For All Our Failings

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

From the day our umbilical cords are cut, we seek the answers to explain away this existence. Floating in this universe without a beginning or end. Nothing is certain, but uncertainty and death. This is the rock upon which religion builds, offering answers. Where there are no real answers and offering solace and comfort for a price. A cult is nothing more than a dime store religion, with a new idea. New only to them who have found the secret eternal wisdom, denied to the non-believer. The 7 – 11 of holy shrines. Enter Saint Donald of Walmart.

And it is with religious zeal, that they will reburn the Library at Alexandria. The Republican National Committee has been covering private citizen Twump’s legal bills because he told them to pay them. You don’t dare question orange Mao. You don’t dare question Kim, I mean Twump. The grand high exalted orange leader, who sees all and knows all. He who is without blemish and is perfect in all things. He who can explain to us nabobs what “Surrender Dorothy” means.  

What makes this group somewhat unique is, “You got your Fascism all over my Cult!” No, you got your Cult all over my Fasicsm! A divine right and a political right as a conjoined twin. A cult wins adherents with sublime sincerity and a line of bullshit. Fascism is about being the loudest in the room and a line of bullshit. The leader says so, that’s how I come I know I’m right.

Those with inner doubts and insecurities gravitate towards the simian making the loudest noise. Thinking he must be the least scared, and therefore the most brave.

Trapped in the biology of a cold wet infant, reaching for life. Unable to separate their biology from their existence and overcome by their fear of both. “And a wise man shall lead them,” lead them, who are not wise men.

Mob rule is a psychosis unto itself, the biological need to join in with the herd and bully for no discernible reason whatsoever. Except perhaps, giving some semblance of power to the powerless. They lynch and terrorize, because they hate their own existence. Someone must pay for daddy’s beatings. I must have deserved it, and maybe that’s why he never came to my ball games.

They despise those who try to raise the minimum wage, or make them get a shot to prevent the transmission of a communicable disease. Because they have been told so by the leader, who says they shouldn’t. Just as a worker in a Chinese cell phone factory with catch nets around the windows are told that those are a part of your health care plan in this worker’s utopia. They believe, “the leader is so good to us!”

Because is it a cult, there is no room for opinion. You just heard your opinion, so shut the hell up! Widdle Tucker TV dinner will never topic, “The things I’ve always disagreed with!” You either get 100% support or 100% outrage. Always a champion of truth justice and the American way. But with the advent of modern technology and all. Sometimes the sound of the swill stick hitting the side of the bucket can get lost. And they blindly wander off, trusting on the return of dead people to save them. It gives a whole new insight in the birth of the Judeo- Christian religion.

Jesus will return in Dealy Plaza at the end of the week! Well, maybe it was next week, or maybe the week after that. But trust me, he’s coming back! You know, if you don’t believe in the Great Pumpkin, he won’t ever succeed. If you don’t believe in the Party in all things, you will be cast out and shunned by the community. Fascism really puts you in touch with human nature. With fascism, it’s easy to understand the Salem Witch trials or the Ku Klux Klan or the Holocaust.

Murder is fun, let’s get rid of the undesirables and defend our open society by silencing any who dare dissent. Let’s use our flag and our colors to defame and demonize, any who would dare use their rights.  But only after orange Mao says that they are wrong, and especially if they’re Black. It’s cathartic and makes them feel better about themselves and lessens the pain of all of those sins buried, oh so deep inside of them.

Orange Mao says nothing happened on January 6th. The leader said so, case closed! The Democrats and Antifa, put those poor gullible fools up to it. And they believe that, because they want to believe it and because they were told to believe it. The leader is never wrong under any circumstances, and anyone who dares to say that he is, becomes an enemy of the people. The polarized North can never be convinced, be convinced to point South ever again. 2 + 2 = 5 Winston.

That’s why Kenosha Killer Kyle is their new boy king. He shot people and beat the rap, aren’t we all so proud? You show em Kyle!  That’s why Lauren (low rent) Boebert challenged wheelchair bound Madison Cawthorn to foot race. To win KKK’s hand as an intern. Don’t you get it? That’s supposed to be a funny joke on Low Rents part. Or are you one of those “woke” Liberal people, who can’t appreciate a good joke based on a person’s disability? It’s the race to the underside of the bottom.

The mob will roll on passed abortion and go for masturbation. Self-pleasure is the worst pleasure of all. After they outlaw the teaching of history in public schools and Algebra, because it sounds too Islamic. They will reburn the Library at Alexandria to honor ignorance and all of the fruits which it brings to them. Knowledge scares them and having little, is declared heretical.

The troubles all start with reading. They will burn the dirty books first. And then the clean books with the dirty ideas they disagree with. Books that should have been burned in first batch. “It’s not billionaires fucking up society, its all these books and schools!”

The saying goes, that Donald Twump could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. That has already been demonstrated to be true. But what it truly frightening, is that Donald Twump could shoot six million people on Fifth Avenue. And the vulgar anesthetized horde would call it, nothing more than a Liberal rumor. Something that Nancy Pelosi thought up trying to make Twump look bad. Something to distract us all, from the crimes of Hunter Biden.

Save us Superman, save us! Save us from our fears and insecurities, buried deep inside us. Save us from knowing the frightened child inside us. Protect us with death threats against our enemies, and they that think differently. Save us from higher wages or health care, for it is better the billionaire thrive than to give to the unworthy. And we the unworthy, seek out your guidance. Who shall we hate next? Your wish  is our command, we have only but the will to serve you. Ourselves? Yes! Ourselves! We shall henceforth hate ourselves, and vow to punish the world for all our inner failings and lack of self-worth.

Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Make everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It’s easy to see without looking too far
That not much is really sacred
  – Bob Dylan

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