Just Another Point of View

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It was bound to happen eventually, only a matter of time really. Lauren (low rent) Boebert made a rookie mistake. Not often prone to visiting the Congressional Library or a public Library, or any place where those booky things might be read or purchased. Low rent made an intentionally racially and religiously offensive statement, like a hundred or so others before, about her colleague Ilhan Omar.

She was safe in her attack; Kevin McCarthy isn’t paying attention. Doubtful that Kevin would ever say anything to her about her lack of couth or professionalism anyhow.  It’s all a part of the game they play, pushing the boundaries of white trash living. Better Homes and Trailer Parks! It is okay to make jokes based on where you are from, how tall you are or short you are. The way you talk and what color you are. It’s okay to make fun of the disabled. “Don’t you have a sense of humor?”

Low rent has made Ms. Omar her regular target since arriving in Congress and if this were High School. I would suspect Low rent of having a lesbian crush on Ms. Omar. She’s obsessed with her to the point if this were High School, they’d schedule a meeting with her parents and the guidance counselor and the school psychologist. Explaining, if she couldn’t get over her obsessive fascination, she would have to leave school.  

But attacking Omar isn’t Low rent’s mistake. While it does show a lack of ambition, and the seeking of low hanging fruit. Like someone just going through the motions, and not really taking their job all that seriously. I’ll just go to the party, make an appearance throw up in the punchbowl and leave. By this point in her Congressional career, she should have gotten out more and mingled. In a city like Washington, there are plenty of racial minorities. It’s time she spread her wings and fly and quit spreading her comic genius and racism on the Muslims alone.

But Boebert’s mistake was in ever apologizing in the first place. It’s showing a conscience, and the cognitive ability to know the difference between right and wrong. It defeats the Republican bluster of “What? What did she say that was so offensive? You guys are just oversensitive, she didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just you!” But apologizing, she will not placate her enemies and will only make more in her own Party. If Republicans must now be forced to apologize every time, they make an offensive or racist remark, they won’t have time to get much else done.  

Racism is the secret dark element of the Republican Party. It powers them and bankrolls them. I’m not a racist but, shouldn’t we listen to the policeman’s side of the George Floyd story? “Nappy headed hoes,” what’s wrong with that? Quit being so sensitive; it’s just a joke.

But Racism and bigotry are prepared in the cauldrons of our minds and the chambers of our heart. It cannot be contained inside of  a vessel or a test tube and so it spreads out everywhere coloring their lives. So, if you tell me that you don’t like Black people. I understand implicitly that you probably also don’t like Latinos or Asian’s either. Probably don’t like Muslims or Jews or Catholics. Don’t like Unitarians or Californians, or Yankees or New Yorkers either.

Under the Republican hustle, you make $600 per week and these other people make $600,000 per week. But you’re the same color as them, so you should support those people. Even though, you have so much more in common with someone drawing the same paycheck, but in a different colored skin. The cowboys shout and whistle all day long, trying to frighten the cattle into going where they are told to go.

In that famous Republican hindsight, former Twumpian Peter Navarro says, he told Twump to fire Dr. Fauci at least twice. Fauci’s sin, if we do our forensics was in disagreeing with Twump. You know what happens if you disagree with Twump, don’t you? “You should fire him boss, how dare he disagree with you. You should just fire him! My cousin Eddy worked in a pharmacy once. He’d be perfect for the job; and he’d never disagree with you boss, not ever.”

According to Navarro, Fauci and the other health care professionals were over the moon with joy at the prospect of deadly pandemic. And hoped to ride on than mule all the way home. Then Navarro said something to Mick Mulvaney, that I’m not sure I understand. “This is like Churchill with Hitler – strangle that Faucci baby in his crib.”

Churchill was out of office and in the wilderness, warning about Fascism, Nazism and Hitler, for almost a decade. So just how is it like “Churchill and Hitler?” Who are we strangling here? Churchill or Hitler? We want to strangle the doctor, because he dared to disagree with Twump, because the doctors were so happy about this pandemic. I suppose that would be easy enough canard for swine to believe. Just continue to hit that stick on that swill bucket and they’ll come along directly.

You must understand that these bureaucrats, doctors, and intellectuals were out to joyride on the pandemic’s dollar! Attempting to disagree with the Orange one’s gut and following Liberal booky science. Do you really want to trust your safety to bunch of book reading, mamby pamby, know it all doctors and intellectuals or Twump? They’re only saying those things to make Twump look bad. They’re Liberals just out to make him look bad. They don’t really care about anything. So, pay no attention to them!

Navarro says, it was a bunch of nervous Nellie’s in the press office that kept Twump from firing Fauci. Afraid, it might blow back on the administration if the only person talking sense were fired. It’s showing a conscience and the cognitive ability to know the difference between right and wrong.

Navarro complained bitterly at advising Twump and doing his best to help the administration to do the wrong thing. After Fauci disagreed with Twump…he must be eliminated. Fauci said, you needed a mask and a vaccination after Twump said, you didn’t. “He’ll pay for that remark! No one disagrees with the leader…no one.”

But Navarro tells on himself, “They wanted us to do the right thing, but fat chance of that ever happening!” He proudly tells on himself, in his book. (Surprised?) In it, according to Navarro, Dr. Fauci is responsible for the spread of Covid -19 not Twump. Loyal as a hound dog, Navarro also claimed the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine, not based on any old book learning or medical degree but based instead on his experience as a “Social Scientist.”

Don’t worry, I’ll fly the plane. I’ve done quite a bit of bird watching in my time. “Facts! Experts! Doctors who needs them? There all lying to you anyway. They’re all looking down their Liberal noses at you and laughing at you. Driving around in their fancy electric cars and drawing their big fat paychecks. Don’t you let them Liberals push you around. Knowledge is just knowing things, and not knowing things is just the same knowledge as knowing things. Until not knowing things, is just another point of view.

“The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar.” ― Niccolò Machiavelli

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