused pedophile Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan with his one, lonely yellow tie. Lauren (Low Rent) Boebert all decry the treatment of a poor hardworking man, simply voicing his opinion. Trying to raise our spirits with a little murderous levity. What’s the matter with you guys, can’t you take a joke?

I ask an honest question, who thinks that video is funny over the age of say…fourteen? If you sat down at a bank to take out a mortgage or buy a car and the guy at the bank showed you that video, chuckling to himself. Would you continue on with your purchase? I would begin to think Bates Motel, lives with his mother. Really loves his mama, you should come over for supper some time and see my taxidermy! What sort of adult human mind thinks violence or murder is funny? Anime, cartoon or pen and Ink?

It’s no longer a political Party; it’s a lynch mob with a letter designation behind their name. A jeering mob of barbarians and penny stinkers, brought down to its lowest common denominator, by the Rush Limbaugh’s and Shawn Hannity’s. Liz Cheney is no longer a Republican, but David Duke still is. There’s a limit as to what sort of behavior is tolerated in the Republican Party and Cheney has gone too far.  

She didn’t support the criminal insurrection and for the crime of not supporting crime, she must pay. Fascism demands uniformity, there are no wings in a Fascist Party. There is only straight down the line, you’re in or you’re out! You will vote with us 100% of the time or we will crucify you as any good cult would. You can’t speak against the leader. Not now, not ever, no matter what he does.

You can be an accused pedophile sleeping with teenage prostitutes. You can be a Ku Klux Klansman, you can dig the wax from your ears with your car keys or be a congressman, who only own one yellow tie. But never, ever, speak against the leader. You can post obnoxious signs and pull stunts or tell dirty limericks, but don’t you ever, ever, speak against the leader.

Boy, I bet thinking like that brings good government. Just waiting for the fellas upstairs to tell you your opinions, really shortens up the meetings by not having to debate anything. The Roman maxim asks, “Who gains from this?” Who gains from destroying democracy? Who gains from bringing Democracy down to “Your Mommas so fat” jokes? The elections can’t be trusted, your library is full of dirty books.

There is a method to their madness. Since they have no other positions to run on, other than racism, protection of wealth, and supporting polluting industries. They simply jeer the positions of others, having no platform of their own which the public would accept. And like Rome, they build up an army of barbarians to protect themselves. A mob that will eventually consume them or consume us all.

“It is a human characteristic, which has been richly exploited in every era, that while hope of survival is still alive in a man, while he still believes his troubles will have a favorable outcome, and while he still has the chance to unmask treason or to save someone else by sacrificing himself, he continues to cling to the pitiful remnants of comfort and remains silent and submissive. When he has been taken and destroyed, when he has nothing more to lose, and is, in consequence, ready and eager for heroic action, his belated rage can only spend itself against the stone walls of solitary confinement. Or the breath of the death sentence makes him indifferent to earthly affairs.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  1. We, of the older generation, remember the reality horrors of Hitler and SS Troops. This younger generation was raised on Hogans Hero’s, and has a different relationship to Nazism. …. The same applies to kids raised without the realities of CRT… they will believe the racial oppression of the Jim Crow years was something soft and fuzzy too. Please write about the good intentions but bad results of cleansing & sissifying history.

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